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    Throughout the years there have been few large-scale attempts to overhaul Quake's core balance. The game's flow is quite odd given its focus on powerups, fast firing weapons, explosive spam, and spongy enemies. Some take a more simple approach, such as Copper and its focus on spiffying up vanilla mechanics without overstepping the bounds of Quake's original gameplay. Others discard the original gameplay entirely for something new, such as Quake 1.5 and its more ZDoom mod-like gameplay. If you're like me, however, sometimes you just want a middle ground. Something that feels comfortably Quake while still breathing some new life into the game.

    This middle ground is where Quake Reignited fits in. While ditching many of the common tropes that Quake has built up over the past few decades, it also takes a focus on designer intent and tries to capture the spirit of what id was going for. New mechanics have been kept to a minimum with a larger focus being put on overhauling and improving what's there. It's not Vanilla+ but it's not Brutal Quake either.

    There's a plethora of changes made to the core gameplay as almost every single aspect of it was touched on. The shotguns now finally feel like shotguns, the nailguns have been give their own personalities, and the Thundergun is now fitted much better to be a BFG-tier weapon. There's also been a shift away from items to give better player agency and a focus on moment-to-moment gameplay as opposed to moments of Quad Damage insanity. Monsters have gotten a spit shine as well, having much more intelligent AI and loads of bug fixes to make them a larger threat. Long standing issues with Nightmare have been resolved making it the definitive hardest way to play Quake now.

    E1M3 (Nightmare)

    E2M3 (Nightmare)

    E3M7 (Nightmare)

    E4M4 (Nightmare)
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    This is really good fun. I've wanted something like this for a long time. Thanks for making it and sharing.

    A few years ago, Seven very kindly made a small mod for me that doubled the weapon damage but halved the ammo pick up values. It's nice to speed up and 'Doomify' Quake sometimes.
    I got the phone call at 4 a.m.


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      Quake Reignited 1.1 is now live! Grab it here. Includes a gameplay difficulty overhaul, improved weapon balance, and a plethora of bug fixes for enemies (we'll get there eventually).

      Any licensing issues have been fixed as well meaning the source code is now available on Github for all your modding needs.