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  • Tronyn in HD - jakub's take

    Hello fellow quakers

    It has been more than a year since my Travail facelift and it’s about time for another texture pack. And just like before with a little backstory. Beware - wall of text ahead! Download is at the end of this post.

    Years ago, around 2015, I made a first custom texture pack. I wanted to create one pack for both Soul of Evil and SoE – Indian Summer. There already were several texture packs, incomplete though. I merged both mods into one with one shared codebase and I wanted one texture pack. I collected textures from various sources, edited only a few of them. That was all I was capable of back then due to my virtually non-existent experience with any graphics editor. A lot of the textures didn’t exactly resembled the original ones, but it looked fine… more or less. It was never released and I gradually lost interest in making textures.

    Things changed during corona epidemic as I have already descried in the Travail thread. I took a break after my Travail release, but I wanted to start something new. Initial idea was Nehahra. After all, Nehahra was always my main goal and even Travail should have been just a training ground. Than I found my SoE textures while browsing through my old hard drive and Nehahra was pushed aside one again. The problem was that the whole SoE pack was just a pile of crap. I made textures for Travail because I wasn’t satisfied with existing HD textures. There was no internal cohesion, no unifying vision or style. Just a collection of textures from sources all over the Internet. And my old SoE pack was exactly like that.

    Some textures were great, some bad, but the main problem was consistency – or to be precise, the lack of it. There were new textures, others taken from HD pack for other games, some were probably just upscaled with some extra filters applied on the top of them. Even resolution-wise there were no strict standards followed. These things are important and they are the reason why I still think QRP textures are so great. They click together. So I deleted everything and started over. Later on I decided to include other mods&maps by Tronyn. In the end, he used almost exclusively medieval settings. I thought the number of all the textures wouldn’t be that high. That, of course, was naive assumption. Another reason was that I wanted to have one universal texture pack instead of having several ones, each for one mod. I already had way too many texture packs on my disk and it was a mess. So I listed Tronyn's major solo releases and colaborations over the years on quaddicted and this is the result.

    Texture pack covers following mods:

    You will need only id1 textures by QRP and my pack. All non-id1 textures are included, even textures for both missions packs by QRP. I didn’t touch id1 textures (with three exceptions, more later), but I included Rogue and Hipnotic HD textures ‘cause I slightly changed several of them. Nothing drastic, but they are a little different now with extra details and fixes here and there. The rest is my work. Well.. not everything. I used other people’s work as little as possible. However, some existing HD textures are so accurate that it would be stupid of me to make them again just so that I could say “I did these”. Another exception was usage of QRP material where appropriate to maintain consistency with id1 pack.

    Edited/reworked id1 textures included in this pack:

    1. muh_bad, uh_bad

    You all know that unfortunate Jesus crucified on the concrete block. It’s included in QRP id1 pack but it doesn’t really fit with the rest of the pack. Resolution is low, hardly high definition at all. So I made a new version. Fun fact: face is based on QRP material while the rest of the body is based on my photo of the wooden statue of Jesus near Smrk (Spruce) – the highest peak of Czech part of the Jizera Mountains on the Czech-Polish border. Nice place to hike if you find yourself around. !!Delete muh_bad_luma.tga from the id1 QRP texture pack. It doesn't fit the shape of this new version.!!

    2. crate0_side, crate0_top, crate1_side, crate1_top

    Quake features two versions of crates, however Tronyn’s mods contain the third version. I made the new crate, but soon realized it doesn't match with the original ones. However, I liked the new design more so I reworked crate0 and crate1 textures instead.

    3. bodies1_3 up to bodiesa3_3

    I’ve never realized how brutal and graphic Quake can be. Original low-res pixelated textures don’t tell the whole story, but some of the textures are really scary. QRP team decided to censor these horrorish textures. I wanted to stay as close to the original as possible so be prepared for the extra level of gore. Thanks God there are online databases of various horror props and costumes. I promise nobody got hurt in process.

    No screens here... no spoilers!

    You can copy these updated textures into the id1 QRP pack and use them in basic Quake as well if you like them. Keep in mind that QRR normal textures, if you use them, won’t match with these new versions.

    Final statistics:
    (as of version 1.2)

    textures included in this pack: 1173
    Hipnotic&Rogue QRP textures (some edited): 245
    other authors (talisa, CV...) 21
    new: 907

    769 textures from these 907 are completely new, rest is based mostly on QRP material. Around 400 ID1 textures are not included. Those are covered by ID1 QRP texture pack that you still need. The number of files inside pk3 archive is higher though. There are also luma files and extra level-specific-versions of some textures in separate directories to avoid the most glaring cases of texture misalignment. There is an excel file with details for each texture inside credits directory as well as zip file with the original low-res textures. You can compare HD textures with the original material if you are curious how faithful they are. There is also another directory inside credits with alternative and original versions with extra readme file.

    Some more examples:

    I didn't paint each and every book precisely 1:1, but still... close enough

    used in Arcanum bonus map and Something wicked... bloody mess..

    and this is why we no longer have dragons around here...

    Based on photo of real relief in Egypt. This thing really exists. According to the archeologists it depicts ritual of animal sacrifice and the whole thing is in much worse shape than my version.

    Existing HD version looks OK, but I wasn't satisfied with the wings and I used different brick material to be in line with my other textures. Still, good work whoever did it.

    Taken probably from Heretic texture set. Used only once in Arcanum bonus map.

    This one is from Q3 if I am not mistaken. Again, used only once in final level of Unforgiven.

    Another piece from Arcanum bonus maps. Actually, most of the difficult textures are form Arcanum bonus maps. Those two levels took so much time....

    Example of knave texture set

    And another one from Heretic. Statue based on model by MinoD, detail in credits excel file.

    Scarabaeus is taken from real piece of ancient Egypt jewelry.

    Aztec stone relief

    Ordinary stone wall.

    Probably the first one really complex painting I finished. Almost a week of iteration, reworking and (mostly) deleting. Original looks like angry wolf, mine is more into bear. I don't know how it happened, but I was too tired and convinced myself it's fine the way it looks. Generally, faces are hard.

    A window into the better life.

    Crates are the building blocks of any good level.

    The very last texture I finished. It was a real tough monster to paint.

    That's all for today. Hope you will enjoy the pack.


    INITIAL RELEASE - 09-28-2022
    version 1.0


    UPDATE 1.1 - 22.11.2022
    version 1.1 - texture pack expanded to cover Rapture


    UPDATE 1.2 - 28.09.2023
    version 1.2 - Tronyn texture pack is updated with new versions of many textures - mostly kgrX series and wooden textures. These textures were already included, but were made by other creators, sometimes edited by me. I have finally made new versions of these textures while working on my "knave" texture pack.

    Some minor bugs here and there are fixed. I also went through credits file and re-checked/corrected many entries to match recent updates.

    Texture pack now works with fixed version of rapture.bsp from Rapture mod. CV fixed the bugged lava polls and also lava drainpipes are now animated. Extra patch with shaders from version 1.1 is no longer needed. Of course you need to replace rapture.bsp in rapture mod pak file with the new fixed version. Link to the rapture fix is here:

    download version 1.2 here

    alternative download here (courtesy of webangel)

    I also recommend using following file for Rapture:

    Rapture improved
    It fixes several bugs and enables particle flames in Darkplaces/Zircon. Made by Seven, but the original link is dead so I re-uploaded it. Hope Seven won't object. Pk3 file goes to the Rapture directory.

    Attached Files
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    my projects so far:

    Travail retextured ___/___ Knave HD textures
    Tronyn in high definiton ___/___Abyss of Pandemonium HD textures
    Nehahra rtlights and other experiments

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    Nice work Jakub. Very well done

    Kind regards
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      Hello Quakers

      I updated my Tronyn pack to cover Rapture even though I know it's not exactly a sole work of Tronyn and other mappers collaborated on that episode. But it fits the medieval theme of other mods by Tronyn so I extended my texture pack. Rapture somehow slipped under my radar while working on original texture pack.... Rapture features some 250 textures, however most of these are already included in id1 QRP pack or in my original Tronyn pack. I only had to make roughly 100 new textures.

      You can say why bother because there is already texture pack for Rapture. True, but I wanted something different. Something coherent with my previous work. I had to re-organize the files inside pk3 file to prevent some graphical bugs due to the texture naming conflicts. I also made level-specific versions of several textures so uploading a simple 1.1 patch wouldn't work. I had to re-upload the whole file again. I promise I won't do that again :-). I'll move to something else.

      Updated link at the end of the 1st post.
      Links for additional Rapture files in the first post - update section at the bottom of the post.

      some examples

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      my projects so far:

      Travail retextured ___/___ Knave HD textures
      Tronyn in high definiton ___/___Abyss of Pandemonium HD textures
      Nehahra rtlights and other experiments


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        Hello Jakub,

        Simply WOOOW.
        It is clear how much work you put into these beauties!

        I always knew you are an artist and a very creative one since the first time we met.

        It is great, that we now have such a complete and faithful texture pack for so many episodes/maps.

        All the Best,


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          Hello quakers

          there is an updated 1.2 version of Tronyn HD texture pack. Link at the end of the first post.

          my projects so far:

          Travail retextured ___/___ Knave HD textures
          Tronyn in high definiton ___/___Abyss of Pandemonium HD textures
          Nehahra rtlights and other experiments


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            Fantastic job on all these texture packs, Jakub! They really are amazing.