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  • Quake Combat+ Final Release

    Quake Combat+ Released! This is the final version. Download on moddb:

    Quake Combat+ is a refinement & continuation of Quake, SMC & Quake 1.5, built on Darkplaces, aiming to provide the ultimate Quake singleplayer combat experience and perfect the existing works without straying far from the original design/balance to retain compatibility with the many great custom-made user maps out there.


    The full feature list is available in the summary of the mod's main page (see below screenshot for what that looks like). I will present a brief summary here though: polishing of all the works Combat+ is based on, deeper combat, four new powerups such as the berserk pack adding depth to melee combat, polishing of all the existing weapons and reinforcing their individual role. Overhauled nightmare difficulty and new Nightmare+ mode. Fearsome enemy AI, including wall-phasing reivers that subvert usual player tactics and change any encounter in which they are present, or the new invisible nightmare fiends inspired by the Spectre from Doom. Some touch-ups to sound and effects, such as further enemy death animation variety, and more weapon feedback. Numerous bugfixes primarily for Quake 1.5 and vanilla. Much more!

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