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  • Knight and Hellknight

    I would like to thank all the people that were spaming my inbox here for last few mounths about broken link for my skins.

    Seems like somebody actually liked them

    Here's a reupload for all of You guys.


    Hell Knight:

    (I'll add lower resolution versions later since im at work right now, the ones included in packages are real HD)

    I really started thinking about finnishing my quake skins, but since im rather busy right now in my hobbist part of life (im a musician and im working on a new album) i'll get to that a bit later.

    (btw guys can You post screenies for me? thx.)

    EDIT: Hell Knight archive has been fixed.
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    Hi d1554573r,

    Thank you very much for your beautiful skins !

    After struggeling first with a little visual issue, I found the reason now:
    If you use these skins, be careful with the following configs:

    1.) This happens, when you use Parallax Mapping ("r_glsl_offsetmapping" "1")

    2.) This happens, when you use Gloss Mode "1" or "2" ("r_shadow_gloss" "1" or "2")

    3.) This happens, when you use Parallax Mapping PLUS Gloss Mode "1" or "2"

    If you avoid these settings (1) to 3)) it will look beautiful like this:
    , ,

    For comparism, I added 2 screenshots with your BETA skin (which I currently use):


    Best wishes for your new album !
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      Thank You for fast feedback, i'll reup hknight at home in a few hours.

      About knight i belive that problems You expirienced are related to configuration in dp i'll have to check mine first but the screenshots i've posted are made with the skin using all the textures togather.

      Norm is used for parallax maping or normal maping depending on what kind of mapping You got enabled on Your side , i suggest using parallax for those textures, the black collor You may see when You open texture file is in fact an alpha channel (transparent).

      Anyhow ill check this out in 2 hrs and share my observations

      EDIT: About beta skins, what was included in that package, is there a _norm and _gloss textures there? Becouse it seems extremly flat in the screenshots You've posted.

      Btw, thanks to You i realised i skipped the conf info after sharing the skins which was dumb I'll have to correct myself

      Okey i tried to find a sollution, but problem similiar to the one You've encountered had been hard to reproduce perhaps if You could provide me a screenshot i can try again anyhow i made some intresting observations.


      It appears that You cant get the proper effect with bloom and hdr settings left to default settings, they need to be pushed a little bit, how hard? Hard to say since i found those settings to be the biggest resource eating b#$%^ in dp check how it influences Your performence anyhow you can see the results of messing around with them instantly so just hit the settings window over a corpse and have some fun with the config then test it against performence.

      About my music tell me guys if its good for quake sound track (there isnt any GPL soundtrack yet right?) i just uploaded promo to one service in poland (just hit the play button to hear it)
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        Hello d1554573r,

        I finally found the real cause of the visual issue (see my edited post above).

        Changing any other config had no influence.
        Unfortunately this means, that parallax mapping is a no go with the complete package.
        But if you only use these 2 files (instead of all 4), the quality loss is very minor in my opinion and you can use Parallax Mapping ! :
        - knight.mdl_0.tga
        - knight.mdl_0_glow.tga

        Best wishes,


        PS: What suprised me was the way you made your GLOSS and NORM TGA“s in your Beta version.
        It is completely different. I guess this is the reason, why there are issues with the Final and not with the Beta.
        I upload the Beta again for you to compare.

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          Intresting, then use the beta gloss and normal map for meanwhile instead, ill try to debug this one. Intresting part is that i see skins properly with parallax set on! Both on linux and windows ... What kind of gfx card You are using? I Got old GF8600GT.

          Perhaps this issue relates to the problem i had with parallax and offset maping, since darkplaces seems not to support offset markers the texture is displaced but that wasn't looking that bad with proper settings. I bet there has to be a wolkaround for theose.

          About Hell knight he works fine out of the box? OrYou applied the same settings as with knight without 1-3 settings?


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            Hello d1554573r,

            I hope you dont misunderstand my words. I really love your skins.
            In fact, I use them (knight beta and hellknight beta) !
            Those are very special, they remind me on Disciples 2 and 3 (a turnbased strategy game).
            I really want to point this out.

            Now back to the actual issues:
            As I described it above. When I compare the "gloss" tga from beta with the final.
            It looks completely different. In beta it has a black background and look very similar to the main tga.
            In Final it is VERY white (thats why I see white body in-game I guess, when using gloss mode 1)
            Why is there such a big differents ? The final tga was made just 10 days later.

            Same with the "norm" tga. It has a complete different look:
            In beta it is blue (background AND skin part of the tga)
            in final it is white.

            I am sorry, I dont understand much of skin making. Maybe my questions are silly.

            The beta skin has no issue with gloss mode or parallax mapping. The final has.

            Regarding the Hellknight:
            Unfortunately its the same issue (cause it uses the same white "gloss" and "normal" tga“s i guess).
            The 2 screenshots above were taken without parallax mapping and gloss mode.

            One more thing for your understanding:
            If you look at the high Res skins from Quake Reforged: Quake Reforged
            They also have no issue with parallax and gloss mode.
            They are made EXACTLY the same way you used for your BETA skin
            ("gloss" tga has a dark background and looks very similar to main tga and "norm" tga is blue)

            So I really think this is the rootcause for the issue.

            Best wishes,
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              i believe that those differences had something to do with the end of my crazybump trial
              Norm tga is used for normal mapping something similar to bump mapping so theoretically mixing beta with final should work perfect ill check it this week. OR i'll get full crazy bump and make over both gloss and normal textures.

              BTW: I think You are right i noticed that lord havoc published a tool to fix broken transparency in tga files, any how ill try it out


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                Okey seems like You guys will have to wait a day or mor i need to install windows, since linux kinda sucks for skinning and wine doesnt do the trick here.


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                  wow those are insane XD