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External Textures for Quake Mission Packs

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  • External Textures for Quake Mission Packs

    Dear all,

    as a tribute to QRP Team and for those who want to create external textures for the Mission Packs:
    - Scourge of Armagon
    - Dissolution of Eternity

    I extended the excel file from QRP with ALL Mission Pack textures and marked the new ones:
    - Scourge of Armagon --> blue
    - Dissolution of Eternity --> purple
    - Soul of Evil 2 - Indian Summer --> yellow

    So its very easy to see which additional textures you need to complete your High Res Quake experience.

    I think this list is very useful for "Quake Reforged Team" or any other home-made High Res Pack.

    During my work, I found that many high res textures for MP1+2 are already available and can
    be used right away. I found them in different already existing High Res Packs.

    I would be very happy if for some of you this extended list is useful.

    Please find the extended excel file for "Quake main game + MP1 + MP2 + SoE2" textures attached below.

    Best wishes,
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    @ all

    Its done.
    The complete Texture list for Quake + MP1 + MP2 is available for download in above post.
    (I have edited the complete post above. Please read it again.)

    These are the datas:
    - Quake Main Game textures: 540
    - Quake additional MP1 textures: 104
    - Quake additional MP2 textures: 181

    Kind Regards,
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      Hi Seven,

      Just wondering if you checked if the textures that has the same name also look the same?

      Btw to my knowledge there are 541 uniquely named textures in original Quake + 6 buggy textures (same name). Unfortunately I do not have a clue which one is missing on your list! See the attached file for reference!
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      Moon[Drunk]'s Quake Graphics
      Quake Revitalization/Retexturing Project


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        Thank you for your reply Moondrunk.

        First of all, I used as base of my work your original excel file.
        (I found it in your High Res Texture Pack).
        This original excel files has only the texture names listed once.

        Your file from above post has the "buggy" textures listed twice.
        These are the 6 "buggy" textures:
        - metal5_2
        - metal5_4
        - metal5_8
        - plat_top1
        - sky4
        - window03

        So, you will not find "buggy" textures in my extended excel file listed twice.
        Every texture name is only listed once (like in the excel file I found from your team).
        I did not compare every texture with each other, but I found the following
        buggy textures in MP1+MP2 as well and I marked them with brackets "(1)":
        - metal5_8
        - plat_top1

        So you see, that also MP1 + MP2 use the "buggy" textures from Main Game.
        I did not find any new "buggy" textures in MP1 + MP2.

        Most important is, that the work is done and it should be a good base for
        any upcoming High Res Project for MP1 + MP2.

        Hopefully such a project will see the light of day some day.
        And our big talent My-Key will do his magic again on those textures
        and creates breath taking normals again like the ones he released christmas 2009.

        I have no idea how far "Quake Reforged" Team is.
        On their website, they write, that this is the main focus for their project.
        It would be nice, if someone from Quake Reforged team could write 1 or 2 lines here.

        Best wishes,


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          Whoa mate, thanks so much for doing this! I'll put them up ASAP!!!!
          Check out my awesome Deviant art page!
          Quake fanart (obviously included)!


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            Hello King Hazza,

            I sent you a PM several days ago.
            Can you please check your inbox ?
            Thank you.



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              Hi Seven,

              PM deployed!

              Quake Reforged
              Retexturing and Reskinning project for Quake, Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity

              SoA skins
              DoE skins pre-release


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                Hello webangel,

                Please find the updated list in the opening post.
                I reuploaded the newest version.

                Best wishes,


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                  Thank you my friend.


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                    So good to see some activity again. Hello Webangel and Seven my old friends!!


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                      Hello gdiddy62,

                      quite surprised to see you again.
                      But a pleasant surprise

                      ... in the end, we all come back to this place.
                      To grab our axe, gather some ammo and sandwiches and prepare to kick those Ogres ass

                      Now that you call a 3070 your own, life became better.
                      I remember that you have always spent a lot for those baddies.
                      I still have lower hardware. But it gets me through...somehow

                      Best wishes,