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  • Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions.
    I think we are on the right track. Together we can do it.

    Originally posted by JDSTONER View Post
    - when playing existing maps, you can also spawn him in ADDITION to existing monsters. I called it "support_monsters". It will spawn the Afrit besides an existing monster so that you have additional Afrits but keep the original ones.
    is this done by useing the monster clone and doing a 50% replacement?
    The "clone" feature from SMC only clones/spawns the same monster.
    I had to edit the "clone" code to spawn a different monster (Afrit).
    It needs 2 versions:
    a) if afrit supports walking monsters
    b) if afrit supports flying monster (wizard)

    Beta 2 has b) covered and misuses it for a) as well.
    Beta 3 will seperate it better.

    Regardig the "50%":
    No, I do not want to force a 50%. It should be adjustable by the player via cvar.
    Default will be disabled (= 0%).

    Originally posted by Ghostbreed View Post
    Them spiders are a joy to fight! What's even better is that we can replace certain enemies with it. So I fully replaced Vores and Tar babies with them because those enemies always gives me a hard time
    I hope you will enjoy the Afrit as well.

    Coming back in several days...


    • I'm sure I will
      Souvenirs d'un autre monde


      • Hello @ all,
        I tried something with this great afrit model.
        [ame=]Quake Burning Afrit - YouTube[/ame]

        This is just one of my ideas what we can do with this great model....

        I dont know why Seven knows what I want to do...

        Please watch this in HD720p Fullscreen!!
        Im very sad that the model cant use two textues. Alpha layer for the wings only would be GREAT!!

        The "died" model isnt animated in the future...
        I think it should get "stoned" short time after dieing....


        • webangel you are a pro! the wings are cool.


          • Cool stuff Webangel!

            How about returning to our waterfall with these new talents you have develooped!!


            • Looks awesome angel
              Oh, and might I ask you what texture pack and weapon models you're using in the video?
              The textures looks even better than QRP
              Souvenirs d'un autre monde


              • This enemy actually fits in Quake, perhaps you should give an discription of it just like in the Quake manual.


                • @Ghostbreed,
                  Im using QRP with normals and some modified gloss textures and scripts.
                  Nothing really special.

                  yes, you are right. We should continue our work...
                  You made any progress with our problems?
                  I send you a mail in the next days.

                  @Frost R17,

                  From HeXen Manual:
                  Afrits: These larger, nastier cousins of the gargoyles found in Heretic are more than happy to douse you in flames. The only nice thing about them is the satisfying splat they make when you shoot m from the sky.

                  Source -> Doom Wiki:
                  Afrits are enemies in Hexen. Afrits are similar to Heretic's Gargoyles, but unlike the Gargoyles in Heretic, the Afrits are nearly black, and covered in fire. Afrits have been known to be very agile and can move sideways, and even backwards. This makes them harder to hit. Their fireballs do not cause much damage, even to a player using the Mage class, but damage can still add up due to the fireballs' speed and rapid rate of fire. Afrits are also easily killed, requiring only 80 Hit points' worth of damage to take down.
                  Afrits are invulnerable when they are tucked up into their sphere forms.
                  In some levels, Afrits are even stored away in breakable vases and pots, so players might wish to be wary of these pots.

                  Source -> Doom Wiki:
                  Gargoyles and Fire Gargoyles are small, red and have wings, allowing them to float and fly around the map.
                  Normal Gargoyles at close range slash at the player with their claws and can dive at the player from range to quickly close the distance. They have 40 Hit points.
                  Fire Gargoyles instead of both the above attacks, throw small fireballs at the player. Fire Gargoyles also have 80 Hit Points, the same as the regular Golem.
                  Gargoyles appear on almost every level of Heretic.

                  Description of Gargoyle from the manual: Half-demon and half-bat. these wicked red beasts are the Order's guard dogs of the sky.
                  Description of Fire Gargoyle from the manual: As if flying demons wern't enough, Fire Gargoyles toss balls of fire down on their unsuspecting enemy.

                  Source -> Wikipedia:
                  Ifrit—also spelled, efreet, efrite, ifreet, afreet, afrite, and afrit (Arabic: ʻIfrīt: عفريت, pl ʻAfārīt: عفاريت)—are supernatural creatures in Arabic and Islamic folklore. They are in a class of infernal Jinn noted for their strength and cunning. An ifrit is an enormous winged creature of fire, either male or female, who lives underground and frequents ruins.

                  HeXen Afrit Screenshot:

                  HeXen II Demoness could be a Afrit/Jinn too. Young female body and goat legs:

                  Last edited by webangel; 05-18-2013, 01:56 PM. Reason: Screenshot


                  • Okay cool
                    Souvenirs d'un autre monde


                    • @webangel
                      I've not looked at that material for quite some time, but I will. I can't even rremember what issues we were trying to fix...


                      • We had more than 2 problems gdiddy62!
                        Performance was one and the end of the fall....
                        I still dont know how we can fix this, still.

                        Originally posted by gdiddy62 View Post
                        I've not looked at that material for quite some time, but I will. I can't even rremember what issues we were trying to fix...


                        • Yes, you are right webangel. Would the end of the fall that I creatd perhaps help with performance hit? Aren't dds files faster? Perhaps we could convert files or..? You are more capable in that field from your other work on the light beam. I'll have to find all of my old files on my hard drive. I also remember that I had asked you for the dark background behind the falls you had created.
                          We both need to look for our old materials and then coordinate with one another.



                            Souvenirs d'un autre monde


                            • Hello,

                              This is dedicated to JDSTONER.
                              Fortunately he does not suffer from arachnophobia (well, his wife does, but that doesnt matter )

                              Anyhow, he wanted to fight a real huge spider (at least one time in his life)

                              This download contains a resized spider model (300% bigger).

                              You *can* simply drop the resized model into your progs folder (if you use the SMC V4.25) and it will be used.

                              But this is just the first step.
                              It will bring a huge monster into your maps, but its bbox is still the same.
                              If you seriously want to use this huge beast, you need to at least also resize its bbox to a suitable size (via QC modification).

                              This was just a quick funny thing to play around for JDSTONER.

                              Dont do this at home, or your grandma might take out her old broom and does some serious spider-hunting !


                              • LOL THANKS SEVEN! I need to learn modeling so i can do things like this! i know im gonna have too much fun!