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  • Hmm, I set kickgibs to 0, but the result seems to be the same. I can still kick gibs everywhere.

    Also, with ghost set to 4, theres no ghost effect on grunts/enforcers/ogres


    • Hello AndehX,

      Please be sure to add the commands into your "autoexec.cfg", not "config.cfg".

      This is what you want (paste this into your autoexec):

      set kickgibs 2
      set ghost 4

      Have fun


      • Ok, i feel like a complete idiot. I went ahead and downloaded the latest build of darkplaces (I know, I should have done this anyway) All is well now. Although I've noticed that head gibs seem to block the player. I found myself stuck in a hallway behind a deathknight head gib, unable to complete the level.


        • How do I get rid of the multicolored gibs? the model is like a diamond shape, with a rainbow type effect on it...


          • There must be something wrong with your textures.


            • AndehX - if you are using Rygel's Ultra - remove it and download the High version and see if that fixes the issue. Ultra pack has some corrupted files.


              • Dear all,

                I wanted to drop a quick statement about the current status of the new Version V3.0:
                In case some of you are wondering why it takes so long...

                New features:
                - all 3 death animations are included (multiple new cvars for each monster)
                - double gibs quantity cvar
                - 3-flame-types cvar (ploygon, improved sprite, particle)
                - axe sound when hitting an enemy (each hit will randomly spawn 1 out of 3 different sounds
                to make it more varied. Thank you again necros for your beautiful sounds !)

                Improved features:
                - kickable gibs cvar now works as it should (only '1' enables it. '0' or anything else disables it)
                - MP2: Statue knight/Deathknights and Ogreboss skin+gibs (now keep their correct skin1 all the time)

                That is all I wanted to implement. Everything is done already.
                Now the documentation must be written and all new files packed.

                My youngest daughter celebrates her birthday on friday.
                And therefore many many things must be done (order a magician, summon a few unicorns, ...) to make it a special day for her. Well, she is the princess in my home.

                After that I will release it.
                Thank you for your understanding.

                @ AndehX

                like grave_digga and OoPpEe said:
                Your issue has its root cause outside of the "small mod compilation".
                Just a quick explanation:
                The diamond that you see is a dummy model that DarkPlaces creates to avoid crashing.
                This is a sign, that something with your gib1, gib2, gib3 is not in order.
                If you only have this issue and all the rest is OK, please delete the 3 gib models completely.
                That will make use of ID1 models and it should work.

                Kind regards,


                • Rygel's Ultra textures are fine. Darkplaces can't read some of them properly from archive, unpacking them fixed issue for me. And with new darkplaces release problem disappeared for me. So stop recommending high instead of ultra, because whole point of Rygel's pack is in ultra version.
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                  • The Ultra has some models corrupted - not textures.
                    I recommend high also because visually there's not much difference when you have the normal maps and all going. There is, but it's little and not worth the significant FPS drop that some users (like myself) get.
                    That is part of the reason I use QRP's now (that and they update their work - Rygel hasn't touched his in years. So will see no HD textures for the Mission Packs - but QRP is doing them now).


                    • I dont use Rygels pack. I use QRP. I still get the strange multicolored diamond models though


                      • Do you know what the diamond models should be? Like are they appearing where a torch normally would ect


                        • Guys, tell me if I'm wrong - upcoming compilation contains both newest particle fire and weather effects, right?


                          • ..Yes the weather effects are already in and he just stated a few posts up 3-flame-types cvar (ploygon, improved sprite, particle) will be in next release after his daughter's birthday.

                            Hope she has a great day Seven!


                            • Originally posted by OoPpEe View Post
                              Do you know what the diamond models should be? Like are they appearing where a torch normally would ect
                              Seems to be gibs. I'm not 100% certain, but from what I can tell, they only appear in multiplayer (co-op and DM)

                              I've not noticed them in single player yet.


                              • Best wishes for your daughter on her birthday Seven!