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  • I second this, Happy Birthday to your daughter =)


    • If the gibs are only appearing in DM/Co-Op sounds like it's a corrupted head gib for the player -> h_player.mdl
      The head gib for the player is the only gib that's multiplayer only.


      • interesting. I found h_player.mdl in the progs folder, but no skin next to it. Im guessing thats why I have the issue. Ill see if I can download a new h_player and see if it fixes it.


        • >Ill see if I can download a new h_player and see if it fixes it.
          Maybe you just copy and rename grunt's head model? Or simply delete it to use standard Quake model?


          • I replaced h_player.mdl with the grunts head model/skin, and I get this error in the console:
            sv_modelindex("y"): not precached (fix your code), precaching anyway
            mod_loadmodel: y not found

            Edit: sorry for hijacking the thread. Can someone link me to a working h_player + skins? I cant seem to find any anywhere (dont have the originals for some reason)
            If it doesn't solve my problem, ill open a thread in the help section about it.
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            • there is definately a problem with gibs in multiplayer. I installed this mod into a fresh quake installation, and the problem is still there.


              • Hello AndehX,

                You see, that happens when a person like me, who never playes multiplayer, releases something that also influences multiplayer behaviour.

                It is still suprising why noone else mentioned it...

                The root cause for your mentioned issue is difficult to explain.
                But it was fortunately simple to find a workaround.
                Please download the fix below.
                It will fix the missisng model, but not the failure message.
                Complete fix (including failure message) is included in V3.0.

                For people who want to know more about it, I wrote some words in the readme.txt.

                This workaround will be implemented in V3.0, so you dont have to worry.

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                • Hope your daughter's birthday went well Seven!
                  Looking forward to the new version, can hardly wait!


                  • Nice one Seven. Glad to have helped iron out another bug in your mod


                    • I found a bug with the small mod compilation when you walk into the teleport to defeat the final boss, you can still hear the footsteps sound playing in the background during the cutscene.


                      • @ gdiddy62,

                        Oh yes, Thank you. It was a wonderful day for the whole family.

                        Please be a little patient. Reason for small delay:
                        - Kronox (the guy with your avatar) --> read here
                        - osjclatchford & OoPpEe --> read here

                        Just like bluntz said: The more options, the better
                        I wanted to implement these wonderful ideas into V3.0
                        They look really nice.
                        I guess you will like them too.

                        Ontop of these brand new ideas I created a gib-multiplier:
                        You can freely choose how many gibs you want to spawn.
                        From "0" till what your GPU allows you
                        THAT will be a blood feast. I know some people will like it.
                        Of course default values will always be original ID1īs.

                        @ Madnessguy10
                        Thank you for your feedback and help.
                        I dont know what to do with this issue though.
                        It is a very special situation. I will see what I can do QC-wise.

                        Best wishes,


                        • The gibs that disappear with a splat


                          • Seven,
                            No worries. I don't mean to be inconsiderate so if I'm coming off that way please forgive me, I'm just anxious to see all the new stuff you are adding! The things you are doing are amazing and add a lot to my experience of Quake!
                            I do truly appreciate your sharing all of this time and your work with us!
                            Best wishes!
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                            • Thank you for your kind words.

                              Yes, it is a lot of fun to me, experimenting with QC.
                              The tips and hints from Spike, Nahuel and many other kind people proved to be very useful and helped a newb like me to gain some success.

                              To give you a slight idea of what will come:

                              These are crazy gib cvar settings:
                              - gibsmultiplier 15 (so many gibs...)
                              - gibsduration 3 (vanish after 3 seconds)
                              - gibsexplode 1 (leaves a little blood puddle when saying good bye)
                              - kickgibs 1 (this one you know i guess)

                              ATTENTION: Dont try this at home !

                              [ame=]‪crazy gibs‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

                              Gibbish Regards,


                              • Haha nice, I want this Maybe not THAT many, but I like the disappearing and pools of blood. Maybe you could add a blood cloud to go with?
                                Regular One Man Slaughterhouse