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  • Hello,

    Thank you all for your suggestions and feedback about the Beta.

    Originally posted by Mirrorman95 View Post
    Are those Sitters' Lost Souls firing out of the Warlord?
    Hmmm, didnt you read the included "Readme.txt" ? It was meant to be read
    Anyhow, many people think/know that Sitters use models from other games and put them into his model packs.
    So, we do not know really who made the projectiles. Nevertheless I included Sitters licenses.
    Proper crediting is very important for me.

    Originally posted by jakub1 View Post
    hi seven
    i've just dowloaded this preview version of smc and first impression:

    the warlord is a formidable opponent, excellent addition to the quake bestiary

    hydra is fine although for me, it doesn't feel very quakey.. can't say exactly why

    ragdoll feature - i encountered many occasions when dead body was moving in regular intervals w/out a cause. it was funny... but was glad i could turn that feature off

    more tomorrow, too tired and sleepy...
    Thank you Jakub.

    Yes, the Warlord is my favorite monster now. I gave him lots of sounds too.
    That shall make him more "real".
    He also has many abilities, so you never know what he will do next
    The dodging/blocking feature was very hard for me to do/code. But that makes him a lot more "clever". During this state his shield protects him from all non-explosive damage, cannot go into pain states and does not bleed.

    The "twitching corpses" feature is what makes the corpses "move" a litte randomly.
    It is independent to the "ragdoll" feature and can be turned off (as you just said).
    It is a rather funny idea, like there is still a little bit life in the monsters.
    Kleshik mod has this and I thought: "Why not..."
    Maybe I should disable the "twitching" by default. It confuses more than it should. You are right.

    Originally posted by webangel View Post
    is it possible to change the dead animation from the hydras.
    I think it would be cool if they just laid down on the ground. This standing up dead thing looks a bit weird....
    I like the transforming from regular shape into this "hanging" shape. That is a clear sign for the player that he can now stop shooting
    When the hydra keeps her "straight" shape and only sinks down, it is a little bit unclear.
    But you are maybe correct it looks strange. But hey, we are in water (and we are in Quake), so regular physics no longer counts
    As you know, modifying animations and still keep them fluent is very difficult....


    I now also included different grenade models for the warlord and in case you decided to use the "multigrenade" type, the mini-grenades now are smaller in size.
    That makes them a little bit more realistic when thy pop out of the thrown grenade.
    It always confused me in Rogue, that they all have the same size...

    I plan to add one more thing:
    Slight random earth-shatterings.
    That makes the ambience more intense I think and gives a spooky feeling.
    I will extend the regular earthquake behaviour to also affect nearby monsters.
    So, when you are in a room with monsters, and the random shake appears, all monsters/player are affected and start to move a tiny little bit.
    I am not clear about the affected radius yet. It should be big, as it is a level-wide shake...
    Of course that shakes are very seldom and should not interupt the regular playing too much.
    First tests feel pretty cool and has a "suprising" moment for the player.

    Thank you again for your feedback,


    • hi seven - just one quick idea from the top of my head: is it posible to give warlord's shield (during block animation) ability to bounce off grenades? i saw feature like that in rubicon2. there was some mechanical monster (floyd if i remember correctly) that couldn't be demaged by grenade.


      • i like jakubs idea! that when you lob a grenade at a warlord while he's blocking the grenade comes bouncing back just like when the centaur in hexen1 blocks all projectiles get reflected back at you

        also, i think the hanging state of hydra when he dies makes perfect sense.
        mebbe you could make the corpse of the hydra float up the surface? since the corpse cannot be destroyed anyway, and it would make sense for him to come floating up just like a fish does after it dies

        also yes i been thinking that for a while, that it would be neat if the shambler quake would also affect all nearby monsters, corpses and gibs and such

        excited to see the new grenade-model you got for warlord!

        cant wait for the next update, im already loving the beta as it is <3
        are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
        > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
        everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


        • Hello Jakub,

          Very good idea !

          In fact it is even simplier than you might think.
          It needs only 1 additional line in the 1st blocking frame:
          self.takedamage = DAMAGE_YES;
          and in the end, switch back to:
          self.takedamage = DAMAGE_AIM;

          That will surely look cool, when your grenades bounces off from him
          Please keep your ideas coming...

          Hello talisa,

          If the dead Hydras float upwards to the water surface, then I think the fishes should do the same, no ?
          We already had the discussion about dead corpses in general i remember.
          Will think about it...


          • yush yush, would make sense for the fishes to float then too.

            wouldnt that be possible? i know its hard to combine the blowing-up corpses and floating corpses,
            but wouldnt it be do-able since both rotfish- and hydra-corpses cannot be gibbed either way?
            are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
            > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
            everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


            • Both ideas work...

              Thank you again for your ideas!


              • yay, thats totally awesome! can you share beta which has those two features added?
                are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                • im so far behind on playing the smc... im just getting over a windows crash but in dl it now! Thankyou for you work on quake seven you keep the game fresh and fun! the smc has come a long way you better think up something super epic for when you hit ver 6.66 lol


                  • Hello Josh,

                    Hehe, I will be an old old man when that happens I guess.
                    Ideas are slowly running out and I think one day it should be *enough*.


                    Just wanted to briefly summarize what has been done since the Beta:

                    1.) Slight random earth-shatterings.
                    I had this idea a few days ago and it turned out really really good. I love the feeling and ambience it brings with it. Together with the fitting sound. A bit spooky and suprising. Also monsters in a radius of approx. 700 units are affected.

                    It is really subtle, because it can happen anytime and I didnt want to interupt the gameplay too much. Its more a shaking than a quaking

                    What I still do not know what the minimum time interval should be for the shakes ?
                    I myself like it so much that I have it every 20 seconds
                    But that is most probably too much for most people, hehe...

                    I guess a normal map is played in 5 to 10 minutes ?
                    And a fan-made map maybe longer.
                    So a minimum intervall of 2 mins ? With another random minute maybe ?
                    Or make it 1 minute and a random of 2 minutes ? (would vary more...)
                    What are your suggestions as default cvar minimum interval ? (it can be adjusted then as usual)

                    2.) Warlord
                    He stays a little bit longer in the most exposed duck/dodge frames and he is now also able to dodge grenades.
                    He uses a medival hand grenade now (with different size for the minigrenades)
                    And the model for his standard magic projectiles (like Hellknight has) is now adjustable (some do not like the mini-lost-souls, so they can use the regular k_spike´s now).
                    Reduced the radius for his homing projectile´s random teleporting radius when shot. Which makes it now easier to destroy it.
                    Slightly increased his self.pain_finished time to 1.5 seconds.

                    3.) Evil texture
                    The face model could get blocked by other monsters just like the homing model from Warlord. They teleport their way around them now, which looks kinda cool.
                    There view angle was not correctly following the player in z which is now fixed.

                    4.) Hydra
                    Floats to water surface when dead now.

                    5.) Map loading time
                    If you do not want some SMC features and disabled their cvars, you will no longer load their files at map start.
                    I could extended this a little more now.

                    6.) Bugfixes
                    A fix for Darkplaces bug with pointcontents-check for sky is now included.
                    Now rockets and nails do dissappear and do not spawn TE_ particles anymore as they should.

                    I still need to add Jakubs idea for 2 different particles for the Afrit.
                    Then V4.50 can be released. That should not take too long from now.
                    I wanted to make a complete pack (without necessity for V4.15), but I think I will keep the small update structure (which already V4.31 has), if that is OK.


                    • hi seven - i finished..more or less.. both sets of the particles effects for afrits yesterday. it's just my concept, but i can send them when i get home in the afternoon anyway.


                      • for quaking, id say... somewhere between 1 and 2 minutes yes. mebbe 1.30?

                        if you wanna take the so-much plus random, id say go for the 1minute minimal plus 2 minutes random, so itll seem more random


                        cant wait for the final release, cuz im already loooving the beta and am excited for the new stuff you said you've added since the beta
                        are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                        > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                        everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                        • One day I will be pretty good at making maps. By that point you will have even more content than the incredible amount you have now. I will donate some maps to you and hopefully SMC will stand for Seven's Mega Crematorium, or some such thing. You deserve for this to be an actual game and not just dumping all your hard work on top of Quake maps.

                          No, I will never give up in believing this can happen.


                          Other things SMC could stand for if it was it's own game

                          Seven's Murder Cauldron (love it!)
                          Seven's Monster Compendium
                          Slaughter at Mesopotamia City
                          Stomp, Mame, Crush
                          Something Mighty Creeps
                          Sisters of Mercy and Conviction
                          Standing on a Muddy Cliff (you could make this game in like an hour)
                          Superman Meets Chthon
                          Soil of Mount Cain (this could actually be pretty good)
                          Splendid, Merry, Cheery (japanese version)
                          Shadows of Misery Cavern
                          Spoils of Mata Cahoula
                          Strong Monkey Challenge (just for you)
                          Something Miserable Chases (Something Wicked This Way Comes - cheesy generic version)
                          Soul-Mage and the Creator
                          Swing on My [Censored]
                          Shoot Many Creatures
                          Seven and the Mystery Chimp (just for you again)
                          Shaolin Monk: Chi
                          Surprise of the Master Charlatan
                          Sheet Metal Chalice
                          Seven Meals with Charon
                          Spiderman Meets Chewbacca
                          Six Murderers and a Child (? 3 men and a baby)
                          Sevenfold Massacre Crisis - (this could be really good too. Actually it has everything, a cool name and your name)
                          Soldiers of Mixed Credentials
                          Steal My Car (GTA-cheesy generic version)
                          Skateboard for Money Competition
                          Some Mexican Crap (it just works, I'm not racist or trying to piss off Mexicans)
                          So Many Choices - it could already mean this
                          Super Mario Cottage
                          Sstans Marines: Catholicism (oooh, Imma be hated for this one)
                          The Smurfs: Missions for Clumsy
                          Smurfette Meets Cthulhu (this game would be awesome!)
                          Swan Mangling Championship
                          Stab Me in the Crotch - opposite of touch buns mod
                          Set Mostly (with) CVARs - it could already mean this

                          I could do this forever, so... Imma stop now
                          Last edited by MadGypsy; 08-31-2013, 12:05 AM.


                          • Hello Madgypsy,

                            Many people simply call it: "Sensless mod compilation".

                            Regarding dedicated maps for it:
                            That is not what this mod was made for. The opposite is the case.
                            The fact that you can use this mod for ALL existing Quake maps is its main target / advantage.
                            (all existing maps, that do not bring their own progs.dat of course)

                            So, in other words, you can put the mod into your ID1 folder directly and can forget about it. It will be active for all maps in your \maps folder.
                            Maps, that come with a progs.dat must be put in a subfolder beside ID1 anyway.
                            So they do not interfere with this mod at all and are playable as they was meant to be.

                            Dedicated maps for this mod would be useless, as all features work in any map anyhow.
                            (as described above)

                            That is and was always the main focus. Besides the user friendly adjustability via cvars.
                            This way you can adjust it to be almost not noticable (if you turn off everything) or if you want you can enable everything, so that it even changes the gameplay a bit. Everything in between is also possible. It is your choice

                            Kind regards,


                            • i think something like either 'Super Mod Compilation' or 'Superb Mod Compilation' would be more fitting right now seeing the tons of features your mod has seven, and how amazing it all is
                              are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                              > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                              everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                              • i got the preach code error when the ghost death effect went off when killing a wall zombie in the start map. for both sound and model...

                                the wall monster was so cool and the screen effect is a good fit for when he pops out of the wall!

                                the knight is a good fight with out being too over powering... i think the bomb should be more medieval