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  • Originally posted by talisa View Post

    expected the projectile of grey afrit to look more smokey, expected the particles to be sorta like a grey version of this:

    although less heavy smoke of course
    i know what you mean. originally, i wanted to create something similar but it wouldn't work. 1st version of my smokeball consisted only of smoke trail, but in the dark it was almost unnoticeable. then i changed the smoke color to orange/yellow, but the result wasn't good either. the only way how to make the smoke trail more visible was adding more particles. in the end i had a huge smoke trail totally inappropriate to the seriousness ot the threat carried by the the effect itself. simultaneous attack of three greay afrits then changed the scene into something resembling an opium den ten minutes before closing. so i deleted it all and made that subtle smoke trail with the little fire working as a light source.
    another reason why this effect isn't big is the fact that /with my settings/ afrits support the wizards and wizards are commonly in groups. huge/intense effect + lot of extra afrits = lot of particles = mess on the screen = fps goes down to hell.
    my projects so far:

    Travail retextured ___/___ Knave HD textures
    Tronyn in high definiton ___/___Abyss of Pandemonium HD textures
    Nehahra rtlights and other experiments


    • Thank you all very much for your feedback.
      I am relieved that you seem to like it so far.

      Originally posted by Mirrorman95 View Post
      Is there a way to add a chainsaw to the small mod compilation, like the one in RemakeQuake, or would that be too much of a stretch for the progs file?
      Hello Mirrorman95,

      I am sorry, a chainsaw is not planned for this mod.
      There are already several other mods, that bring chainsaws into Quake.
      The SMC is open source, so you can create your own modification of it if you want.

      Originally posted by jakub1 View Post
      feature list looks promising.. especially the "Increased loading time for maps". that's something i always wanted
      Hello Jakub,

      Doesn´t it mean, that the maps load faster ?
      Hmmm… my bad English. Sorry.


      Hello talisa,

      The earthquakes:
      Yes, that was the intention. They shall be more or less only ambience and not disturbing the gameplay.
      That is important, because they can happen anytime. That is why they are much weaker. They add a nice spooky feeling and suprise to Quake. I personally like it very much.

      The Hydra:
      If you want to change her behavior, go inside gyro_smc_settings.qc:
      Raise (double or more) her Gyro_Object_SetResistance value inside Hydraphysics () to achieve what you want. Maybe you have to also adjust her hydrabouyancy value accordingly.

      The Fish:
      This is an ID1 model and the "small mod compilation" is not a complete Quake compilation.
      You would need to move the fish upwards inside the model itself, as floating entities are always floating with their origin point on the water surface level in Gyro.
      And in the rotfish´s death animations it sinks to the bottom of the model (bbox). This makes him sink to the floor in-game.
      I did not want to change this, because there are replacement fish models available, which would no longer fit then.
      That is also the reason why all other monsters do not float to water surface, when dead.
      All the replacement models would float BELOW the water surface and this would look wrong, hehe.
      You can do this by yourself if you want. QME can do this job for .mdl files and milkshape for .md3´s
      Then all dead monsters can float to the water surface. That would look a lot better.
      If you would create a complete Quake compilation, you should do this !

      Evil textures:
      There is a hidden/undocumented cvar, that will change the model to the other one. 'Apropos' command will tell you its name. You know where to get that model from.

      Afrit particles:
      You can play around and create your own personal effects. The effectinfo.txt is included and you are free to change it
      I also reduced the length of the smokeballs, to make it match my personal likings.
      The DP-effectinfo-wiki tells you how to do it.
      Everything is possible…
      One can never satisfy everybody.


      Dear all,

      Ijed provided a fish model, which corrects the bugged death animation sequence in original Quake. The original Quake fish head shrivels when he dies, like this:

      With the fixed fish model that ijed provided, this issue is no more:

      I only added the multiskin-support to the model.
      Thank you very much ijed.

      Best wishes,
      Attached Files


      • thanx for sharing this fix for the fish seven
        and of course big thanx to ijed for making this fix

        always disliked how weird the fish looked when it was dead, so its good to see it fixed
        are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
        > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
        everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


        • Combine SMC 4.50 + Quake Epsilon distro

          I have not played Quake 1 much since the Nehahra days.
          I was browsing modDB and came across a distro of community mods that enhance the experience, called Quake Epsilon. I am aware there are other distros, such as Quake Reforged.

          I don't really want to roll my own from scratch, but want to save time and effort by using an existing distro as a base.

          TL;DR -- I dropped Quake_V4.50_small-mod-compilation_Seven.pk3 into \Quake Epsilon\id1\ folder, and replaces the contents of autoexec.cfg with the one included with SMC 4.50, but none of the replacement monsters appear.
          Also I have not noticed any extra animations (knights praying, grunts reloading)

          How can I make SMC 4.50 + Epsilon work?

          Thanks for reading!


          • Never mind, I just worked it out -- add .bak extension to id1\zsmall_mod_compilation_v3_80_xolveedited.pk3 (older version) and id1\effectinfo.txt. The effectinfo.txt from the Quake_V4.50_small-mod-compilation_Seven.pk3 will be used instead. This would have to be done every time you changed graphic settings. Now there are randomly appearing new monsters, just like a zdoom mod! :-)


            • Damn! so many updates, and I heven't even seen the Afrit in action yet! Studies... Anyway, was looking through Seven's announcement and this line seems a little disorienting:
              Originally posted by Seven View Post
              - Increased loading time for maps
              Why is this in the "updated features" list?

              P.S. Um, Stand-alone means that this version is universal both for Quake AND Mission packs?
              MOD it! Start Point Remake Quake Scout's Journey Quaketastic WhiteDay Quake Terminus UQE


              • @hgdagon
                no, stand-alone means you do no need to have any previous version of the SMC present in your ID1 folder.
                the previous last updates required you to have a copy of the SMC 4.20 present in your ID1 folder because
                they only included extra files that were required for the new features the update added.

                this latest version includes all the files that the SMC needs, so you dont need a copy of a past SMC in your ID1 folder and only need the pk3 of this version there


                decreased loading time is done by having the SMC check which features you have enabled and not making it pre-load any files needed for features you have disabled


                (PS seven, it should be 'improved', not increased. didnt notice that before, but increased means 'more'. improved means 'made to be better' and would be the correct word to use here )
                Last edited by talisa; 09-08-2013, 07:30 AM.
                are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                • last night i finally decided to have a look at implenting the faster SNG modification you explained how to do some time ago here:

                  after a lil puzzling and some trial&error i managed to implent it correctly into the original quake 1.06 QC, and i absolutely loooooove it

                  after playing original quake with it for a while i decided to look at ID1 SMC 4.50 QC and also implented it into the SMC
                  its absolutely totally epic, thanx again for explaining me how to implent this modification to the SNG so it has twice as fast rate of fire like how ID1 originally intended


                  also looked into decreasing the hydras bouyancy a bit, and after playing with values a bit i found that hydrabouyancy of 250 instead of 300
                  seemed like a good realistic speed for the corpse to float upwards
                  Last edited by talisa; 09-10-2013, 12:26 AM.
                  are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                  > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                  everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                  • Tried this 4.50 out in the 64bit 20130304 build, love it!
                    warlord kicks (my) ass and hydra is awesome too! LOVE the coding of their AI , brilliant.

                    And differentiated types of Afrits are awesome too! (gives me a D&D esque feeling to their origin) as in there are different types of afrits from different elements or realms maybe... (smoke afrits, fire afrits)

                    everything seems to be working just great! just wondering, is the warlord supposed to be using high res skins at the moment? mine looks more low res than the rest of the enemies

                    or is this way he should look for now?
                    but everything behaves proper i would say

                    awesome job seven!

                    and the earthquakes are indeed a nice touch!

                    just curious if the warlord just has the lower res skins for right now, if so, no big deal glad to have him in game regardless, and i can sure live with it for now!

                    also will play around with the Evil face textures soon! hehe

                    love this 4.50 so far!! can't wait to see it implemented to Hipnotic/Rogue "Drooools"

                    edit: reason being for me using the 64 bit build , my framerate is just too crappy if i use a 32 bit executable lol, (still only have a dual core in my machine, gpu is strong, but waiting on upgrading CPU, should be ordering a 6core in a few weeks though, then itll be all groovy.
                    Last edited by ArDaMaX; 09-10-2013, 05:25 PM.


                    • also, a thought about the SNG increased rate of fire

                      the original super nail gun did more damage per nail , but was slower

                      now , with its fire rate increased, i believe it takes the same amount of nails to bring down a shambler as with the regular nailgun... does this in turn make well, running out of ammo easier? I thought i seen it take around 100 nails to drop a shambler with the SNG , thought it used to take less nails to drop one.. or is it just me imagination? almost feel like the max nails ammo count should be raised from 200 to maybe , 250 or 300 hehe.

                      But i do love the faster firing SNG, its epic to behold... just dont know if you retain the same ammo vs kills efficiency (I landed every shot, still took about 100 nails to drop shambler Hmmm)

                      also edit: Thank you both Seven and Talisa for the SNG modification as well! I do believe this is the way the SNG should operate! Truly makes it seem "Super" Indeed haha.


                      • @ardamax
                        nope, i doubled the rate of fire for sng but instead of 2nails per shot it now uses a single nail per shot, and the damage done per nail is halved.
                        so it takes the same amount of nails and the same time to take down enemies as before.

                        done it like this so that it doesnt change gameplay at all, you still need the same amount of ammo to drop enemies as before
                        what took 100 nails before to take down needs 100nails now too

                        and i agree, this really makes the SNG truely feel super and awesome.
                        and also this is how ID originally intended the SNG to behave


                        also, no the warlord doesnt have any hi-res skins atm. it uses the original skins right now that it also has in the quake2 mod its from
                        hope someone can step up and make some cool HD skins for it soon
                        Last edited by talisa; 09-11-2013, 08:25 AM.
                        are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                        > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                        everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                        • ah ok yea that sounds good then haha

                          yea been pretty cool to play so far


                          • I've noticed the fish head bug before, but I've never mentioned it. The bug was kind of funny however.
                            Last edited by Frost R17; 09-15-2013, 11:15 AM.


                            • @talisa, thanks. I always repacked the updates with the base one, anyway... Thanks God, I didn't delete the mission pack versions yet
                              MOD it! Start Point Remake Quake Scout's Journey Quaketastic WhiteDay Quake Terminus UQE


                              • I upgraded my Quake installation to SMC 4.5 / 4.31 and I'm loving it! Playing through the rogue mod ATM.
                                The files from rapidshare took me forever to download, though. I was getting 7 KB/s. :-P
                                If I was to upload a pack containing SMC using bit torrent, that would be permitted as long as I didn't include ID's PAK*.PAK and did include the original readme's for all the community content, yeah?

                                What about the source?

                                And should I include the readme/source from the latest version only?