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  • Hello Roy Batty,

    Didnt we talked about carefully reading "readme.txt" the other day ?

    The black square decal, that you see is because you use a CUSTOM effectinfo.txt on your ID1 folder !

    That is why I wrote:
    Please READ the included documentation. At least the MAIN document.
    Knowing, that people dont like to read readme.txts...

    The other issue that you see is most probably the common savegame bug.
    You will find many posts/threads about it in this forum.
    As soon as you use a different progs.dat, there will be most probably issues (graphic and sound related) in your game.
    In the end, you can always use the monsters cvar value "0" if you want.

    Kind regards,


    • ok my bad, I did read it but my old man brain didn't register what to do, will edit my effectinfo.txt then. I'm still new to this, forgive me =]
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      • Originally posted by Roy Batty View Post
        I'm still new to this, forgive me =]
        Hello Roy Batty,

        Please dont write like this. We are all new.

        It is really difficult to keep the overview when handling so many different contents.
        Especially when it comes to effects and stuff that is directly linked/dependend to it.
        I am already happy when people use this compilation.
        If you have questions regarding effectinfo.txt, feel free to ask...

        Best wishes,


        • Well, as i mentioned a few postings before i only have 1 death animation with the 2.85 version in SoA. Is this normal?


          • I renamed my effectinfo.txt as a backup, and used yours instead. Everything is working fine now, but I really miss some of the effects from the other one. I'm trying to figure out what effect does what, but I don't know enough about it yet. I'm not sure how the effects are tied to different things, is there a page on the wiki or some list of that?

            btw, really like the particle fire. =]
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            • List the effects you want to keep from the old one and I will see if I can find out which are which for you.


              • Hello Roy Batty,

                Let me try to help you.
                First of all, please read this page.
                It contains everything you need to know.

                You must be careful when you are using the Nexuiz effectinfo.txt.

                That effectinfo.txt was not developed/meant to be used with Quake.
                Therefore it has many many more effects, that are NOT used in Quake.
                So you could shrink the file down to 50% or less !
                The original long file makes it of course much harder for you to get an overview.

                Speaking about the Nexuiz effectinfo.txt, you must also know that it uses a very different particlefont !
                That is why you see a black square when shooting with nailgun.
                The reason behind it, is this command:
                tex <min_index> <max_index>

                Sets a index of particle from particlefont. Indexes are counted from left to right, from up to down, last index is 63, first is 0. Randomized linearly on each particle spawn.
                Due to the many many more effects, that are used in the game Nexuiz, the particlefont from Nexuiz has more particle types (compared to Quake one).
                This leads to this "wrong" tex number, which is simply not present in the Quake particlefont !
                And therefore you will see the black square.
                So be sure wich particlefont you use (I spoke about consequences in my readme.txt)
                And which "tex" (=particle field) you are using for your effect !
                You know, Nexuiz uses particle muzzleflashes (the ones that you love)

                Now, to answer your question:
                ALL effects, that are used by Quake (without QC edits) are:

                TE_GUNSHOT = both gunshot impact on walls
                ( TE_GUNSHOTQUAD )
                TE_SPIKE = nailgun impact on walls
                ( TE_SPIKEQUAD )
                TE_SUPERSPIKE = supernailgun impact on walls
                ( TE_SUPERSPIKEQUAD )
                TE_WIZSPIKE = wizards projectile impact on walls
                TE_KNIGHTSPIKE = hellknights projectile impact on walls
                TE_EXPLOSION = grenade and rocket explosion
                ( TE_EXPLOSIONQUAD )
                TE_TAREXPLOSION = tarbaby explosion
                TE_TELEPORT = teleport effect
                TE_LAVASPLASH = lavasplash effect (chton)
                TE_BLOOD = blood
                TR_ROCKET = rocket trail
                TR_GRENADE = grenade trail
                TR_BLOOD = gib trail
                TR_WIZSPIKE = wizards projectile trail
                TR_KNIGHTSPIKE = Hellknights projectile trail
                TR_VORESPIKE = vores projectile trail

                With QC editing you can of course add your own effects, or the ones from LordHavocs "dpextension.qc".

                I think this should be a good start for you to work with effectinfo.txt and create your own beautiful effects.

                Have fun experimenting with it.

                Best wishes,


                • Seven, am i on your ignore list?


                  • Uuups, sorry my friend.

                    The "small mod compilation" V2.85 has only 1 animation (= ghost)
                    The "small mod compilation" V3.0 has all 3 animations.

                    Download is in 1st post.
                    Please read at least the main readme.txt to know about the functions.

                    Sorry again (I was concentrated on the effect issue).
                    A man in my age can only do 1 thing at a time.


                    • Hi Seven. Thanks for the reply. But 3.0 is only for ID1, im playing SoA atm. Is there a 3.0 release planned for SoA & DoE?


                      • Thank you so much Seven, that is exactly what I wanted to know. I also have the wiki link you made bookmarked already and have read it a few times now. =]

                        I'll start to play with my effectinfo.txt now, as I want to mess with some of the explosions and trails.
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                        • Originally posted by grave_digga View Post
                          Hi Seven. Thanks for the reply. But 3.0 is only for ID1, im playing SoA atm. Is there a 3.0 release planned for SoA & DoE?
                          Hello grave_digga,

                          planned... yes. Planned are so many things.
                          I guess the 1200 digits that are allowed in one post would not be enough...
                          Time is the issue here.

                          But now, that you have the source for ID1 V3.0 it is a very easy job.
                          Everybody who has a little QC experience can do it.
                          It is more or less a copy/paste from the V3.0 ID1 code into the V2.85 Mission pack codes.

                          Best wishes,


                          • Well, no experience in QC at all. I'll wait till you do it, im a patient man and i don't play atm at all because a completely renovation of the living room including electric, ceiling and plastering. Just look in here in my short rests.

                            Damn my english isn't good, i had to look into the dictionary for about 3 words and i bet the gramar sucks also.


                            • I always have my dictionary at hand, and when on google I just press "g" and Google translator automatically appears.. :B
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                              • Hi Seven,
                                I got a little bug with your ghost animation:

                                They stuck in the graves. I dont know the level btw. (ID1 def.)

                                And I think the same bug in R1M1:

                                They stuck in the ceiling.

                                Beste Gre