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  • Thank you Seven.


    • Hi Seven, are you considering to add the new extra effects like lighting,smoke,and such for the Shader-animated b-boxes? for your SMC.


      • Thanks for all of the work seven!!


        • I like the new update! Playing The Wizard's Manse was quite exciting with all the new features. Although, when I played that level, I noticed one big issue. Whenever the Afrits accidentally attacked another monster like a Fiend, that monster wouldn't stop to attack them, and if they still were in the Afrits' line of fire, the Afrits would eventually blast them to death. How do you trigger infighting between Afrits and other monsters?


          • Originally posted by vegetous View Post
            I also prefer number 5, the rising stars gives the teleport some sort of Star Trek's teleport beam, while the fog helps it to not be so clean. Number 4 is nice for portals (already in use).


            • Originally posted by Seven View Post
              - Magical pentagram (after burning corpses) can restore adjustable health points now
              And was it doing before?
              MOD it! Start Point Remake Quake Scout's Journey Quaketastic WhiteDay Quake Terminus UQE


              • LOL@animated gif

                I wonder what the audio for that is

                "You see this pole, it looks pretty big right? It's nothing. Just sit on it and up your butt it goes."

                edit...damn that was 3 pages ago. I keep getting tricked by "last unread post" vs the popularity of a thread.


                • OOOO Updated 'Starter Kit'´s


                  • Seven, thanks for the new SMC!
                    Fórum QuakeBrasil

                    Lots of Quake related stuff


                    • Dear all,

                      Thank you for your replies. I hope that you enjoy it a little bit.

                      The support for the 'extra effects' that you mentioned is included.
                      The models are not part of the mod, so the trigger for the 'extra effects' must be included in the models. As not everybody uses the models.
                      Using the effectinfo.txt with 'extra effects' from the models thread will trigger it.
                      I paid attention that both are compatible. And I will keep them compatible in the future.

                      That is not an issue, it is a feature
                      About half a year ago, we deeply discussed this beahviour. Please read point 6.) in this post.
                      Quake´s minions dont really 'like' each other. Especially different monster types !
                      That is why they attack each other, when one accidently started the fight
                      I had to change this behaviour for the Afrit (as explained in the link above).
                      Imagine if I didnt... but that is also mentioned in the link.
                      Again, we discussed this point around that time, and it is unchanged until now.
                      If you want, you can of course edit it, as the qc-source is always included in the releases. Look into combat.qc for it.

                      Well, before it didnt restore health
                      ezzetabi suggested it and I thought it was a good idea.
                      So it found its way into V4.72.

                      I am always late I know. But at least I try to stay up-to-date.
                      It was especially meant for the mission pack 2 'Starter Kit', as Nergal provided us new amazing skins.


                      I stumbled over this "Rifle Creed", that americans seem to like to pray in the army.

                      This is my rifle.
                      There are many like it, but this one is mine.

                      My rifle is my best friend. It is my life.
                      I must master it as I must master my life.

                      My rifle, without me, is useless.
                      Without my rifle, I am useless.



                      • huzzah, more updates
                        nice that axe can be used on corpses now too!

                        will have to update my setup soon with new SMC to test out the new stuff!

                        hellknight red glow fixed? i thought you already fixed that bug a bunch of updates ago?
                        or did the bug accidentially sneak its way back into the QC?


                        good to see you stepped over to a better filehost for SMC! dropbox is imo one of the best filehosts currently

                        you only get limited storage-space at start, but its perfect for if you dun need more then the standard space
                        if you do need more after all you can always poke friends to have themselves 'referred' by you and you'll get 500mb extra per friend which signs up for free

                        ill be removing my own dropbox mirror of SMC now that you use dropbox yourself and my extra doubled mirror wont be neccesary anymore.
                        itll also give several hundreds mb storage-space back which i can really use
                        are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                        > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                        everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                        • Originally posted by talisa View Post
                          huzzah, more updates
                          nice that axe can be used on corpses now too!
                          Really nice!


                          • seven, the riflemans creed was brought into public consciousness and pop culture by the movie "full metal jacket". Its a pretty quotable movie. Not nearly so much as forrest gump, goodfellas or the godfather, but pretty quotable.

                            But yeah, it's the marine corps creed, (a different military branch than the army).

                            also Ermey is a badass.
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                            • Awesome looking features Seven! I'm going to check out the latest release.

                              seven, the riflemans creed was brought into public consciousness and pop culture by the movie "full metal jacket".
                              Haha this is one of my favorite movies. I've gotten so many quotes from it.

                              also Ermey is a badass.
                              Hell yeah!
                              'Replacement Player Models' Project


                              • Dear all,

                                I wanted to give a short info what I am experimenting with at the moment...

                                I am a big fan of this shambler concept since I saw it 1 or 2 years ago:
                                [ame=]Wooly Shambler - YouTube[/ame]

                                Trying to bring something similar into Quake is one thing that I am experimenting with.
                                Darkplaces itself gives you 2 possibilities for the shamblers lightning beam:
                                (which is always identical to lightning gun beam)
                                1.) original bolt.mdl model beam via: TE_LIGHTNING1
                                2.) advanced beam polygons instead of bolt model

                                to 1.)
                                (with original bolt.mdl)
                                (with replacement bolt.mdl)

                                to 2.)

                                To get a similar effect, as shown in the above clip, I had to use an alternative way:
                                3.) particle beam, which is highly adjustable via effectinfo.txt

                                A positive side effect is, that you can now also use different lightning beams for shambler and lightning gun beams.

                                The below clip shows the actual WIP status.
                                Note that the first half of the clip shows the particle beam coming out of his sweet belly, while the second half of the clip shows beams coming out of his 2 hands (like the above shambler concept clip).
                                You can switch between these two and original Quake beams (points 1. and 2. above) via cvar.
                                The clip shows a gap between end of beam and actual impact position, which is not the case in-game.
                                [ame=]Quake shambler custom lightning beams WIP - YouTube[/ame]

                                Damage code is still unchanged (via traceline). I could compensate the slightly slower particle beam by spawning it a bit earlier.
                                Remember, that the lightning beam does only damage in a range of 600 quake units.


                                Increase monster variations:

                                Some of you might know the multiskin/multimodel feature of the SMC, which tries to bring monster variation into Quake.
                                Nevertheless, all monsters models have still the same size...

                                Not like individuals normally have:

                                I was thinking about a possibility to set your desired size for each monster type.
                                You can either set a specific size, or a random size (= default) in a specific range.

                                As a side effect, those who always thought that some Quake monsters are too small, can now adjust this.

                                Some WIP screens:


                                I want to take the opportunity and recommend the Beta Darkplaces build from 2014-03-04 again.
                                As far as I can tell it has no negative effects compared to 2013-03-03 release,
                                but has a significantly raised effectnum count, which is slowly necessary for the SMC.

                                Beta build 2014-03-04 introduced 1 small engine bug, which you can easily reproduce when starting map e4m5:

                                Which is based on portal culling.
                                Simply add this line into your autoexec.cfg, and it will be gone:
                                (Thank you LordHavoc for this tip)
                                "r_useportalculling" "1"


                                If someone is interested in mission pack version of V4.72, send me a short note.
                                I will send the files then.

                                Kind regards,