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  • VOTE: weapon_range_crosshair


    • Hello,

      Thank you for your 'votes'.
      Unfortunately we do not have a winner, as all options went almost even.

      But that is a good result, as it encourages me to keep on developing the smc as it is:
      User opinions/likings are always different, and therefore a mod needs adjustable options to make it interesting to more people.
      It means a lot of if ... else if ... lines and many times even completely different code blocks, but in the end it is worth it. Sometimes it feels like working on different mods

      There are quite a lot of new things ready to be released in the new version, which I am very excited about how you may like them. I think about waiting for the mission pack adaptations, or releasing ID1 first. But that means, the mission packs will be delayed again... I am unsure.

      Have a nice sunday and Thank you again.


      • i got some time to plat quake if you release the id1 ill give it some play time see if i can find any bugs for you befor you do the MP.

        "It means a lot of if ... else if ... lines and many times even completely different code blocks, but in the end it is worth it. Sometimes it feels like working on different mods"

        i know its a pain but it makes the smc stand out! meany thanks Ill keep an eye out for the new SMC!


        • Hello JDStoner,

          Thank you. It is always a great help when others keep eyes open for bugs and report them. Even though I try to find them as good as possible, some slip through my small fingers like dry sand...
          I will try to release the new ID1 version this weekend.

          Dear all,

          I am currently trying to improve the AI and abilities of the spider-monster.
          It now takes height differences into account and can jump to higher or lower platforms/grounds.
          It is work in progress and needs aditional adjustments, but the spider is a lot more challenging now and can no longer be fooled anymore. It will bite your ass, wherever you are/go
          I am trying to bring this to an acceptable status and include it into the next release if possible...

          The behaviour of the spider in the clip was not possible before.
          [ame=]Quake improved spider monster WIP - YouTube[/ame]
          Warm regards,


          • Spider acts much better! Excellent idea Seven!!


            • UPDATE 20140501

              Full version V4.80 Release

              New Features:
              - option to adjust monster sizes (to individual random or fixed size)
              - option to automagically adjust monsters health and/or attack to its size (see above)
              - option to use several new custom lightning beams/effects for shambler´s lightning attack
              - option to enable different "interactive crosshair" features: monster_health, player_health or weapon_range
              - optional: lossless crate + backpack pickups (no more waste for ammo or health)
              - MP2: ogre boss appearance chance is adjustable now
              - MP2: ogre boss can have different adjustable health than regular ogre now

              Updated features:
              - damage values for hellknight, wizard and warlord spikes can now be adjusted individually
              - extended custom model spawn function: animation frequence is now adjustable
              - fixed: players "low health effects" are disabled when health is exactly 0
              - fixed: player gibbing in 3rd person mode and/or enabled chasecam_death_view
              - fixed: New zombie models decapitate effect (which became buggy with new DP builds)
              - fixed: Wizard´s "fall to ground dust" effect
              - fixed: shalrath shootable homing missile sound precached
              - MP2: coaled enemies throw backpacks correctly now
              - MP2: plasma gun doesnt spawn blood on statues anymore
              - MP2: 3rd person walking bug with lava weapons is fixed
              - MP2: 1st person visible legs bug with lava weapons is fixed
              - MP2: Added new skins from Quake Reforged in 'Starter Kit' and matching with ID1 skins

              Please find updated Download links in 1st post.

              I hope there are no bugs in this post. If you find any, please let me know.
              Don't leave me in the lurch.

              Have fun and best wishes,


              • Downloading and looking forward to trying!!


                • @Seven - if you are using lots of else if statements in a row which checks one var for a number of values you should use switch/case statements instead. It makes it so much clearer.

                  	case aValue:
                  		//what to do if someVar = aValue
                  	case anotherValue:
                  		//what to do if someVar = anotherValue
                  		//executes if someVar didn't equal any of the cases
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                  • Is there a way to disable certain effects?

                    This is a pretty cool mod comp and I really like some of the effects, but others are kinda annoying. Like the health model replacements, the slow motion effect during some explosions and the gib kicking. I couldn't find any documentation in the download that said how to enable/disable effects.

                    The gargoyle doesn't seem to be shooting any projectile. Just using a hitscan attack. It looks kinda awkward.

                    Also, the spiders that replace the ogre plays a chainsaw sound. kinda funny.

                    Otherwise, it's pretty cool. I like a lot of the more subtle effects.

                    The random enemy spawns are pretty cool too. Where did the Knight ogre replacement come from?

                    Sorry, I looked over the first post and see that many things are indeed optional/adjustable, but I don't see the commands for switching them on/off.
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                    • @legend
                      the autoexec.cfg which comes with SMC can simply be opened with notepad or word or any other text-editor

                      in the autoexec.cfg there are also short descriptions what each line does right next to it


                      the lines for slowmotion effects are all the way at the bottom of the autoexec.cfg.
                      the line to enable/disable kickable gibs can be found about halfway through, at line 309, the line saying "set kickgibs 1"
                      are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                      > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                      everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                      • ok. Thanks. I should have checked the autoexec.

                        One thing, The particle effects for the muzzle flashes are set to on, but I still just get the regular muzzle flashes.

                        Also, I didn't see a setting to disable the new health models. Is that possible?

                        And where is the setting for the little blood/teleport/scrag circles/particles? I prefer the way they appear in regular dark places.

                        Is there a way to cut and paste certain parts of the mod out all together or would that require quakec and recompiling?


                        • @legend
                          on topic of muzzle-flashes:
                          if you are using the original ID models and are talking about this blocky orange block-flash they have:
                          those are part of the models themselves and cant be 'disabled'

                          there is however a set of 'debugged' versions of the original ID models available though
                          which also includes versions of the original ID weapons which have the blocky muzzleflash removed


                          about teleport particles:
                          you mean the sucking-in effect on slipgates and on teleporters?
                          if so, look at just above the slowmotion lines in autoexec.cfg, there's a set of lines there to enable/disable effects on both teleporters and slipgates
                          set teleport_zoom_view 1
                          set teleporter_particles 3
                          set teleporter_particles_slipgates 3


                          scrag projectile particles:
                          they are are just a bit above the teleport-effect lines, the line called set wizard_projectile_traileffect.
                          you can pick between 2 different effects for the projectiles there, and the line above that one allows you to set how big the effect should be
                          set wizard_projectile_size 0.7


                          you mean the blue potion and quartzflask models?
                          if so, the line for that is found in between the line for scrag-effects and the ones for teleporter-effects
                          set health 1 is for the normal health-models, and the line set megahealth 1 changes the megahealth
                          set both of those lines to 0 and you will get the original models for all health pickups
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                          are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                          > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                          everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                          • Hello Legend,

                            First of all, Thank you for trying this small mod.
                            Its main task is to make it as adjustable as possible to adept it to individual user likings.

                            So yes, you should be able to disable all the things that you dont like.
                            Please understand, that I had to enable some features to make them noticeable for the players.
                            If I didnt do that, most of them would go unnoticed and that would be a pity, as some have been very difficult to create. But if you want, you can reduce the "small mod compilation" to a point that you almost do not notice that you actually play a mod.

                            Please, first read through the "readme.txt" in the main folder of the winrar file that you downloaded. Once you follow these little things, you will have a better understanding/idea of how it works.

                            Regarding your mentioned issues:
                            1.) Gargoyle doesnt shoot visible projectiles + spider plays an ogre chainsaw sound
                            These are inidcators, that you are playing a previously saved game.
                            When you save a game and load it with a different progs.dat (= mod), you will encounter these kind of things.
                            Spike told me once that Quake2 and later would not even start, when you do this. So Quake1 is not that picky.
                            When you finished the current level, these kind of issues will be gone in the next level.
                            Or you can start a new game or reload your current map (not recommended as you would lose your progress).

                            2.) How to disable some features/things:
                            a) Disable new health models:
                            set health 1		//  "0"= use original standard Quake health boxes    "1"= use spinning new custom health model set (except megahealth) ONLY in none-base maps !!     "2"= use NOT-spinning new custom health model set (except megahealth) ONLY in none-base maps !!    
                            set megahealth 1	//  "0"= use original megahealth in every world   "1"= use original megahealth ONLY in "base" worlds, use new animated heart model in every other world-type   "2"= use new animated heart model in every world-type   "3"= use new first-aid-cross model in every world-type  "4"= use new first-aid-cross model ONLY in "base" worlds and use new animated heart model in every other world
                            b) muzzle flash effect:
                            Quake´s weapons use a polygon muzzle flash model as you know.
                            A simple QC mod cannot do anything about it, it will always be there.
                            What you need to do to get rid of it is to edit the v_weapon models and delete the polygon muzzles.
                            The "small mod compilation" only optionally adds particle effects to shotguns and nailguns. If you do not see them, it is due to point 1.) (mentioned above) and they will appear on next level change.
                            c) Change custom particle effects back to DP´s effect:
                            You could do that, but then you would lose all additional effects for new monsters, features and so on. So this is not recommended.
                            Nevertheless, I tried to keep the custom effects subtle, so that it doesn’t disturb your view too much. Please try again. If you cannot get used to them, I will send a file your way.
                            Please keep in mind that even default DP TE_ and TR_ effects are using particles and are very different to vanilla Quake.

                            3.) How to cut out / paste some features:
                            Yes, you will need use the code you want and compile a new progs.dat.
                            The source code is always included and you are free to do so.
                            But be aware, the code has been written from the worst coder on both sides of the Mississippi.

                            Best wishes,


                            • Thanks for the info Seven. I'll tinker around with it a bit later.

                              One thing though, I am not loading a saved game though when I tried it out. I was starting from the beginning. But was still getting theses issues.

                              What monster effects would I lose by switching back to dp's effects? I could not see any particle effects when I loaded up the mod. And the start map that shows it off I couldn't get to load it seems.


                              • the code has been written from the worst coder on both sides of the Mississippi.
                                Don't you live in Germany or at least not in America?

                                Also, my Dad is the worst programmer on at least one side of the Mississippi. He has spent like 2 years studying C at his leisure and he still can't hold a conversation about the most basic programming concepts. Which is just incredibly sad but, I don't have the heart to say anything. It's even sadder when he attempts to explain a solution to me. I just act surprised and like I just learned something. I don't like patronizing my Father but the alternative is to bluntly tell him to give up, it's not for him, and I just cant do that.

                                I'm just glad he has a hobby cause without it he wouldn't have much else.