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  • Thank you Seven!



    • Hello Webangel,

      Have a good and safe journey, and please do not fall off the edge of the world.
      Take care.

      Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post
      Don't you live in Germany or at least not in America?
      Isnt europe also on the (far) east side of the mississippi ?
      Europe is even on both sides of the Mississippi, as the earth is a sphere, isnt it ?

      My motherland is unclear, because my parents found me when I was a baby in front of a slipgate (wrapped in a blanket with only a hand full of nails and shells…)
      I guess one part of me is a demon, as I can jump quite far; and the other part is a zombie, as I am quite lazy and like to draw things out of my head (mostly hairs).


      But, speaking about zombies, I would like to talk about one thing which is in my head since many years: I am a big fan of the game Chasm: The Rift (from 1997).
      Which is in many aspects like Quake, but has some neat technical improvements (some are shown in 2nd clip below).

      When I first saw the zombie attack in Chasm: The Rift, I fell in love with it at once.
      It is equally creepy and scary !
      They are slowly moving undead (just like in Quake), but have a ranged "scream attack", like "death waves". You cannot kill them regularly. They must be decapitated. So aim low, and shoot high

      I want to optionally also add this attack to the Quake zombie.
      The QC is done but the tough part is the animation, using the original ID1 zombie.
      Its attack damage decreases with the distance towards the player and is unavoidable (!), unless you are hidden behind an obstacle. A little bit like the shamblers lightning attack, but with damage-distance-dependency and without visible "death waves".

      This is how it looks like in Chasm: The Rift
      (I want to speed up the animation a tiny little bit in Quake)
      [ame=]Chasm The Rift Zombie attack - YouTube[/ame]

      Below are some of the technical improvements of Chasm: The Rift compared to Quake.
      Some have been introduced a little bit later into Hexen2 (shootable/switchable lights) or Quake┤s mission packs (destroyable walls).
      I once played around with interactive entities, which reacts to players weapons. Some may remember the hanging shootable chains, that began to swing in start map┤s 'normal' entry.
      This is something I like very much, because interactive environment adds a lot into games in my opinion.
      A lot of existing Quake mods added these kind of things. With a good reason. Everbody loves to shoot up things, hehe. It doesnt need difficult coding, but it adds quite much…

      This is how some of them looked in Chasm: The Rift
      [ame=]Chasm The Rift shootable lights - YouTube[/ame]

      Best wishes,


      • I like the idea of the zombie scream... quake needs a better sound and if you could work up a visual with it that would be cool too...


        • i was playing and i thought of something cool. the spirits that rise from fallen corpses are cool, so i was thinking if you could add a random chance for them to follow you around, having up to,say, 3 at a time for 30 or so seconds. you would literally be haunted by the acts you commit
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          • Yes, interesting idea Syluxguy28O3.

            And you already have the perfect matching ghost for it: click me
            "Player hunting" (aka homing) code is already more than enough in the smc, so you could implement this without too much effort as well.


            • Thanks to Spike┤s tireless support and struggle to keep most of his advanced FTE features somehow compatible to DP, the "small mod compilation" almost runs on FTEQW.
              That is great news.

              FTEQW even has an integrated translater of DP┤s effectinfo script syntax into FTE┤s. That was until now one of the main things I was concerned about, which would prevent the usage of this mod for FTE. But Spike proved me wrong


              • Great news Seven.
                What means "almost"? Which version of FTE should I try?
                There are some interesting features in FTE.

                Do you work on a SMC for Hexen II already?


                • Hello webangel,

                  I usually use Spike┤s moodles builds, as he is constantly improving things. "Almost" means that it doesnt crash and that almost all features work. Sometimes not exactly as they should, as they were made specificaly for DP as you know, but those are not real stoppers.
                  FTE┤s lighting and original visual defers a little from DP, so you need some time to edit its settings (if you want a 100% comparability).
                  The effectinfo syntax can be translated into FTE┤s syntax via r_particledesc effectinfo (as Spike told me), but it is of course not 100% identical to DPs visual. Such as particle counts on trails and a few frequency issues, as well as mixing up "underwater" and "notunderwater" effect blocks sometimes. But I was really pleasantly surprised that it works at all.
                  There is one thing that crashes though in FTE: DP_VIEWZOOM. But most probably due to the way I implemented it into the "strechted view" when teleporting feature. In DP it works. So you should disable it when playing with FTE.

                  Regarding your Hexen 2 question:
                  Unfortunately I do not work on anything at the moment. You should know the reasons.

                  Viele GrŘ▀e aus Mittelerde


                  • still working on making the zombies scream? what else do you got up your sleeve Seven?


                    • @Seven

                      I've been going through a lot of your threads recently gathering information, particularly on particle effect management. Just wanted to say thanks! Lots of help and great info. Keep up the good work.
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                      • Great job!

                        I'm running the shamed EPSILON build which has been a pain in my ass since day 1 as I wanted to start using some of these new amazingly well balanced mods i've seen here. Eveytime I replaced anything the build would literally go haywire glitching, lagging or just completely foreclosing altogether. It is a really outdated build all in all. The developer has it made to really only function properly with the setup he has put together and that includes all .pk3 files included. Using any other .pk3's result in catastrophic side effects which will literally cause you to have to delete the entire Epsilon folder and extract it again to it's original state to just basically run again. So it is not mod friendly by any means what so ever. For the ones that just want to extract and play with no further additions to the game it is great. It runs with the SMC V3.80 which does not have very many features at all compared to the updates since. After experimenting and overall time after time of getting some kind of error I got this build to run the SMC V4.72 and zReflecting_Overload_DDS with the light beams coming out of the stained glass since the Epsilon developer said it was to much and deleted it but yet with the lightbeams it is running flawlessly. The SMC V4.72 is amazingly fun and I love it! So thanks for the hard work and keeping this game alive.
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                        • I'm with JDstoner Seven, any news on the zombie items or shootable torches??


                          • did you ever continue coding automagically correctly-rotated wall-torches?

                            i remember you experimented with this long ago and
                            i really was looking forward to that feature cuz the torch-model you had for it looked really good!

                            you should totally implent this seven, it was a feature i was really looking forward to!
                            are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                            > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                            everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                            • Hey there.

                              Where do you get the statues shown in the picture? I've seen them in a youtube video and love the look but I don't even know where where to start looking.
                              Make no mistakes here... I'm not a mere madman... I'm a realist!


                              • Any help would be great.

                                Hey there, I'm relatively new to the whole Quake Reborn progress with these new mods graphical updates and everything. I love the Darkplaces Engine and all the features it has and think it is the ultimate Quake engine. I currently have the Epsilon version which is merely an extract and add your retail PAK files kind of setup that is easy enough for beginners like me so it would seem. However I have heard a thing or two about the one that put it together that has made me not really respect the build at all and I hate using stuff that has been taken from others and so on. Not to mention this Epsilon build is rather unstable on many fronts when even remotely trying to add any kind of newer SMC's or .pk3 files. So I want to put together a great Darkplaces build the right way with Hi Res textures and basically the works. I'm having a really hard time trying to find all of the necessary components to make a great Quake experience as there are so many forums to read through and frankly I don't even know where to start. I'm not wanting to stael anyones work or misuse their work and I want to legitemently download it from the respective creators rather than using the backdoor Epsilon build. So if anyone can give me the links or a tutorial as to how to make a great Quake experience I would be very grateful. I have played this game for years and using all these mods makes it even more fun and up to date and I appreciat everything everyone has been doing to keep it growing and getting better with each update and so on.
                                Make no mistakes here... I'm not a mere madman... I'm a realist!