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  • scrags poisoning you reminds me of RQcoop mod, this mod has the poisoning thing too.
    there jumping in water also instantly cures you. mebbe an idea to add?


    also, while we're on that subject...
    mebbe you could add that the hellknight & warlord's projectiles can sometimes set you on fire?
    will hurt over time for s short period of time, and you can extinguish yourself by using any health-pickups or jumping in water.

    its also something which RQcoop mod has, and i personally really like that feature.
    it makes perfect sense, that their flaming projectiles can sometimes set you alight


    also nice that you added the custom health-sounds for magical health pickups,
    which ive been adding myself to every SMC-version for a while.
    saves me effort of applying this modification to every SMC-version
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    are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
    > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
    everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


    • My sincere hope is that the SMC is NEVER finished!!!


      • The SMC Will Always Be Boss!

        Now that I have played Quake using the latest SMC I can't even imagine playing the game without it. It brings it way more to life than it was before. I love the evil textures as it makes you try to aim a bit better while shooting down corridors and such which has the faces on the wall to prevent getting attacked from a fiery skull from hell. The spiders are my nemesis! Those little arachnids are always jumping around and paralyzing me and they work great in the non base maps and fit in rather well.
        Make no mistakes here... I'm not a mere madman... I'm a realist!


        • Originally posted by gdiddy62 View Post
          My sincere hope is that the SMC is NEVER finished!!!
          Where do I sign the petition?
          MOD it! Start Point Remake Quake Scout's Journey Quaketastic WhiteDay Quake Terminus UQE


          • Whoow, someone who really uses the 'evil textures' feature. Good to hear.
            Most people are not even aware of it.
            Thank you for your positive feedback.

            As long as there is still interest in this mod, I will try to improve it and bugfix it. I know the mod has seen better days ... but I am happy about every feedback/post. Thank you.


            Dear all,

            I would like to take the opportunity to show some more application cases for the poorly rated "random_skin_colors" feature. It works completely independent to the "multiskin/multimodel" feature and the used replacement textures. The task of the feature is to slightly modify the monster skins and thereby bring some additional variation into the game.

            I know, the actual condition in the V4.83 beta is not perfect, as it sometimes creates 'extreme' colors. I have worked on this issue the last days and could fix it. Now it really only adds subtle color changes, which are never too obtrusive.

            Here are some screens from the improved condition.
            The skin textures in the below screenshots always use the exact same skin texture. The variation is done only via qc:

            Best regards.


            • That's an interesting feature to me, but the question is: how will it affect users of high polygon monsters which use different textures entirely (like the FrederikH shambler which stores its textures in the progs folder but doesn't use the ".mdl_0" routine)? Also, I've noticed that the MP1 SMC hasn't been updated to the standards of the other ones, so I thought I might give you some input to think about. I'm a big fan of Scourge of Armagon. To me, it is the best-designed collection of official Quake levels to ever exist. I've always loved the Gremlin, and I've used the creepy EpiQuake zombie sounds to at least make it sound less pathetic than it really is in-game...

              Yes, sadly, the main flaw of the gremlin is that it comes with a mechanic that makes it lethal in large amounts, but worthless as a standalone. Therefore, I propose that the chance that a gremlin will steal a weapon is made an adjustable value. Furthermore, the eternity that it takes for a gremlin to turn a corpse into another gremlin should be adjustable. Finally, the same should go with whether or not an idle (not in a fight) gremlin should walk up to a corpse and start recycling it. As a side note, there is an interesting glitch that occurs with gremlins when a nearby monster dies with the grimrock effect: the gremlins start recycling an invisible corpse. Gremlins should at least steal bits and bobs of ammo and powerups (like the ring of shadows and the pentagram) when they're not stealing weapons.

              Another interesting idea I had for the gremlin was for it to create a weaker, decoy version of itself nearby (similar to the mechanic used by the hellspawn or guardian in Dissolution of Eternity) to trick the player. Ideally, these "shadow" gremlins won't count as a kill, and will crumble like a coaled monster when they die.

              At this point I've also thought about the scourge and the spikemine. One way that this can be made more deadly than it already is is by having it activate an invisibility cloak to hide from the player or form an energy shield to deflect rockets. Regarding the spikemine, my idea was to have it produce a poison gas cloud and throw off a profusion of nails when it explodes. It's damage and speed ought to be made adjustable, and it would also be interesting to have it bend around corners like the vore ball.

              Armagon himself is also kind of a joke. He can get stuck behind a wall, and you can bomb him with grenades before he comes out of his spinning container thing. Once you learn how to abuse this tactic, he's super-easy...even on nightmare. I don't know exactly how I would improve him, but I would start with making him spam grenades at the player (something deadly, but more predictable than rockets, so fighting him becomes more fair). Since he is a massive gremlin, it would make sense for him to spawn gremlins (or those shadow gremlins I mentioned, since they don't influence kills) around himself. Maybe he could activate his own force field or something which makes him invincible to certain weapons for a short period of time. Either way, the point is that he's too easy for how awesome he is.

              This is slightly off topic, but the proximity mine is pretty useless. My idea was to have it use some nail ammo and one rocket ammo, thus throwing off nails when it explodes, similar to my proposed spikemine mechanic.

              Like I said, I'm a big fan of Scourge of Armagon, and I love the design for a lot of the monsters, especially the gremlin, but I have the feeling the the original mechanics weren't used to their full potential, so here is a truckload of ideas that have been building up in my brain since I first played it. Who knows? You might find them insightful. I certainly hope so. :p

              I also ought to mention that I've never understood why the vore doesn't spawn its projectile in front of itself, so when it shoots downwards, it doesn't hurt itself.

              Forgot to mention that I LOVE the evil face. It doesn't always act smart, but its still a great mechanic that finally makes use of those mysterious paintings whose uselessness has bugged me since I first played Quake. I remember how I would shoot each an every one of them, hoping that at least a secret area would open, but sadly, they were just decoration in the original game. I'm glad I don't have to deal with that feeling anymore.
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              • i totally disagree personally about the proximity mine being useless,
                its great to make enemies notice you and then run back around a corner and drop some prox mines and wait for the enemy to come your way and go boom

                scourge and spikemine both also need no upgrades.
                the scourge is a badass mean mofo as he is, especially having to take on multiple of them at once can be a pain in the ass.
                and the spikemine can do some serious damage if you forget its there and it manages to surprise you by blowing up in your face


                agree that the gremlin however could perhaps use an upgrade.
                how long it takes for one to turn a corpse into another gremlin takes a tad long and should be adjustable
                also they should steal your weapons more quickly, and perhaps also could move a bit faster.
                he moves a tad slow for an enemy which is harmless by itself and is out to steal your weapons

                gremlin also being able to steal power-ups also sounds like a fun idea! that could make for awkward situations
                just imagine if a gremlin manages to steal a pent from you and you're suddenly left without pent and the gremlin is instead invulnerable for a short time

                or if a gremlin manages to steal your SSG and quad both! you'd be screwed

                this feature would especially be awesome if the gremlin would also have
                the powerup effects on his model that the player can also see if chase-cam is activated


                or another idea would be perhaps that instead of turning corpses into gremlins,
                the gremlin could optionally revive dead enemies instead?

                that would make the gremlin an enemy you would want to take out quickly,
                if they have the ability to revive dead enemies instead!
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                are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                • The scourge and the spikemine are both great enemies and fun to fight against, and what I proposed would just be eye candy, but it would be a cool improvement to make nonetheless. I've added the EpiQuake vore sounds as HD replacement content for the scourge's sopunds, and it sounds MENACING to say the least . But I also added a few thoughts on Armagon himself and such in my original post, because he's way too weak for how awesome he is, and if the force field shouldn't be given to the scourge, it ought to be given to Armagon. Either way, most of my ideas on Armagon have been edited into my original post.
                  Steel Sentinels remake project developer since 2012.


                  • armagon is indeed kinda easy, just strafe-run around him and he's down in no-time

                    perhaps armagon himself could also have the ability to fire multi-grenades?
                    like if you are trying to hide behind the pillars he'll toss a bunch of multigrenades behind it?

                    another idea for projectiles would be that he'll sometimes fire 2 homing missiles which follow you just like the shalrath's spikeball,
                    and can be optionally be made to explode if shot and give them a health of 60 or so,
                    so that you cant blow it up with one shot but it takes a bunch of shots to make it blow up

                    armagon spawning gremlins sounds like a good idea too, it makes sense and would make the fight harder
                    since you'll also have to take care of gremlins at same time as armagon, and if you try hiding from armagon the gremlins could find you instead

                    armagon sometimes spawning a shield around himself sounds like a good idea to, so you have to use more tactics,
                    and have to run when his shields are up and wait for the shields to de-activate before being able to shoot him again
                    are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                    > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                    everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                    • oh, talking about HIPNOTIC/MP1 SoA....
                      i noticed this ages ago but never bothered mentioning this cuz its a minor thing and i rarely play HIPNOTIC anyway:
                      the energy-barricades/bridges originally come in 2 colors: red and blue.
                      but with the SMC all of them are blue

                      like in stock hipnotic the energy-barricade in HIP1M1 is blue, and the energybridge in HIP1M2 is red

                      when using SMC the energy-bridge in HIP1M2 is blue as well instead of red like its supposed to be


                      kinda surprised seemingly nobody else has noticed this
                      are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                      > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                      everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                      • ...And while we're on the topic of Scourge of Armagon, I might as well mention the horn of conjuring. It's a really nice powerup, but the problem is that your friendly monster sometimes gets stuck or lost. My thoughts are: could the teleporting fiend mechanic be recycled to help your minion find you if you go too far? I like this powerup. It's the closest thing to playing an actual monster similar to this mod here:


                        EDIT: I came back to say that I thought of another variation on my original idea: gremlins playing dead. How about instead of spawning a decoy or something, gremlins will sometimes play dead and jump back out at you when you least expect it?
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                        Steel Sentinels remake project developer since 2012.


                        • I'm curious. How many, if any, of the features in smc are possible in other, non-dp engines?


                          • Originally posted by Legend View Post
                            I'm curious. How many, if any, of the features in smc are possible in other, non-dp engines?
                            Hello Legend,

                            ... 23 maybe 24 features.

                            But seriosly (joking aside), due to the fact that I used extensions for many features, unfortunately only around 1/4 or 1/3 can be copy/pasted as they are for/into standard engines. But with a little workaround many of the others can be rewritten/modified to be used for standard engines.

                            At the moment only FTE is *almost* fully supporting the SMC besides Darkplaces. As it is supporting most (if not all) dpextensions. We were speaking about it recently here.

                            I am out for some time. So take care everybody and good bye.


                            • FTE doesn't work very well for me unfortunately. I meant like more basic engines like directq and super8.

                              Any chance you could say about which 1/3 will work for other engine? I'm particularly curious about the interactive crosshair, multi-skin function, adjustable weapon switching sounds, monster hit axe sounds, random monster death animations, individual impact sounds, additional ambient sounds, shell casings, and the new enemies. Spiders in particular.
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                              • how about a particle flame option for the hell knight spikes like the afite has or some thing like the wizard... and maybe if a flame hits wood it burns for a bit or something. haha im just trying to dream up something that would be a pain in the ass for qc while i download the newest smc! its 107 outside its time for quake!
                                hope your enjoying your summer