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  • i like the way this one looks a lot it fits right in everywhere i looked at it when i played last night. i really like how it looks reflected in the water. thanks for doing the work to make it a easy add on! would it not work right with the cage like crown on top of it? i hope you keep going with the idea of the hands and changing weapons it would be cool to have "that's not quake" model options on all the guns personal i always thought a wand made a cool rocket launcher.

    "Knowing that his wife is an artist, I know now why he always has these great ideas"
    yes i am just a muse with no real talent my self lol

    I my self am always inspired by quakes soundtrack maker

    "Kinda like a cloud I was up way up in the sky.
    And I was feeling some feelings you wouldn't believe.
    Sometimes I don't believe them myself and I decided I was never coming down. " NIN


    • Nice additions Seven!

      Thank you!!


      • What can I say except excellent as usual, Seven.

        Warmest regards

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        • Hello,

          Thank you all for your feedback/comments.

          Originally posted by JDSTONER View Post
          i like the way this one looks a lot it fits right in everywhere i looked at it when i played last night. i really like how it looks reflected in the water. thanks for doing the work to make it a easy add on! would it not work right with the cage like crown on top of it? [...]
          Hello Josh,
          I made 2 additional model cvar values ("4" and "5") now, to be sure that also torch models we might have/find in the future can be used this way and be selected via config.

          I do nut fully understand what you mean with "cage like crown" in your post (you know my english...). Can you explain a little more/further ?


          I had a week off work this week, so I could make some good progress and work quite some hours on the mod, that is why I posted so unusual much. But I still couldnt manage to do all the things on the ToDo list for this week...
          I do not know when I will be able to work again so extensively on the mod. So maybe it is a good idea, if people want, to release a Beta with the things we have so far ? There is quite an amount of new things.

          Anyhow I need your help regarding the "audio taunts":
          The feature is implemented (default setting: min.3 kills in 2 sec.), but I need some more audio taunt variations. If some of you have some fitting ones or want some to be included, please contact me and send those. The player in Quake never says a word, so we do not know what voice he has. He only does the "Hugh", "Uuhh", "Huah", "Oouh" sounds
          So, audo taunts in the style of Duke3D is a no-go, hehe. But evil laughs are always good, or something similar.


          Dear all,

          It is time to show one of the other 2 monsters I was talking about. The one which is almost done/implemented. It is a monster model from "Dawn of Darkness" Quake2 TC mod:
          The Torment (aka Infernal).
          I am trying to revive him with some new features, effects and sounds. The below clip shows a near-final version. Only some more sounds are missing (as he is still too quiet in my opinion), a little polishing and a final decision how much default damage his attacks shall do...

          A short summary of his abilities:
          A walking monster with hell rod.
          - ranged combat (fires small lava stones in random trajectory with his rod)
          - lava stones can set the player on fire
          - if lava stones do not explode on impact, they explode after a few seconds on ground
          - melee combat with his hell rod with long range
          - hell rod is glowing when attacking (ranged or melee)
          - doing a terrifying noise with their rods, scratching on the floor, waiting for fresh meet
          Torment is adjustable via cvars.

          [ame=]Quake additional monster type wip - YouTube[/ame]

          Maybe you can give some feedback to improve him ? What looks bad or what could be better ?

          Thank you very much.


          • Liking the new monster Seven! Excellent idea. I also like the idea of Beta release so that we can then give you useful opinions and ideas from playing.

            Thanks as always for your superior work!


            • kinda cool monster

              agree with gdiddy about beta's
              they're always a nice way for us to be able to help test stuff out and give opinions and share ideas for the newly implented WIP-features

              idea: perhaps you could add some small fire-particles to the tips of his rod when he's attacking melee?
              are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
              > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
              everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


              • This is what i thought was part of the model but i think its just the old model that you placed the skull over top of...

                the new monster looks cool. maybe some burning foot prints like the demon or some smoke effect on the wand...

                if you want to have us play the beta thats cool im down to do some testing but even if it takes awhile for a official release its worth the waiting for...

                i think you can take some creative liberty with the voice but i think not having him use words would be good. i bet when you play quake the ranger speaks German and for me he speaks English and when E.T. plays he speaks Marshion. so keeping it general is a good idea.
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                • UPDATE 20141010

                  Version V5.11 Release

                  New Features:
                  - New adjustable walking monster: The Torment
                  - optional: Random audio taunts when killing or gibbing an adjustable monster-count in a given time
                  - optional: Changing players shirt color depending on used/picked armor
                  - optional: Flying dust, ember and other particles in maps (fully adjustable via cvars now)
                  - optional: Mage weapon (Hexen) instaed of lightning gun (weapon properties/damage/ammo is identical)
                  - optional: Improved fully adjustable view_weapon idle animation (model independent)
                  - optional: Fully adjustable view_weapon position for all weapons and their projectiles/muzzleflashes (model independent)

                  Updated features:
                  - powerup countdown can now be positioned on center of screen or top left of screen
                  - added a new model for the tilted+oriented torches feature: burning skull
                  - added 2 new tilted+oriented torches model selection values
                  - reduced hardware requirements for the mod
                  - some smaller bugfixes

                  Please find updated links in 1st post.


                  For some previews and/or video clips of the new features, please click on the links above. They will bring you to the WIP posts.
                  I only wanted to add one more screen, showing the additional monster: Torment (aka Infernal). I modified him a little since last time. His ranged attack projectile quantity will now also depend on the played skill level (easy: 2, normal: 3, heard and nightmare: 4).

                  Have fun,


                  • its nice to have a update! I always love new monsters are you still working on the other 2 you had spoke about?


                    • Thank you Seven!!


                      • Thank you.

                        Hello Josh,

                        I received your pm. Thank you.
                        The message you receive in the console is an evidence that I continue working on the reiver
                        That happens when I had to split the code for public and non-public, hehe.
                        A tiny little rest of the reiver was still in worldspawn, I deleted this line now and reuploaded the update v5.11. Anyhow, it doesnt change anything, as the message only appears in the console, so most people would not have even noticed it.
                        But thank you, now the code is absolutely "reiver-free".

                        I had 1 week off work last week, so I could make a quite big step forward and coul release the v5.11 update. But the work on the reiver is still not done (status: 60%) and the other new monster (status: 80%). I do not know when I will have the possibility to work for more than only 30 minutes per day again, so I decided to release what is done in the update V5.11.
                        So, the other monsters will be part of the next release then. And sorry again for leaving some code chunks of them in official v5.11.

                        By the way, did someone try the new easteregg already:
                        flying_dust_type 3 or 4 ?

                        Best wishes.


                        • Is it possible to enable fog? I had been playing with version 4.55, and fog was available. I decided to update to this newer version and it's not there anymore.

                          Ugh, nevermind, I was searching in the wrong place. Still, would be cool to have just regular fog switchable on or off.

                          Still, great work, thanks.
                          Last edited by Vdude; 10-12-2014, 04:13 PM.


                          • @Vdude
                            fog is not a feature of the SMC itself, it is enabled through additional ent-files

                            there is a set of ent-files included in the rar of SMC 5.0,
                            in the folder named '00 weather .ent files' inside the rar

                            if it still doesnt work after adding those to your setup,
                            add the lines set ent_fog 1 and sv_entpatch 1
                            to your autoexec.cfg to make sure DP uses the ent-files
                            are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                            > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                            everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                            • Yea thats a neat new monster Seven. Did you ever get that Ogre with the wooden shield that Madfox made working that I sent you a while back? I know its not a hi-res model so maybe its not sharp enough compared to these others you have added....


                              • Hello

                                Yes, good old fog.
                                Fog is a foogy topic

                                Short answer:
                                This is the cvar to enable ("1") / disable ("0") any kind of fog (you do not need any other):

                                Long answer:
                                There are basically 3 types of fog that I know:
                                1. standard world fog, which has no xyz limits and is everywhere in the map
                                2. "ground fog" which is standard fog, but has a z-limit
                                3. volumetric fog which didn’t find its way into DP yet (I am waiting for it impatiently)

                                The fog command must be called at map start (worldspawn) or later.
                                Fog 1 is map independent, if you want your fog to always have the same properties.
                                Fog 2 is depending on the map, due to its z-limit. So it makes sense to use .ent files to call it.
                                Fog 3 is/will be even more map dependent of course.

                                One possible way to quickly enable/disable fog 1 is to bind it to your keyboard keys.
                                Example: "b" enables it and "n" disables it.
                                Could look something like this in config.cfg:
                                bind b "fog .3 .32 .25 .2 .6 20 2000 1500 30"
                                bind n "fog 0"

                                For fog 2 you most probably want .ent files, as mentioned above. Talisa already wrote that you will find several maps .ent files with ground fog included in the download. Do the same for other maps of your choice.
                                However if you want to be able to enable/disable fog 2, you either need to send commands, or set cvars (r_drawfog). But you can never enable fog 2 in map A and disable fog 2 in map B automagically, if you use a mod, which works in all maps (like the smc). So, one possible way is to bind the disable/enable fog command/cvar to one of your keyboard keys (just like shown in the sample for fog 1 above). This way, fog 2 *can* be spawned/called via the maps .ent file that you use and can be disabled via 1 single key press anytime you want.
                                Anyway, you have to do something "manually" to be able to enable/disable fog 2 in different(!) maps. But normally you want to have it enabled, since it is why you use it and it looks good

                                There is this small tutorial here, that shows you how to create fog 1 and fog 2.

                                Anahow, I higly recommend you to update from v4.55 to v5.11. There is no negative sideeffect in it. All features will still work.


                                Hello Cobalt,

                                I think we talked about it via mail. There seem to be a misunderstanding Lets further discuss this via mail.

                                Best wishes.