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  • Congratulations:

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    • your described issue has been discussed, just like grave_digga said, several times already.
      He also said " I tried to find them but had no success.” I was also holding off from rising this for almost a month.
      But that is not a problem. The problem is, that you shold not write about it.
      Than maybe person like you should. You don't need to find or figure out anything to do and maintain what I am trying with guide and pack. It would probably took you 1/10th the time it took me and no more than it takes you responding to noobs questions personally over years. Given how insane amount of time it took me I have my doubts too, whether I should have done it indeed.
      Reading your "readme.txt" in your compilation reveals some mistakes.
      What exactly is holding you from sending fixed guide my way ?
      Random example: offsetmapping ( scale )
      You've red outdated version, since 08-02-2011, I've just set value in config.cfg that look best imo and did not mention this cvar at all in the guide.
      r_glsl_offsetmapping_scale does NOT introduce graphical glitches in 'Ruohis' weapon pickups.
      I thought that for casual user important info is what setting make issue appear not what is an exact reason for that, also to high value makes all textures distorted, and make your lava look strange. So I was warning from using too high value, not from experimenting with this cvar at all. I was aware that the textures are reason for glitches on weapons. Again, this info is not present there anymore.
      ... you shold not write about it
      Maybe I shouldn't ...

      Edit: Don't you think that list of possible issues like save sync problem, or explosion lag should be mentioned in the opening post of this thread ?
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      • Our gpus just can't handle in the face explosions..
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        • Hey grave_digga,

          Thank you, I didnt notice it... What will change now ?
          I guess nothing.

          Time will pass by and the big gpu cards will get cheaper
          Thanks to competition between ATI and NVIDIA.



          • User formerly known as _Smith_ here
            Time will pass by and the big gpu cards will get cheaper
            And overdone unoptimized effects will still be killing their performance
            I've edited jorix's explosion: 3x shorter lag when hit mean short enough to not break the flow of the game controls. If I had replaced it in your game and didn't tell you, chances are huge you wouldn't notice the difference in quality. I've included edited effectinfo.txt in the new version of ogres and zombies addon.

            I also wonder if it could be possible to do a check in qc before calling an explosion, whether it was a player that got touched by a grenade or a rocket and launch custom, lower quality effect in that case ?

            Edit: And of course thanks for all the useful as always info Seven.
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            • Jorix's explosion consist of two effects:
              1. Fast expanding and quickly disappearing transparent orange cloud.
              2. Awesome slowly expanding white smoke clouds.
              First is so subtle that I wasn't aware of its presence until I've red about it in effectinfo.txt, but it spawns insane amount of particles: 192, which is a source of the problem.
              1. I've reduced it to 24 and doubled particle size. In first stage when particles are concentrated there is no difference between edited effect and original, in the last stage that last maybe 0.25s edited effect will break into separate disappearing in split second clouds, and still looks good to me.
              2. I've reduced a bit count of white smoke and increased a bit clouds size.

              As a result particles count is reduced 3 times with almost no visual difference. Now you are free to increase particle count of all effects ( including explosion ), without getting yourself in the trouble, through "cl_particles_quality" "6" or more ( max available from menu is 4 ).

              @daniocampo1992 try it and tell how is your gpu handling in the face explosions now
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              • UPDATE 20110816

                Dear all,

                I am sorry that it took so long to release the new Mission pack compilations V3.1.

                New / Updated features:
                - MP1+2: Zombie flesh-projectile spawn-position correction for 2nd attack animation
                - MP2: New monster cvar for mummy
                - ALL: Updated weapon muzzleflashes and added beautiful red-ish muzzleflashes for both lava nailguns

                Now also the mission packs can be played with all new features, new death animations, beautiful particle flames + muzzleflashes.
                I spend a little time to improve original weapons and added nice lava muzzleflash colors.
                (I tried to catch them in a clip. Please watch in fullscreen 720p)
                [ame=]particle muzzleflashes - YouTube[/ame]

                Please find updated links in 1st post.
                (admins/moderators: unfortunately the text limit: 1200 is reached in 1st post...)

                @ grave_digga

                I am very sorry that you had to play with V2.85. I was too slow...

                Best wishes,


                • Thank you Seven,
                  Donīt bring yourself out of the rest ....
                  You make a great work!!!


                  • Thanks Seven the video shows your usual great work. Can't wait to install and replay the mission packs.


                    • All I have to say is, this is HIIIIIIIIIP.

                      Thanks Seven for your wonderful works. =]
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                      • Originally posted by Seven View Post
                        @ grave_digga

                        I am very sorry that you had to play with V2.85. I was too slow...
                        I'm not finished yet, im at HIP2M2 atm so there is a lot to come. Maybe i'll play through original ID1 at nightmare skill with your absolutely brilliant addon.


                        • hello Seven

                          nice work on the mod...i see this as almost dpmod because it has so many things from it.

                          i like the vengence effect alot and have been using it for a while...really good work.

                          one thing i would like to mention is how you modified the particlefont.

                          ive uploaded a couple jpegs to compare.

                          here is your particlefont that to me looks very simple...except for the particles
                          from the nexuiz font you added.

                          here is the nexuiz font... it has all the decals and hd particles and ive been adding new blood particles.

                          now you told me that you didnt like the nexuiz knew about it years ago and said nothing about it.

                          why grab the hd smoke particles from it then?

                          dont get me wrong Seven but when i came accross this nexuizfont you played it off like it was nothing special.

                          also the muzzle flashes look good but why not add fire instead of smoke?

                          i was using smoke because i only had one effect for all weapons...but now i can add custom effects.

                          good job Seven your mod has depth




                          • Hello Sean,

                            Thank you for your kind words.
                            There are some misunderstandings in your post though.

                            Please let me try to correct them:
                            1.) My mod has nothing except sprite flame code from dpmod
                            2.) I dont use the first particlefont, that you linked.
                            It looks really bad, indeed. LOL
                            Why you reduced its quality and uploaded it ? (or maybe imageshack did it...)
                            I use the original DarkPlaces Quake particlefont as base.
                            It can be found on LordHavocs homepage.
                            (I uploaded the slightly modified one around one year ago here)

                            Why I dont use the Nexuiz one ? Because I dont like it for Quake. That is all.
                            I never talked bad about it. It is the Nexuiz font.
                            And it looks amazing for Nexuiz (but I dont like it for Quake).
                            Everyone who knows Nexuiz and is a curious modder knows about it for years, yes. Not only me.

                            Why I took the fonts 48-55 from Nexuiz then ?
                            Because people requested it in the particle-flames thread.
                            Without fonts 48-55 the flames are not possible.
                            I like to fulfil players requests. That is what this mod is for...

                            3.) Why I dont use flames as muzzleflashes ?
                            Because I like smoke more.
                            Flames as muzzleflashes looks wrong to me.

                            there is no need to discuss personal liking things in general.
                            Everybody has a different liking. You must not be angry at someone because he has a different taste.
                            I also dont like some things that other people do. But that is absolutely OK.
                            The important thing is: We need variations to choose from.
                            So that players have a wide variation to pick from.
                            It is impossible to make something, that everybody likes.
                            But I guess that you surely know that my friend. It is not a secret.

                            As I said in the "particle muzzleflash" thread:
                            My muzzleflashes are basic and more or less only placeholder.
                            So that people who have the will, have something to start working with.
                            We are all individuals, right ?

                            Thank you again for your post.
                            You are doing also very nice things for all of us Sean !
                            And believe me, I know what effort and how many hours you worked hardly on those.

                            Best wishes,


                            • hi Seven

                              the particlefont i showed is the one i got from your 3.1 it in photoshop and see what it looks like.

                              i didnt do anything to make it look just looks bad on its own.

                              what about footsteps and sticky nails are both in dpmod?

                              i really think you should use flame flashes they look great.

                              anyway dont get me wrong im not angry at all...i love your mod Seven.




                              • Sean, the sticky nails Seven got from me, i was playing around with it for some time using various tutorials.
                                FPS Source Ports