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  • Shot in the dark question here, but is "seven_init" some sort of QuakeC function in the SMC? There's a guy over on the Steam forums having troubles running DarkPlaces, and the console mentions errors about seven_init. Creating start.ent files for Darkplaces :: Quake General Discussions


    • Hello Jakub,

      There are basically 2 ways to do the flashlights, which are used in the flashlight variations I am aware of. Stick this to an entity:
      a) Do it via .effects = EF_DIMLIGHT
      b) Do it via TENEBRAE_GFX_DLIGHTS

      While a) can be run with vanilla Quake, b) uses an extension.

      Just like Spike said, to get the visual you are mentioning, you need b) together with a cubemap. The flashlight code in the small smc addon uses option b) but without a cubemap. So, you can (by adding some lines) modify the visual to get a cubemap-filtered effect.

      I tested both versions today but decided to do a mixture as mentioned in my prior post. Reason for it was that the cubemap-filtered light has quite hard borders (depending on the alpha of the texture). I liked the more fluent-wide light area more.
      I am sure that with enough texture work, texture scale and finetuning the settings, a very nice visual can also be achived with it. Feel free to play around with it. A good start is when looking in Nahuels and LordHavocs flashlights, as they both used this method and code is available.

      Hello Talisa,

      The Quake guy always had one of these handy flashlights in his backpack, but ran out of batteries Now he finally found some in a backpack of an enforcer, hehe.

      Hello Johnny Law,

      Yes, it is. You can tell Sirrion Sunblaze to do one of the following to get rid of his issue:
      1.) Put the custom progs.dat into a mod folder, not id1. (Recommended)
      2.) If he refuses to do 1.) then he must add this line into all of his autoexec.cfg mod folders (this will disable .ent usage): sv_entpatch 0
      3.) If he refuses to do 1.) and 2.) he has to create a "start.ent" file for all mods that use its own start.bsp map, with: sv_saveentfile

      Reason is, that DarkPlaces will use the start.ent file found in id1/maps folder also for all mods whith start.bspīs which dont have their own start.ent in the mod/maps folder.

      That is why it is best to keep custom progs.datīs out if id1.
      (with progs.datīs I mean the complete mod content of course)

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      • Thanks!


        • Hello,

          Jakub did not let me sleep last night and I thought about how to improve the flashlight.

          Knowing that we all (and especially Jakub, hehe) like to adjust things to our personal likings, I added several new cvars to adjust the flashlights properties. While doing this I also tried to make the flashlight look more realistic in terms of lighting radius, intensity and light cone. So I set new default values which are now fully adjustable.

          Also, I forgot to add the qc source, which is now included. Furthermore the flashlight will now switch off when player dies or intermissions are running.

          A big warm hug goes out to Jakub, for bringing this feature on the table.
          I am a big fan of flashlights now and begin to wear sunglasses while playing LOL

          Here is a screenshot comparism from before / after:

          I think it is even visible on the small thumbnail that the light cone is now much smaller and looks more "realistic". You can open both screenshots in new browser-tabs and compare them to see it better.

          The flashlight is now adjustable via these cvars:
          set flashlight_radius 170			// adjust flashlights light radius
          set flashlight_color_brightness_red 1.7		// adjust flashlights light intensity (color red)
          set flashlight_color_brightness_green 1.7	// adjust flashlights light intensity (color green)	
          set flashlight_color_brightness_blue 1.7	// adjust flashlights light intensity (color blue)

          If you like other colors, here are some random examples:

          Please download improved flashlight from the "Beta Builds" folder here:


          Have fun,
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          • now we need a map with no light, you would have to rely on your flash light doom 3 style.
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            • Awesome!!


              • Looks really good.
                Now that the light can be modified why not make it become slowly darker if you switch it on for too long? And let it recharge after an amount of time.

                I like the enforcer shield. It still has some rough edges and is not too round. Also the color fits into Quake.


                • Thank you all for your comments.

                  Originally posted by Syluxguy28O3 View Post
                  now we need a map with no light, you would have to rely on your flash light doom 3 style.
                  Hello Syluxguy28O3,

                  Never underestimate DarkPlaces. It still has an ace up its sleeve !!

                  You only need to do 2 tiny things to have exatcly what you requested in every map:
                  1.) Go into DPīs regular "options" menu and choose the preset: Lighting FULL
                  2.) Open your console and type: r_editlights_clear

                  !! Let there be Darkness !!
                  (Do not worry. Next time you restart the engine, all lights will be back)

                  Now better quickly switch on your last hope: Your flashlight
                  Now you know why the engine is called:"DarkPlaces"

                  Thank you very much for mentioning it Syluxguy28O3. I played for some minutes this style and it feels like a brandnew Quake !
                  Me love it. The spookiness factor can hardly be increased anymore
                  If you manage it to play through all maps like this, you will be rewarded and a new episode will be unlocked. The secret 5th episode....

                  With a few extra code lines, you can even make the flashlight act like in Doom3: When flashlight is switched on, you cannot shoot your weapon. But that would go a little bit too far I guess.

                  I recorded some seconds of e1m1 to see it in action.
                  Have fun with a new Quake impression/feeling


                  • Yes, that does add the creepy factor!


                    • @henry
                      i personally always felt that is so frigging retarded, when games do that

                      seriously... no single flashlight you will find anywhere eats up batteries that fast,
                      it makes no sense whatsoever to make them go out of batteries so absurdly fast in games
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                      • UPDATE 20150517

                        Version V5.20 BETA Release

                        New features:
                        - optional: When the Demon jumps, his body has an "motion blur" / "tail" effect.
                        - optional: Shalrath can jump and hang on ceilings
                        - optional: Enforcer can use a powershield to protect himself from all projectiles
                        - optional: Flashlight

                        Updated features:
                        - Bugfix: Warlord no longer bleeds when using his shield against lightning gun

                        Please find Update in "Beta Builds" folder: here


                        Thank you in advance for testing this Beta build and helping to improve things.

                        I know, there are still 2 or 3 features missing for final v5.20, but I do not know when I will have the time again... (this weekend was a long free-of-work weekend in Germany).

                        Kind regards,


                        • Hi Seven,

                          thank you again for your hard work! Can you post your DP/Quake setup please?


                          • lookin awesome!
                            can't wait to try it
                            this should be on the options menu =)
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                            • OMG looking more and more like Kleshik as time goes on, this is fucking AMAZING. Now it's just missing the crazy screams and yells with the view freaking out and this mod will be legendary and beyond words. I'm speechless already. You're the best seven!!
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                              • Hello TR2N,

                                I do not know if I understood you correctly. Do you mean my game pc setup ?
                                It is an old intel Q9550. The gpu is a little bit newer: GTX 770
                                I use Win XP.

                                Hello mushi,

                                If you want to test the "Dark Quake" setting, be sure to backup your config.cfg first.
                                When setting the preset Lighting FULL, all customly set lighting cvars (if you did) will be set to the preset settings. Just in case. Not everybody use cvars which are not in the options menu. But just in case...

                                Hello Pringles Man,

                                I do not see the "small mod compilation" becoming like the kleshik mod. Both mods are very different and have a different focus. Maybe you mean the youtube clip on the top of this page ? That is not showing much of the "small mod compilation" besides the spider monster.
                                The clips purpose was meant to show Syluxguy28O3 how to switch off all world lights with Darkplaces, because he said it would be nice to be able to do so because of the flashlight. That is of course mod independent and an engine feature. Every mod with a flashlight will look pretty much identical to the shown clip.

                                The advantage of the "small mod compilation" is its adjustability. You can make it look and play almost like vanilla Quake when you disable everything (the Quake bugfixes will remain and a few extra particles). Or you can bring in a lot of new monsters, visuals and new gameplay features. There is also everything in between.
                                So it should be interesting for almost all users who want to play single player Quake. And I can only encourage people to at least test the smc.

                                I personally like the possibility to use this mod for ALL Quake maps which do not bring their own progs.dat the most. That is always my focus and goal. It is always a pity to see great and amazing mods, which can only be played on 2 or 3 maps. They get old quite quickly, which is very sad and all the effort for the mod is gone.

                                Thank you all very much for your comments and helping to improve this small mod.

                                All the Best,