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  • lol dat quakeonelogic

    I will take a look, though. I had no Idea you made this.
    Steel Sentinels remake project developer since 2012.


    • sure thing, glad to be able to point you at something i made which you had no clue of
      are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
      > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
      everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


      • Originally posted by Seven View Post

        Pringles Man requested the "most important feature ever":
        Head gibs shall always turn towards the player who killed them. LOL
        This is of course a "not-so-serious" feature and is dedicated to Pringles Man (only)

        Looking back at the ToDo list for the smc:
        Additional Ogre monster particles

        The Ogre monster is for many people the most important and famous Quake monster. I was thinking for possibilities to visual extend him a little bit and thought about his chainsaw. He now has optionally additional particle effects for his weapon of destruction.
        That was a really tricky one, but in the end it came out quite nice in my opinion and works better than I expected. Quake´s 10 fps limit and its interpolation made it hard to always spawn the particles at the correct positions.

        The particle syntax itself is a beta status, but I think I will not change it much because I like it. Unless you have better ideas or suggestions. I will of course edit it then.


        The clip shows the ogre in standing animation first, then in walking animation and after that during fighting. (There are also some "blade-scratching-over-the-floor" sparks, which you can only see in high res or in-game)

        Please give me feedback to improve it.
        Thank you.

        Have a nice weekend.

        Seven, did you include the head gib looking thing in your download?
        It is not listed in the readme and it does not seem to be enabled. Is there a cvar for it? Or did you only sent it to Pringles Man exclusively? If so can you share it with us.

        The ogre chainsaw particles look really great in the game. How difficult would it be to also do something like this for other monster classes? Like the Hell Knights sword or Torments trident surrounded with flames. Or Shamblers hands having electric sparks. Same goes for the electric eel in mission pack 2. He would surely benefit from electric sparks around him. Especially when he is attacking. That would be awesome!

        The randomly angled boxes look good. That is indeed a nice touch, but you should reduce the default value a little. I saw 1or 2 times crates that are tightly placed beside each other can slightly overlap.

        No more issues with the Vores hanging on skies or something since your second beta. I even reduced her heigth limit cvar to 100. That was fun

        The pain skins are something that should have been in Quake when it came out already. Afaik Quake2 had it. It adds a lot to the gameplay. I often catch myself looking at bodies on the floor now. Just to see their wounds.

        Thank you for your work. Looking forward with what you come up next.


        • as promised, here is a custom headgib model for FrederikH shambler!

          >download headgib for FrederikH shambler<


          it uses the same textures as the monster itself,
          and i made it work with both original skin and OoPpEe's skin
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          are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
          > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
          everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


          • wow that looks really good.
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            • thanx sylux!

              to make the gib i converted the shambler to dae, took it into blender, posed it to look upwards and open the mouth,

              ....and then I got out my axe, grabbed a quad and chopped the beast up to remove everything from the shoulders down
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              are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
              > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
              everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


              • Awesome Talisa! It is a worthy addition to my progs folder! : )
                Steel Sentinels remake project developer since 2012.


                • you're welcome pringles man
                  are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                  > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                  everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                  • Hello,

                    Thank you ALL very much for your posts and feedback. I am happy that some people like it.
                    I didnt expect the "creepy head gib feature" to be so well received. I may enable it by default then. Also Thank you for the chainsaw particles feedback. That one took a while to bring it to life …

                    @ Mirrorman95
                    Do not be afraid to enable it. Quake is a game that *should* be creepy. And it has a lot of it by default already. So new things to amplify it are always welcome.

                    @ Pringles Man
                    Regarding your rune ideas: Did you try Runequake already ? I think you will like it, as you have additional powerups and things you described. Bringing those into regular Quake is getting a little out of spec of where this mod aims to be. But thank you for mention your ideas. It's appreciated.

                    @ Mr. Burns
                    Can you please explain what happened in the movie you mentioned to better understand your suggestions ? I am sorry, I cannot remember if I watched it yet.

                    @ Henry
                    Woow, Thank you very much for your detailed testings and feedback.
                    You are right, I didnt add the "creepy head gib feature" in the last release, because I didnt know that also others beside Pringles Man are interested. I sent a pm your way.

                    Regarding particle effects for other monsters:
                    Yes, that would be possible but as mentioned last time its very difficult to always match the corresponding body part.
                    For the eel in Rogue the electric sparks would fit really nicely, yes. As the whole body is affected. It also doesnt move its body too swift and would be a perfect opportunity to add electric spark particles to it. I wrote it on the ToDo list for Rogue.

                    I will reduce the default max/min angle value for the random angled pickup boxes to 15° then, OK. Thanks.

                    Yes, the pain skins are one of the things that add the most to the gaming experience. For the final release I would like to have improved ones that match the individual monster classes shapes better instead of the universal ones.


                    I am getting sick the last days, so I could not work as intended on the todo list. Today I can only show you a screenshot of the new spider ability. It can now also jump and hang on ceilings on map start. Once it is there it will have 2 attacks: spitting and jumping towards the player. When jumping it slowly flips backwards to the regular angles and in parallel gets into the jump position. Hard to explain, I tried to catch it in a screenshot. I think this will also add a little bit of 'creepiness' into Quake hopefully.

                    Thank you again for testing and giving feedback to help to improve things.

                    Best wishes,


                    • I was actually never able to find a Runequake download, so I never happened to try it. But I get the idea, so I'll stop bringing it up. Spider feature looks real neat!

                      But I guess it's time for the routine bug report since I'm fresh out of ideas to suggest. If you gib an enemy in shallow water, the gibs that float spam that annoying water splash sound. If you have your gibs multiplier at a large number like me, you will hear that water splash sound for a long time. Best examples would include the acid pool with the red armor in E2M7 (and the one near the zombies), and the gold key area in E1M3.

                      There's also the obvious glitch of the evil face (which I love and will always use by the way) getting stuck damn near EVERYWHERE. In the floor, in the walls, you name it, it will stick to it. I actually have an easy bug fix you might want to try for this that will actually make the face even scarier. Just allow it to clip through walls if the evil_faces_monster_behaviour is 1. This way it can get you anywhere : ). Why do evil demon heads follow the laws of physics anyway, come to think of it?

                      Another weird thing that isn't really a glitch, but has bothered me since the dawn of time is the fact that the mjolnir can't hit the floor. It can swing at the floor, but just not hit it. And not to mention I feel as though it should also play a sound upon hitting a monster or a corpse. The silence is rather frustrating.

                      Finally, the overlord has the issue of his gibs not spinning properly when gibspinstyle is 0. Apparently he uses a different gib throwing function for some reason...

                      That's all for now. Take a look at it if you want.
                      Steel Sentinels remake project developer since 2012.


                      • Hello Pringles Man,

                        Regarding RuneQuake: You should get in contact with Mr. Burns. He knows a lot about RuneQuake and most probably also where to find the download.

                        Regarding your feedback and bug reports:

                        1.) Water splash sound loop
                        The root cause for this is the usage of Gyro. And I can remember that we already started a discussion on this topic several years ago.

                        Anyhow, the gibs (as well as some other entities) in the smc use a special Gyro function, that lets them float on water and slowly drift around. So far so good. Now, to bring the entities upwards to the water surface, it needs a certain amount of buoyancy.

                        This buoyancy must be strong enough to make the entity let go the ground of the water pool but must be as weak as possible to not jump up and down on the water surface. I experimented a lot at that time with this buoyancy value and found that a value of 150 is the best compromise. That is what you currently have in the smc.
                        If you use a lower value, the gibs will (once they touch the water ground) not come up again. If you use a higher value it starts jumping on the water surface. Now, when the water is not deep (shallow) it comes to unwanted behaviours. Just like you described and the Quake engine (not the mod !) will play the sound: "h20hit1.wav" each time it changes between water and air.

                        Today I struggled a long time about how to fix this behaviour in shallow water. And finaly found a solution.
                        I cannot change the engine code, but can suppress the "h20hit1.wav" sound via sv_sound_watersplash !
                        And that is half the solution.
                        I completely rewrote the current gamecode and now handle the entity behaviour when touching water and slime in the mod. So I let only play the watersplash sound once and then put an ignore flag to it. So the loop bug is fixed.
                        In addition, when you start kicking the entity around it gets the flag back and will play the watersplash sound again when it enters the water/slime. Before it gets removed again.

                        That is the new code and it fixes the bug completely. Thank you again to bring it on the table.

                        2.) Evil faces monster gets stuck
                        I added the same fix, which I added to the original Quake tarbaby-stuck-on-ledges bug. Now it should work. In addition I added your suggestion for cvar setting: evil_faces_monster_behaviour is 1 Which makes the monster fly through walls, but can still be killed when shot.

                        That was a great idea. Thank you for mentioning it.

                        As a small extra I added a new "evil faces monster" model into the Download. If you like this one more, you can use it now.

                        So to summarize, we now have these new features/fixes in comparism to V5.20 beta-2:
                        - "Random angled ammo and health boxes"
                        - "Ogre monster has additional chainsaw particle effects"
                        - "Water splash sound" code completely reworked and fixed annoying loop sound
                        - "Evil face" monster improvement: dont get stuck anymore and uses noclip in setting: evil_faces_monster_behaviour 1
                        - Added new "evil face" monster model.

                        And fixes:
                        - Tarbabies original Quake bug: Get stuck on ledges and steps fixed
                        - Fixed console overflow due to missing effect syntax (introduced in SMC v4.71)


                        Best wishes,


                        • I am going to try the beta now. Will report anything weird I see.

                          EDITS and initial reactions:

                          Wow, evil face is really something now!!!! Much smarter than before, and actually difficult to get away from! I absolutely LOVE the clipping through walls feature. Excellent work.

                          Ammo boxes look realistic as hell now. Nothing stuck in a wall so far.

                          Chainsaw smoke looks OK on the teamonster ogre, although since it's just an effect, anyone can update it to their likings anyway.

                          Couldn't find the flashlight feature, and the heads don't turn still : (
                          Last edited by Pringles Man; 06-02-2015, 12:09 PM.
                          Steel Sentinels remake project developer since 2012.


                          • ooooh thanx for finally releasing that evil-faces model seven!

                            numerous times have i tried searching where you got it from but i never found it...

                            glad to finally be able to have that demon-head,
                            and i will totally enable evil faces now that i can have this head pop up!


                            the smoke and sparks for ogre are also nice!

                            and i found them to be quite easy to adjust for TeaMonster's ogre
                            by adding originoffset's to all effect-blocks for the new effect
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                            are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                            > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                            everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                            • Hello,

                              Beta testers should have a basic understanding how the smc mod works in general.
                              As you have to manually change files and add syntax to configs and so on.

                              I am more than happy to explain in detail how things work if someone wants to be a beta tester and is still unsure how to handle things. It isnt as difficult is it maybe sounds. I can only encourage people to try it.

                              For the final v5.20 release of course, everything will be only 1 single file.
                              You will not need v5.00 or v5.11 anymore. There will be only v5.20. Nothing else is needed, because the 'Starter Kit' has changed and therefore also the basic smc.pk3 file.

                              Hello Pringles Man,

                              Thank you for beta testing, but you seem to miss important data if your flashlight dont work. Please read the readme files carefully. I tried to explain everything there.

                              These files are necessary for Beta testers:
                              - SMC v5.00 for Quake
                              - SMC v5.11 update for Quake
                              - SMC v5.20 Beta-2 (download from "Beta folder")
                              - The updated files from today´s release (download from 1 post above yours, or here)

                              Please first download and read v5.20 beta-2 readme.
                              Then download the updated files from today and read the readme. You will find important new lines for the smc_config.cfg in there for the water splash fix.

                              By the way, the ogre chainsaw particles are matching the original ogre model, not Tea Monsters (see details below and in the readme).

                              Thank you for testing !

                              Hello talisa,

                              No, it is not possible to adept the chainsaw particle positions to Tea Monsters ogre by adding 'originoffset' lines into the effectinfo. Because the effectinfo has no relationship to the view angle of the entities (in this case Ogre). The X and Y values are always related/fixed to the maps world coordinate. It is like north, west, south and east. Independent in which direction the ogre is really looking.

                              You can best test it when notarget is used and you follow a walking ogre.
                              If you add an originoffset X-value for example it may fit when the ogre walks to the north, but not when he walks to the east, as the effect origin will still be "in north" so to speak.

                              The ONLY value that is identical from world coordinate and view angle is the "Z" value. You can add originoffset values edit in z-direction, as z is always up/downwards.

                              If you want to edit the particles to match Tea Monsters Ogre correctly, you have to do it in qc with the help of makevectors(self.angles). But do not worry, I noticed that many people use Tea Monsters ogre, so I of course will also make a cvar setting for this model replacement.

                              By the way: The fighting animation chainsaw positions from original and Tea Monsters Ogre are only slightly different. But the walking one is really different and looks very out of space currently for Tea Monsters. So I do not recommend (as written in the readme) to use this feature with Tea Monster ogre in the Beta yet.

                              Due to the multimodel feature of the smc the cvar must cover these variatons, because it is impossible for the code to detect which model is used:
                              1: Use only original ogre
                              2: Use only Tea Monsters ogre
                              3: Use original ogre as 1st model and Tea Monsters ogre as 2nd
                              4: Use Tea Monsters ogre as 1st model and original ogre as 2nd

                              I do not know if you are aware of the 3rd available ogre model. If people want to use that one, then we are screwed. Because then we would need even more cvar setting values, LOL.

                              Last edited by Seven; 06-02-2015, 01:43 PM.


                              • That horny floating head is awesome!