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  • Hello Seven

    THX for your immense work. I realy like the new particles fire with the little fire sparks flying arrownd!



    • Hello Sean,

      I am very sensitive, when it comes to credits. Respecting other peoples work is holy (!) for me. I would never adorn myself with borrowed plumes. Please read my readme.txt`s.

      Of course dpmod has nails stick in walls and footsteps.
      Many many different mods have nails in walls and footsteps. They all do it in a little different way. I dont use the code from dpmod. I credited the people, that helped and inspired me in the readmeīs.

      The particlefont, that you uploaded has no alpha and is therefore really horrible
      LordHavoc would never use such a .jpg font. LOL
      Dont get confused with the visual of the linked font.

      Due to missing time, I would be happy if you could make some flame muzzles.
      If they look good and you can convince me I will implement them of course.
      At the moment it is just hard for me to imagine, that flames look good.

      Thank you.

      Kind regards,


      • here

        i wanted to make sure theres no confusion as to the quality of this particlefont.

        look at how round the smoke particles are on the top row.

        here i made a new image you could use for a more subtle alpha channel

        what are all the rings in the bottom middle for?

        no matter how you cut it up this font looks ugly to me.

        here is two effect im using for flashes
        effect shot2_muzzleflash
        countabsolute 20
        type smoke
        //color 0x629dff 0x0018ff
        color 0xEB7500 0xEB0000
        tex 48 55
        size 2 2
        alpha 100 200 600
        sizeincrease 7
        originoffset 0 0 1
        originjitter 1.5 1.5 1.5
        velocityjitter 4 4 4
        velocitymultiplier 0.01
        lightradius 100
        lightradiusfade 70
        lightcolor 2 1.5 0.2

        effect plasma_muzzleflash
        countabsolute 15
        type smoke
        color 0x629dff 0x0018ff
        //color 0xEB7500 0xEB0000
        tex 48 55
        size 10 10
        alpha 100 200 600
        sizeincrease 7
        originoffset 0 0 10
        originjitter 1.5 1.5 1.5
        velocityjitter 6 6 6
        velocitymultiplier 0.01
        lightradius 200
        lightradiusfade 2000
        lightcolor 2 1.5 0.2

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        • Hello Sean,

          Ahhh, now the DP particlefont is linked as it should be. Thank you.

          Yes, the DP font is simple and rough. Just like Quake is

          Reason why the DP Quake font has much less fonts (compared to Nexuiz),
          is because Quake uses only a very small amount of effects.

          If you compare the effectinfo.txt from Quake and Nexuiz you will see the same.
          Much less effect definitions for Quake. Cause it doesnt uses/needs more.
          But this is all known already. We should talk too much about it...

          Thank you for your shotgun effect.
          But isnt this just a different color with higher count basicaly ?
          Yes, I like it a lot.
          This looks very much like my superlavanailgun effect in V3.1 MP2.

          Only suggestions I have:
          Be careful with the high count value.
          As you know, the muzzleflash is very player movement sensitive.
          So 2 things should be done to keep this sideffect low:
          - use a very high alpha reduction value (> 512)
          - use small particle counts
          This way, the smoke will vanish very quickly and does not disturb while running/strafing.
          But this is just a personal suggestion of course.
          (I also had to use a count of 15 for double barrel, just to have a visual difference to single barrel.
          But white smoke is less visible than red-ish smoke)

          Best wishes,

          PS: I dont know for what the circle fonts are used. Maybe for a different game...
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          • Thank you Seven for this continues work on this Project!
            It really merges all the stuff real important in one package. I like that.


            • Seven: Have you considered adding the water splash mod from inside3d to your small mod compilation? I think that would be a really cool addition to it, as well as a lava splash one (thicker). Maybe one of those blood splatter ones too... just a thought.
              Regular One Man Slaughterhouse


              • Originally posted by Roy Batty View Post
                Seven: Have you considered adding the water splash mod from inside3d to your small mod compilation? I think that would be a really cool addition to it, as well as a lava splash one (thicker). Maybe one of those blood splatter ones too... just a thought.
                It sounds really interesting and could be another cool addition perhaps.


                • Splash might be hard to do, as you'd need to find a way to detect what water texture is being used - otherwise you could have a blue splash when the water is more green ect.


                  • Hello Roy Batty,

                    Thank you for your suggestion.
                    I have read Tuxīs tutorial a while back and decided not to implement it.

                    But you can of course implement his water splash into the included source of "small mod compilation" anytime.
                    That is the reason why I include it.
                    But if you do, I suggest doing it a different way.
                    Tux kept his code Quake engine independent. That is why he had to use the "particle" function.
                    The "small mod compilation" uses DarkPlaces extension functions and you can therefore use DP_SV_POINTPARTICLES.
                    You can create much more beautiful particles with it as you know.

                    @ OoPpEe

                    the issue, that you describe is no issue for DarkPlaces extensions.
                    I already make use of the function: DP_QC_GETSURFACE in the compilation.
                    If you look into the "footsteps" code (player.qc). As you know, different footsteps are spawned when walking over different textures.
                    This can be used for the water detection as well. Water is nothing but a texture.

                    Have fun.


                    • UPDATE 20110829

                      Dear all,

                      Helloween found a bug in Mission pack 2: map R1M7.
                      The elevator in this map doesnt work.

                      After investigating this bug, I found that the issue is inside the original Rogue QC code.
                      During compiling the unedited original Rogue QC source, this bug appeared.
                      Reason: Assignments to 'constants'

                      Spike helped me to find the cure for it, so that his great fteqcc compiler could compile the original Rogue QC code without this issue.

                      Then I could finally use this cure to compile my Rogue "small mod compilation".

                      This leads us to: Rogue V3.11

                      New features:
                      - Eel corpse is now gibbable.

                      Updated features:
                      - Issue in original Rogue QC code fixed. This issue brought an elevator bug into R1M7, when QC files are compiled with modern compilers.

                      Please find updated link in 1st post.

                      Special Thanks to
                      Helloween for reporting the bug and beta testing Rogue V3.11.
                      Spike for his help in finding the cure.

                      @ webangel

                      Now you can even gib the eelīs corpse without explosive weapons.
                      I added also gibmultiplier code and correct gibs (only gib1) now.

                      Kind Regards,
                      Last edited by Seven; 08-29-2011, 12:46 PM.


                      • Originally posted by Seven View Post
                        @ webangel
                        Now you can even gib the eelīs corpse without explosive weapons.
                        I added also gibmultiplier code and correct gibs (only gib1) now.
                        Thank You Seven. Great as always. But I think you forgot to compile it
                        Itīs fun to gib this damn eels!!!


                        • Hello webangel,

                          nahhh, I didnt forget it.
                          (progs.dat is in the .pk3)

                          Please delete the single "progs.dat" I sent you a few days ago in your ROGUE folder.
                          It overrides the new one in the pack V3.11.
                          Once you deleted the beta, you will be able to gib the eelīs corpse with any weapon.

                          Have fun my friend


                          • Sorry!

                            Great work!!!


                            • Uhm, I have a bug or 2 to report in it also. The Silver Key door in R2M7 doesn't always open if you have the key right away, you have to kind of run back and forth along the door for a bit before it triggers, if you noclip through to the other side of the door and walk to it, it opens immediately.

                              I think there is some more keyed doors which have this triggering problem too.
                              Regular One Man Slaughterhouse


                              • Hello Roy Batty,

                                Please look into this thread regarding the key doors issue.

                                Unfortunately there is nothing I can do against it (as long as its not QC related).
                                LordHavoc knows about it. Hopefully there will be a fix soon.

                                Best wishes,

                                I just tested R2M7īs silver door about 6 times. I have no issue there.
                                Last edited by Seven; 08-29-2011, 03:42 PM.