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  • Thx a lot seven, i'll not be able to try this in the near future but i'll save it for "when it's time".


    • Thank you Seven!
      Frum QuakeBrasil

      Lots of Quake related stuff


      • A new update of my favorite mod
        The new features and monsters are great.

        Thank you very much for your work!


        • Hi guys.

          A real shame that some toxic user leave us without valuable users like Seven.

          I just updated his SMC and I wonder: how do I disable the new monsters?, and the hexen/heretic health vials?

          I play a bit with the new version of the mod and I got this error and I think it's because the new monsters.

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          • Hi Seven, does this mod contain replacement models, sounds for a lot of the original monsters because those seem to have broke just changed from 4.72 to 5.30. I believe I need to play with the .cfg to fix my game nothing else seems to work aside from remove 5.3

            I think I found the issue. My high poly replacement content is not compatible with the alternating size setting particularly Grunt, possibly enforcer. Something is whacked out in one of the ID1 missions as well. really bad sounds coming from the in game obstacles or monsters not sure which yet.

            Ashir, nvm seven has the answer.
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            • Ashir,

              Please read at least the main readme.txt. It tells you how to edit everything in smc:
              Every smc feature is adjusted via 1 config file: smc_config.cfg
              Yes, also new monsters and health vials that you specifically mentioned.

              Please also read the new Excel table file (included in the smc v5.30 download) that gives you a detailed overview of the default chance of replacing Quake monsters with new ones. You can adjust all of these to your personal liking.

              New monster configurations are at the beginning of the smc_config.cfg.
              The health + ammo box properties are almost at the end of the smc_config.cfg.
              set health 0 (disables the custom health boxes models / sounds/ particles for example).
              You should NOT delete the smc game content like Nickelbawker suggested. They should be left as they are at all cost. It would lead to issues otherwise. You have cvars (as mentioned above) to take care of these things.

              Good luck.



              You cannot combine smc versions <5.0 with versions >5.0
              Version 5.30 is a standalone and the readme.txt and smc_config.cfg tells you how to proceed when you used an older version before.
              That includes the strange sounds that you hear. It is not smc related. Quake will behave like this when loading a save game made with a different progs.dat version.

              Regarding the monster replacement models: smc 5.30 supports all replacement files. There is no limitation. Please use the included 'Starter Kit' as it has 95% of the available models/textures (including unique ones). You can then start to delete/add ones you like/dont like.

              That is an issue I am seeing a lot of times. People do not seem to be fully aware of what the smc download really contains. It contains more that you might think. Take a minute and browse through its subfolders and read some readme.txts. You might find something you didnt see yet

              By default the smc will not touch or modify any monster model. Not the original ones and not the replacements you are already using. It gives you the opportunity to use several additions/replacementsas. It is all documented in the download.


              I think the smc is not as complicated as several describe.
              It is a simple 1-file-mod which can be expand to a complete extended experience if you want. And only if you want.
              I had to find a default condition for it... And as everybody can imagine, defaults are hard to set. Due to everybody has a different personal liking.

              You can reduce the smc to a simple bugfixed Quake with no additional features besides Quake bugfixes or expand it to an all new gaming experience.
              The choice is yours. The config file smc_config.cfg is your friend.
              Every feature/cvar has a detailed description inside the config file for your convenience.

              Kind regards,


              • Is SMC usable in multiplayer coop?
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                • I read the readme. 4.72 was deleted before I posted.

                  It's finally fixed how ever high poly content does not work without editing the config like I feel was stated to me otherwise. You do have to modify smc_config in order to get custom models to run.
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                  • Hi Seven. Yes, I did read the readme included and I delete the old version and re config the autoexec.cfg file.

                    Re reading your answer I notice that I need to use the whole file and not only the parts I liked. I didn't copy the block "/////// New Monster types:" and the block "////// Custom HUD related cvars", so maybe that's the reason behind the crash I had last night. So, I recopy the whole file, re config it and re run...

                    Maybe I fucked up something but I notice that the torches lack the stick (the wood, sorry, english is not my main languaje), even more, I disable the new health boxes as you point me and they still was there, besides, last night I enable the welcome message to read it, and this time I disable it and guess what?, it still shows up!

                    Sooo, I delete the autoexec file, rename the original config file as autoexec.cfg and re run... the fricking message still shows up!!!

                    I delete the autoexec file again and re run darkplaces... AND STILL THE MESSAGE SHOWS UP!


                    • @ashir
                      the SMC has been used its own smc_config.cfg instead of autoexec since SMC 5.00

                      so you will need to edit that file
                      are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                      > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                      everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                      • Really??? I didn't knew that!

                        In any case, there is no smc_config.cfg on my game folder...


                        • mhmm.....

                          the smc_config.cfg is included in the SMC rar.
                          grab it and copy it over to your ID1 folder

                          then remove all SMC cvars from your autoexec,
                          and edit the smc_config.cfg instead
                          are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                          > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                          everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                          • Copied from Sevens readme:
                            1.) Version V5.00 (and newer) are no longer compatible with prior cvar settings.
                            Please delete your old SMC - "autoexec.cfg" and "smc_config.cfg" file and use the new "smc_config.cfg" as the base for your personal settings.


                            3.) There are many cvars available to adjust this "small mod compilation" according to your personal liking !!
                            I included the config file "smc_config.cfg". This file contains ALL SMC cvars with the default cvar values.
                            You should copy it in your ID1 or mod folder to very comfortable modify all features to match your personal likings with it.


                            Please use the included smc_config.cfg to customize all features to your personal liking.

                            Yes reading readme.txt really helps sometimes


                            • You know Henry, it's really frustrating that people assume that I don't read the readme included.

                              As you copy it, the readme only says that from v5.0 there are new cvars not compatible with old ones, so you must delete your old smc cvars from autoexec and use the new ones from smc_config.cfg, wich I did.

                              The readme doesn't say anything about using smc_config.cfg instead of coping the cvars into the autoexec. I haven't updated the mod since v3.1 so it's normal for me not beign aware about it. Nail me into a fricking cross... geez.


                              • So, quick question. I really like the nostalgia quake gives me, but i really also like the updated graphics and textures. is there any way i can use this compilation but not use the added monsters and ghosts that come out of them when they die? i must have missed a couple lines in the cfg file, because ive ran the game multiple times and they keep spawning.