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  • just my two cents but, instead of giving the new model an attack based off of existing attacks, what if he attacked by cloning himself and all clones rush you, get a hit and disappear in a poof.

    To be much more descriptive:

    He raises his arms which puts up a shield for a moment. 4 copies of himself separate from him as the origin. They file out to his sides. His arms drop, the shield drops and all 4 clones fly straight into you screaming. When they reach you they disappear in a puff of smoke but not before taking some health. There should be no possible way to outrun, dodge or otherwise evade the ghost attackers. The skill comes in timing your attacks to take the most health before he raises his arms (hence raising his shield). Upon defeating this enemy you are awarded a 25 health pick up. Each cycle of ghost attacks should take 25 energy... with the understanding being that you should be able to defeat him before a second ghost attack. If so, you basically lose nothing, if not, you start to lose energy that you will not recover in this battle.

    This enemy should also never really die. The story being that when his energy is very low he disappears for recovery and will reappear randomly in the map (based on your xyz, so not that random) after his recovery time has been reached. Your kill count goes up 1 for every time you dispel him though. If you dispel him X times you unlock a secret... like maybe some ammo for a low weapon or the next most powerful but currently unheld weapon in your cache. Something that is determined upon your inventory.

    You could even treat it with almost a gambling aspect. You keep sticking in bullets (money) and you may get back an upgrade to your inventory or you may get back total rotten health or an axe, something you don't want or already have.
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    • add on idea:

      When the ghost copies hit you and become smoke a small particle is created and begins to drift back to the host (think God of War but slower). There is your timing. When all 4 particles have reached the host he can send another attack. With the proper weapon ?RL/war cry amount of nails? you can knock the host back, giving you a hair extra time before his "spirits" can re-empower him.

      note: of course the host doesn't just stand there and let you nail him while he is between attack phases. He moves side to side a lot and has the ability to teleport small distances, with LSD traces that indicate his initial teleport trajectory.

      speaking of "the host", that would also be a good name imo. The Host. With him never really dying and re-confronting you throughout the level it is sort of like he is your host. Also, he has 4 attack spirits in him which also makes him a host. IMO he also looks like he could be hosting something... a sacrifice, Lady Gaga concert, something evil.
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      • SEVEN
        the war cry looks good i would randomize how often it is played so it dose not get over used. like every few times you fire for 3 sec it will play and then maybe not the next time. your good at that stuff im sure you will find a way to make it feel so its not all automatic


        • Hello JDStoner,

          I improved your requested feature now. Also listening to the words you wrote and also brought in some of my ideas. We now have a high variation and randomization. Short summarize of the "war cry" feature now:
          - uses different random sounds
          - is not repeated in short time sequence
          - can be adjustable via cvar which weapons are affected at all
          - has an adjustabe chance to be called (makes it more rare)

          I am happy with the current condition and therefore included it into the SMC update 5.35.
          Thank you again for your suggestion.

          By the way, the SMC already has a "taunt-feature" that plays random sounds when you reach an adjustable body count per time. Look for this cvar in your smc_config.cfg and read more details:
          taunt_sounds and taunt_sounds_limit.
          I am sure you will like it..


          Dear all,

          Today I want to talk about a topic, that many people mention and which is always on the wish-list:
          More blood and gore

          The SMC already adds a great amount of additional gore and blood, but it can never be enough it seems
          So I had the idea of blood pumping gibs.
          And in addition to this, the option to eat/pick up gibs and restore a small amount of health points. Quake is not about vampirism but I liked the idea and wanted to try how it works out... and I am quite happy with it.

          Lets talk about the feature "Blood pumping gibs":
          After my approach of animated blood puddles beneath corpses in my last update, I thought this would add more gore to the game as well. It should not be too much to make it look overdone, so I made it semi-subtle but still enough to make it look nice and gory.
          The logical next step would be of course to animate the gibs as well to amplify the "blood pumping" visual. But as al of you know, the SMC should be kept as neutral/universal as possible. And knowing that everybody uses different gib models (replacements) I didnt want to force you to use the same set. That is why I skipped the gib animation for now. But coding wise this is an easy task and can be done in addition if you like.

          A nice side-effect of this feature is that the walls around the place where a monster is gibbed will also get more blood decals now (because the gibs pump blood as soon as they are spawned). So that a PLUS on my list as well...

          Now about the feature "Eatable/Pickable gibs":
          The bleeding gibs looked so tasty, that this idea was born directly while developing it. Now, Quake has nothing to do with vampirism, but the usable gibs has a nice side-effect:
          The SMC has an additional gib by default: The heart. As an reward for gibbing an enemy you can/will gain a small amount of health for it.
          This feature is very finely adjustable and you can choose which gib will give you health and how much...
          That maybe provides an incentive to gib monsters or use the SMC feature to also gib monster corpses and gain some benefit from it.

          Anyhow, I put a lot of effort in the visual and sound presentation. You have:
          - different pick up sounds for variation
          - additional particle effects when picking them up which should represent the idea
          - fully adjustable health values depending on gib types (regular, head and heart)

          Here is a short clip that shows both features (a brightened up the screen for better visibilty):

          I made a new addon for you that includes both features, as well as the war cry feature requested by JDStoner. V5.35:

          New features:
          - optional Bleeding gibs. Gibs are still pumping some blood when lying on the floor
          - optional Eatable gibs. Player restores some health when picking/eating gibs (depending on gib type).
          - optional War cry for individual weapons. Player sometimes shouts out a war cry when in the heat of a tough battle.

          Please download it if you are interested and give feedback/suggestions and help to improve this mod:

          Have fun and best wishes,


          • the blood pumping gibs looks subtle and i think it works well. and ill pick up a bit of health whenever i can. your new monsters can kill you fast so extra life is always good. i have been useing the taunt in the smc and saw at the bottom of the config there was a taunt 1
            taunt 2 ect. is there a way to put in my own? to add to the evil laugh taunt? i dl 5.35 and will get a chance to play it tomorrow. enjoy your weekend.


            • i got some time to play V5.35 the war cry worked well. it did not trigger all the time and once it was playing just on my last shot and softly faded out. that worked well. the health for the gibs was nice i could use the quick ax to chop up dead bodys and get some health when needed. one thing that was off to me was the blood squirting from the gibes when they were underwater like in e1m3. blood was just shooting up above the water line and looked like it did not fit. i use quake old ugly water maybe the effect would be better if i could run the clear water. i would say disable the squirting gibs if they are in water or lava

              i got what may be a sound glitch. I got the laughing taunt sound when i had not gibed anything but monsters were poping out at me. but it gave me the idea that maybe the monsters could use a special sound as a taunt when they kill the player. maybe you could try that with the new monster and see how it gos. if he kills you have him give a growling or something like that. maybe even a special animation. anything you do to give the monsters and players more personality and individuality makes the game better with lots of small things. still love the twitching coupes and you notice it a lot when getting that extra health out of a dead monster.

              thanks for the update


              • heh that actually could be a neat idea, monsters using a special 'taunt' sound whenever they kill the player.

                like an ogre could have a dumb annoying smirk.

                or maybe do something else to make fun of the player,
                like a hellknight running up to the players corpse and gib it with the overhead slash

                animations would not work well id assume cuz of all the different models people use,
                and the same animations would need to be added to every single monster-model.
                are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                • and the same animations would need to be added to every single monster-model.
                  Maybe not. Maybe each model could have a custom skip-around of their existing frames, for all supported models. In this I mean that seven would decide all the models he wants to support a taunt feature with and then try to derive a custom animation frame loop from existing frames which make the monster seem to do something else. For instance, maybe playing the deathknights frames in this order [1,12,13,14,2,3,8,22,56,45,34, whatever] would make him an example.

                  Of course this would be tedious work but, you wouldn't have to add anything to the models.

                  If seven decided to do something like this I could make something to help him. I'm half a minute from having mdl's in my engine. It would be trivial to make it possible for him to write some CSV's in a textfield which represent frame numbers and add a button that would play the csv list. That should seriously speed up deriving custom animations.


                  • Hello,

                    Yes, the additional SMC monsters in default condition (you can adjust all of their abilities via smc_config.cfg to your liking) are a bit harder and have better AI compared to original Quake monsters. That is because original monsters are known in and out and dodge/fight strategies became ingrained/second nature to everybody.
                    The new monster types bring refreshingly new air into the game. I paid attention that their behavior is not completely different but different enough for a new interesting game experience. Their skills/abilities are a bit better. That is done on purpose.
                    When playing without additional monsters, the new “health gibs” feature can be like a little health cheat yes. Because of this, I disabled this feature by default. So that is not a problem.

                    I also added AI increase features to the SMC for the original monsters. Some examples:

                    They are all disabled by default to keep original gameplay, but I can only encourage everyone to enable some of them. Read about what they exactly do and work in the description of the smc_config.cfg.


                    Thanks for the note for the “blood pumping gibs” feature behavior in water.
                    You do not need a qc change for this. The effectinfo syntax script allows to enable / disable particle behavior in/out of water.
                    You have the key words “underwater” and “notunderwater”, so you can limit the effect to “notunderwater”.
                    The smc effectinfo.txt is full of examples, so you can edit the effect as you like.
                    I will modify it for the next update.


                    The existing SMC “taunt” feature is independent how you kill your enemy/monster (gibbing or not). A kill is count as a kill. And if you have enough kills in an adjustable time, the taunt sound will be spawned.
                    And yes, you can of course use your own taunt sounds. I implemented 5 different/possible sound files. You can replace any of them with any sound file of yours.


                    Regarding the “taunt animations” for monsters: If you look deep enough into the smc code, you will see that I already use custom monster animations in all of the “after death animation” features.
                    I mixed up different existing animation frames to get a fluent passage for them.
                    That approach can also be used for taunting/cheering monsters. If this is a feature that people like, why not. You just need to know that most replacement monsters have quite different animation frames.
                    They differ quite a lot to original monsters if you watch closely. You can for example see this very clear when looking at the SMC feature: “ragdoll” (when shooting monster corpses).
                    I designed this feature based on original monster animations. If you use replacements the visual is most of the time too strong (I wrote about it in the smc_config.cfg description as well).

                    I quick made taunt/cheer animation for the ogre could look like this:


                    Yes, I totally agree that everything that adds to the monsters and players personality and individuality is a good thing. Also additional ambience sounds, effects here and there is always welcome. You also see this in every new mod nowadays, so the SMC is on the right track.

                    Additional monster "sound-taunting" when killing the player can be realized quite easy. You do not even need a new function in the code. As soon as a monster has an enemy different to world and switches back to world,
                    the taunt sound can/must be played. That matches all situations in game:
                    - when monsters fight each other and one dies, the winner will taunt
                    - when monsters fight against player and wins, it will taunt
                    - when monsters fight against player and player accidently kills himself, it will taunt
                    So, this is for sure a new feature for the upcoming SMC update.

                    Best wishes,


                    • im glad your working on monster taunts. i have a question about your old Quake 3d post that is now locked... im trying to get quake to work in side by side 3d but there seems to be a separation between the two screens and i can not seem to make it look like this...
                      if you know how i can set dark places to play the game like this it will work well with the 3d setting of my video glasses. i know im off topic but the post this was about was locked


                      • Hello JDStoner,

                        in newer builds DarkPlaces has many more 3D options:
                        r_stereo_angle is "0" ["0"] separation angle of eyes (makes the views look different directions, as an example, 90 gives a 90 degree separation where the views are 45 degrees left and 45 degrees right)
                        r_stereo_horizontal is "0" ["0"] aspect skewed side by side view for special decoder/display hardware
                        r_stereo_vertical is "0" ["0"] aspect skewed top and bottom view for special decoder/display hardware
                        r_stereo_redblue is "0" ["0"] red/blue anaglyph stereo glasses (note: most of these glasses are actually red/cyan, try that one too)
                        r_stereo_redcyan is "0" ["0"] red/cyan anaglyph stereo glasses, the kind given away at drive-in movies like Creature From The Black Lagoon In 3D
                        r_stereo_redgreen is "0" ["0"] red/green anaglyph stereo glasses (for those who don't mind yellow)
                        r_stereo_separation is "4" ["4"] separation distance of eyes in the world (negative values are only useful for cross-eyed viewing)
                        r_stereo_sidebyside is "0" ["0"] side by side views for those who can't afford glasses but can afford eye strain (note: use a negative r_stereo_separation if you want cross-eyed viewing)
                        The new options are:

                        Be sure to also check this cvar:
                        cl_viewmodel_scale is "1" ["1"] changes size of gun model, lower values prevent poking into walls but cause strange artifacts on lighting and especially r_stereo/vid_stereobuffer options where the size of the gun becomes visible
                        It removes the distorted look of your view weapon when enabling any of the r_stereo options. I use mine at value: 2 together with r_stereo_redcyan and it works great.


                        What you want is most probably to set the cvar:
                        r_stereo_horizontal 1

                        Finetune your view with the cvar:

                        It will look like this then (in-game screenshots):

                        With my regular red/cyan glasses I use this setting:
                        r_stereo_redcyan 1
                        cl_viewmodel_scale 2
                        The rest cvars I keep on default.

                        It will look like this then (in-game screenshot):

                        Have fun and dont hurt your eyes


                        • Hello Seven! Your mod is amazing, big thank's for great work! Yesterday I watched your video on youtube and noticed are the (amazing) figures and statues in robes on start location. Where can I find the same?


                          • Originally posted by Seven View Post
                            ...Please download it from here and test it. It is of course a wip version that spawnes a war-cry after approx. 3 seconds when you hold down the fire button continuesly. I made it only work with nailgun and supernailgun for now. It has only 1 sound. Final release will have different randomly chosen ones of course.

                            (it is SMC independent and works with every engine. Source is included.)

                            I like the idea a lot and it fits quite good into the game.
                            This is a quick playtest so you see how it looks/sounds in game (turn on your speakers ):
                            The sound is a placeholder for now. LOL
                            Dont take it too serious...
                            Love it. A great yet simple idea and very in keeping with the visceral nature of Quake.
                            Originally posted by Seven View Post
                            I recorded it sitting on the toilet while having a hard time
                            Vielleicht sollten Sie versuchen, mehr Obst und Gemüse in Ihrer deit enthalten?

                            Keep up the good work 7 and if you are tempted to broaden it out to a Multiplayer mod and need a european / US server please let me know.
                            Kind regards
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                            News: JCR's excellent ctsj_jcr map is being ported to OOT


                            • Originally posted by FallenAngel View Post
                              Hello Seven! Your mod is amazing, big thank's for great work! Yesterday I watched your video on youtube and noticed are the (amazing) figures and statues in robes on start location. Where can I find the same?
                              the gargoyles are from the dawn of darkness quake2 mod:
                              Dawn of Darkness mod for Quake 2 - Mod DB

                              and the robed statues are from legend of grimrock:
                              Legend of Grimrock

                              if you go to 'modding' on the website you can download the models all there at the link called 'Download Asset Pack' near bottom
                              are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                              > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                              everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                              • Originally posted by talisa View Post
                                the gargoyles are from the dawn of darkness quake2 mod:
                                Dawn of Darkness mod for Quake 2 - Mod DB

                                and the robed statues are from legend of grimrock:
                                Legend of Grimrock

                                if you go to 'modding' on the website you can download the models all there at the link called 'Download Asset Pack' near bottom
                                Talisa,thank you very much for your help, I will try to install it )) And sorry for my english, im from Italy:/