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  • I like that glowing look on the torch. its a good upgraded model. what would you think about the option of killing an enforcer with an ax of lighting gun. i need a way to brake the force field. or at least give me a kick ass force field my self with a cool partial effect. that may be too much but something that would brake the force field would be nice. the flame thrower enforcer and the one that shoots the blue blast are so cool to fight even when they take me out.


    • I started up socks 1000 cuts off of quake injector and the preaching error went ape shit! fix your code. i think in the stand alone map i was trying to run it is call start.bsp that may have something to do with it. you will know better. it looked like it was just new monster mdl and sounds. hope that helps.


      • @JDstoner
        easy fix for this is renaming the map to something different like 1kcuts.bsp,
        and then manually editing the .ent file of the map to change the trigger_changelevel to point to 1kcuts

        ive actually done that myself, here is a copy of renamed map and edited ent-file - 1000cuts SMC fix.rar

        drop those in cuts\maps and run the map by starting darkplaces with parameters
        -game cuts +map 1kcuts


        the issue is not with the SMC but with the fact that the map one thousand cuts is simply called 'start.bsp'.

        seven has added optimizations to the SMC to tell the engine to NOT pre-cache a lot of sounds and models which are normally never found in a start-map.
        which normally wont cause any problems at all and actually helps to make the start-map load faster

        but it does cause issues when someone decides to use a map called start as a normal map, which is what sock did with one thousand cuts
        are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
        > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
        everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


        • yea i did not have ent files because i know how messed up that can get things. i was thinking it was the map name. i did not think about not preloading it in the start map to make the game load faster.

          OMG the blood in your face when playing in 3D is out of this world!!! the bio suite is kinda messed up when you put it on. i dont know if that is a smc thing or a DP thing.

          you know the lazer lights that go off when you go in the teleport. could you do something like that with the armer. the yellow particles going around you when putting it on. or red or green depending... just an idea to get some more eye candy


          • yeah the whole issue is entirely 100% related to sock naming his map 'start',
            and the optimizations seven put in place to make load-times shorter

            seven added lots of checks to the SMC's QC to check if something is used in any map,
            and make the engine only pre-cache the models and sounds that are actually used in that map / map-type.

            this shortens load-times by a looooot in most cases, as it skips precaching any models&sounds that arent used in the map that is loaded

            regular quake pre-caches EVERYTHING upon loading any map,
            including every single model and every single sound in the game,
            which can make loading-times be really really long if a lot of replacement content is used.
            are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
            > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
            everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


            • I love this mod a lot, I wish there was a equivalant for Quake 2.

              I want to suggest an idea for Dissolution of Eternity: cvar to change statue knights health, like the ogre_boss.

              EDIT: aah I figured out how to do it with the source files.
              I also added a cvar for the Dragon's health


              set knightstatue_health 75
              set hellknightstatue_health 250
              set dragon_health 3000
              set dragon_skill_health 1000
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              • Hello Jerkakame,

                Good to see that this mod can inspire other people to extend / fork it.
                You will see that there are a lot more 'potential' new cvar possibilities.
                There seems to be no quantity limit as far as I can tell.
                At least we didnt touch it yet

                Happy coding !

                Best wishes,


                • I've been trying to piece together my own personalized collection of enhancements for Quake DarkPlaces. I've gotten as far as collecting all the pickup and view weapon models that I want to use.

                  I downloaded the Quake HD Pack. In the Quake HD Pack, I noticed one pretty cool feature that I'd like to extract for use in my weapons pk3. Whenever you shoot the shotgun or supershotgun, it shoots a model of a spent shell out of the right side of the weapons. I think I've extracted all of the proper model, texture and sound files for this specific item, but it appears as though it will require an additional DAT file to work properly. I looked through the DAT file with notepad, but it was 47 eons long and I had no idea what to look for anyway. So I guess my question is... is there somewhere where I can already download this shell eject feature contained by itself in one pk3? If not, what specific part of the DAT file do I need to make this work?

                  I've uploaded the DAT in a zip in case it'll make things easier.

                  And in case I might've missed a file or two, here's a list of the files I've collected for this:
                  /sound/weapons/casings1.wav - casings3.wav
                  /sound/weapons/shell00.wav - shell19.wav


                  • Howdy there.

                    I am on vacation until end of this week at the beach of spain. So i dont have Access to source Files and the like. But i have access to Tequila and Sangria.

                    The feature that you describe is indeed one part of the Small mod compilation (aka SMC).
                    But before we go into details, you must be aware of the following:
                    The Quake engine does not allow to edit/adjust single features of the game. Like for example Doom3 does or other script driven engines. So, if you want to edit/add a single feature you have to use the source of the complete gamecode and edit/add it into It. Then compile it to get your new/custom progs.dat. Use that one to override the original progs.dat.
                    You cannot add/edit several features via several progs.dat's !

                    The SMC was designed to be able to enable/disable AND edit every feature via a simple config File. Read the first post of this threat and the readme in the download to see more details and see its features. ...

                    All Quake HD compilations for Darkplaces uses the SMC. Unfortunately all compilations are outdated. So be sure to delete all SMC relevant files in them before updating Quake HD compilations with updated SMC version.

                    If you want ONLY want one feature from SMC, I always include the source files So everybody who can count to 3 can extract the shell casing feature and compile a separate progs.dat.
                    Be aware though that i use advanced physics (gyro) and some more twists on the casings. When extracting the code. Other than that its a simple copy/paste for advanced coders.

                    If you have further questions feel free to ask. I have extrem ely limited Internet this week but maybe others can answer /help in the meantime.

                    It took me almost 30 minutes to type this post into this stupid mobile LOL.
                    Anyhow have fun with your Quake.


                    • The beach of spain? Did you sail from the port of usa, through the sea of pacific? Or it was through the airport of usa?

                      Although, since you mention Tequila & Sangria, are you sure you're not in the beach of mexico?


                      • I downloaded "00 Quake-Small-Mod-Compilation-V5.30--Seven-20150822.rar" and hunted through it. I found a TXT in the "credits, detailed readme's" folder detailing the individual cvar settings for that feature, and found pretty much the same thing in the smc_config. I'm completely inexperienced when it comes to coding. I'm assuming what I'll probably have to do is make a copy of the progs.dat found in "pak0.pak" from the original game, open it up, add whatever code to it that enables the usage of the shell casings modification, save it, then use that new progs.dat in a higher numbered pak or pk3 to overwrite the one in pak0.pak. And I'm further assuming that the code I need to copy and paste is found in one of these many .qc files in one of the included folders. Problem is... I have NO CLUE which one I'm looking for. So, uh... lol, could someone hold my newbie little hand and walk me through this?

                        I guess judging from the fact that theres this fteqcc.exe thing in the folder with all these .qc files, it's not gonna be a matter of simply using notepad to open the dat file and paste some text onto the end of it, I'm gonna have to use this dat compiler thingy to get it done properly, right?

                        Anyway, yeah, I can't count to 3 I guess, lol. HALP!


                        • Hello Izhido,

                          why should i travel via USA to Spain?
                          It takes about 2 hours from Germany to Spain.
                          And yes, Sangria is a traditional drink there. I like it a lot. Cheers

                          Hello Focalor,

                          with "easy" I meant, that the source is included and when it is in front of you, it should not be a problem to copy/paste the relevant code. Basic understanding how qc works and how to compile are of course necessary.

                          There are several people here who could extract the code for you. If nobody is willing to help, you have to wait, I am afraid.
                          In the meantime you can play around with the mod and see if you like it. Remember that you can disable all the things/features that you do not like.



                          • Originally posted by Seven View Post
                            you have to wait

                            But seriously. No problem, it's no rush.

                            I'm in the middle of trying piece together things to build out my game to my liking. So far, I've made my own weapons only pk3 with v_ and g_ models and textures I've taken from various things as well as nail, grenade, and rocket projectiles. Right now I'm trying to find a good hi-res map textures only pk3. The two I've found are the QRP one and the xolveoptimized rygel's texturepack. I like Rygel's version better, but unfortunately it seems to contain a lot of OTHER things with it like armor models and ammo models and keys etc, and all I want is just the map textures.

                            Later, I want to create a separate custom pk3 containing any keys, ammo, health, and powerups. Then I'll make another pk3 containing things like HUD graphics and menu graphics. The idea is I'm trying to isolate these different things in their own pk3's so that if later I want to change something specific, it'll be much easier to find things and I wont have to hunt through folders filled with a bazillion things in them to find the one thing I'm looking for.

                            Anyway, unless someone knows where I can find a collection of ONLY the map textures found in this Xolveoptimized Rygel's texturepack, then it looks like I'm gonna have to sift through it by hand and delete all the extra stuff that isn't map textures. And that'll probably keep me busy for a while. So like I said, no rush.


                            • Cheers, Seven.
                              Also, did you notice I said "sea of pacific"? Essentially, I made you travel the whole world from Germany to Spain, the other way around ;D ;D ;D


                              • focalor i would just use the smc and open up the smc config and turn everything off that you do not want. seven made it so you can keep it very close to original quake if you want. to start learning more about qc if thats the way you want to go check out InsideQC Forums &bull; View forum - Programming everything moved and changed from last time i was there im not sure where the starter qc mods tutorials are at any more. you could also look for my qc thread to see if you can pick up anything up in that. the community did a lot to help me understand qc. maybe you can learn form all my mistakes.

                                Seven enjoy your beach time!