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  • the weather effects and bringing back the original torch finally is awesome. i got rid of my old particle and effectinfo files and everything looks great and works awesome.. but there is one thing i cant seem to get rid of i was hoping someone could enlighten me on.. i installed a while back a colored teleport graphic.. after u teleport it appears behind you, a big blue, along with other colors, oval graphic.. its really cool i just dont think it looks right now with the rain and fog and original fire etc. anyone know what im talking about and where its located so i can remove it? its been a while since i installed it and i would rather not do an entire clean install

    also the kicking of the gibs is awesome lol. i like to keep em around permanently but ive noticed only the head gibs are bloody when kicking them around. any way to get all the gibs the same juicy attention? lol
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    • Hello kreaper,

      Didnt see you for some time.

      To get rid of the blueish teleporter effect do this.
      Replace this content in your effectinfo.txt:
      effect TE_TELEPORT              // teleport "blue base"  made by Jakub1
      count 80
      type spark
      blend add
      color 0x66B3FF 0x0A47FF
      size 1 10
      bounce -1
      alpha 50 150 70
      airfriction 2
      liquidfriction 2
      stretchfactor -2
      originoffset 0 0 15
      originjitter 16 16 30
      velocityjitter 50 50 50
      lightradius 200
      lightradiusfade 65
      lightshadow 0
      lightcolor 0 0 1
      effect TE_TELEPORT             // teleport "blue base"  made by Jakub1
      count 50
      type spark
      bounce -1
      color 0xEB7500 0xEB0000
      size 0.5 1
      alpha 16 128 40
      airfriction 3
      sizeincrease 1
      stretchfactor -8
      originoffset 0 0 20
      originjitter 10 10 20
      velocityjitter 80 80 80  
      effect TE_TELEPORT             // teleport "blue base"  made by Jakub1
      count 50
      type spark
      bounce -1
      color 0xEB7500 0x0A47FF
      size 0.2 0.8
      alpha 16 128 50
      stretchfactor 8
      originoffset 0 0 20
      originjitter 0 0 10
      velocityjitter 60 60 60 
      effect TE_TELEPORT             // teleport "blue base"  made by Jakub1
      count 20
      type smoke
      bounce -1
      color 0xFFFFCC 0xD6D6FF
      tex 0 8
      size 5 10
      alpha 0 100 65
      sizeincrease -6
      originoffset 0 0 20
      originjitter 5 5 15 
      velocityjitter 5 5 5

      With this:
      effect TE_TELEPORT          // original values as follows
      count 112
      type static
      color 0xA0A0A0 0xFFFFFF
      size 10 10
      alpha 64 128 256
      airfriction 1
      liquidfriction 4
      originoffset 0 0 28
      originjitter 16 16 28
      velocityjitter 0 0 256

      Regarding your gibs:
      The root cause / reason is related to your 3 none-head gib models.
      They have no "blood" flag setting.
      Either give it to them or use different ones.
      The original id1 models for example have of course the correct flag setting.
      If you want to change/add a flag to your external gib models, use this TUT: click

      Have fun,


      • I think what you are talking about is in the effectinfo. I use one I modified and it has the teleport effect from sean. The one you describe I believe comes from seven's original effectinfo. I suggest trying all of the different effectinfo files out there and then stitch together the parts you like most. It takes time but the resultsare satisfying.

        Edit: I must have tried to post this at the same time seven did so he is who you should listen to.


        • ya its been a lil while.. but after i seen more unbelievable work by you seven i had to come back thanks for the quick reply! ill try it out right away. Cheers

          that did it! u are a genius seven. bloody cheers

          thanks for making my quake 4x bloodier

          ok last edit... how do you make the blood stick around for a while longer?

          sorry.. one more edit. i really like your effects you created a while back seven
          will this interfere with your small mod compilation
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          • Effects from this thread are included in Seven's SMC3.1 Just remove from id1\ effectinfo.txt, particles\particlefont.tga or any *.pk3 that conatains them.

            config settings I use:
            "cl_decals_time" "125"
            "cl_particles_quality" "4"
            "r_drawparticles_drawdistance" "5000"
            set gibsduration 120
            set gibsexplode 1

            Blood and gibs will stick longer, you can adjust values further to your liking.
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            • I hope we will soon see a new release with latest effects (e.g. teleporter fog, lava steam) and the light beams (once they are finished, ofc)?
              Authentic Models Pack
              OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
              LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


              • Hi Seven

                i love the effects you added in start.ent

                it reminds me of the tenebrae start map=P

                when i start the game it looks so nice.

                hope you dont mind but i made a couple small changes for realism.

                heres a screen to see what i mean



                my modified start.ent
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                • Hello Sean,

                  This is maybe the wrong thread to post.
                  It belongs into webangels effects thread.

                  But nevermind,
                  That is why I made it customizable !
                  You are more than welcome to post your ideas.

                  Regarding your modifications:
                  For all your edits (except fog), it is not necessary to edit the start.ent file.
                  This makes things too complicated for not so experienced users.
                  Who maybe dont have the complete overview.
                  My target was to make it simple to edit the effects.

                  I explained it in my readme:
                  You only need to edit the "start_effectinfo.txt".
                  That file is much smaller and I added descriptions in it about the single effects.

                  In your case (screen), you can simply:
                  - delete all "testqlogo1" effect blocks (for the Q-logo on the ground)
                  - delete the "testwindow" effect block (for the falling window fog beneath beam)
                  - use the alternative "testgapred" effect (for white instead of red fog in normal entrance)

                  Thank you for your idea Sean.
                  This will hopefully make others to follow you.

                  Best wishes,


                  • UPDATE 20111120

                    New version V3.5 Release.

                    New features:
                    - Added Gyro
                    - Added Water splashes (for weapon projectiles)
                    - Added Nahuels light beam feature support
                    - Added Custom particle effects support (plus samples)
                    - Added custom CSQC-HUD support
                    - corrected zombie flesh-projectile spawning position for 2nd attack animation
                    - Added zombie + ogre enhanced aiming

                    Updated features:
                    - Health of gibbable corpses is now adjustable (Gyro related)

                    PLEASE read the included "readme.txt" for more details.

                    Updated Download link in 1st post.
                    Thank you for your feedback.

                    Kind regards,

                    I tried to catch some of the main features in a clip.
                    [ame=]smc V3 5 with gyro - YouTube[/ame]

                    [ame=]watersplash - YouTube[/ame]
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                    • Awesome work as always Seven!
                      Much obliged for all of this awesome work guys!


                      • Hello Seven,
                        great work!!
                        I love the floating Gibs!


                        • Seven,
                          On mine I have no beam and no reflection in the windows. What do I need to do to enable? It's strange as I have reflection in my teleport (Sean's). I have no other effectinfo nor particlefont either. None of your effects work if I have Webangel's reflectoverload. Is this just upcoming??
                          Excellent idea for floating gibs by the way!!

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                          • neat, love it seven! this version one adds even more kick-ass features. it was already totally awesome but you just made it even more kick-ass!

                            loving the new physics and the water-splashes, and the floating gibs.
                            its just a shame corpses themselves dont float, it would be even more awesome if not only gibs floated but corpses would too, now that would really make it complete!

                            think it looks kinda odd now that corpses sink to the bottom but when you blow them up the gibs suddenly float up to the surface kinda feels like as if the gibs suddenly become filled with air when you blow up a corpse
                            but still its already awesome as it is, but it would be even more awesome if corpses would float too

                            and its also nice that you included the ogre&zombie aiming mod in smc now, so i dont need to have another file added to my ID1 folder specially for that

                            but again, loving the new update!
                            hope you can soon also make versions for both MPs

                            EDIT: oh oh oh, i just thought of something which would be real cool if you added it too to SMC
                            we now have the ability to make gibs stay forever, right?
                            what if......blood splatters would stay forever too instead of fade away!!!!
                            could you way add that seven? cuz that would be even more awesome! i know it could cause a quite big performance-drop in case of tons of bloodsplatters in one room, but it still would be totally awesomes if you could add the option to make blood splatters stay forever too, so that you could really make a bloodbath and could litterally paint an entire room red with blood and that when you come back later the room will still be filled with blood
                            instead that the blood "magically dissapeared" like it does now in quake :rolling:

                            EDIT2: oh oh oh, i just thought of something else which would be real kick-ass if you would add it!
                            like, since the newest SMC3.5 we got 'physics' now for enemies and corpses and gibs, right?
                            you know what would be real cool? if you would also add a slight recoil effect for some weapons, like mostly to shotgun, supershotgun and the rocket launcher since they are the most powerfull weapons which also have the biggest recoil in real-life. you know, that if you'd fire them you'd get a slight push-back from the recoil of those weapons, that would be totally awesome!
                            as long as you make it only a slight pushback (like say for example: 2-4inch for SG, 4-8for SSG and 16 for RL) so it doesnt get annoying and unrealistic looking it would be an awesome addition. since we already got physics now wouldnt it also be possible to add recoil effects by using the gyro code to accomplish that effect?
                            Last edited by talisa; 11-20-2011, 09:15 PM.
                            are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                            > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                            everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                            • @ Jeff,

                              Your first point:
                              There is no reason, why the reflection on windows should disappear with smc V3.5.
                              It has nothing to do with it and it contains no shader.
                              Issue must be lying on your ID1 folder setup.

                              Your second point:
                              That is normal, because webangels pack has a "progs.dat" in it !
                              It is older than the one in smc V3.5 and doesnt have the features.
                              Delete the "progs.dat" + "effectinfo.txt" in webangels pk3 and everything will be fine.
                              Webangel will post an updated pack, that will not need a progs.dat in it.

                              @ splitterface

                              Your point 1.)
                              Corpses can also be floating on water. You only need to add 2 gyro lines !
                              The issue is the "gibbable corpse" feature, that does not allow this at the moment.
                              It would be a bigger qc change to achieve it.
                              We will see...

                              Your point 2.)
                              You do not need to change qc to gain what you want.
                              Use these 3 already existing cvars to get what you need:
                              cl_decals_time is "20" ["20"] how long before decals start to fade away
                              cl_decals_fadetime is "1" ["1"] how long decals take to fade away
                              cl_decals_max is "4096" ["4096"] maximum number of decals allowed to exist in the world at once

                              Your point 3.)
                              Lets see.

                              Last edited by Seven; 11-21-2011, 05:06 AM. Reason: typo


                              • ah, didnt know there were already cvar's to fix the amount and time of how long blood stays

                                thanx for telling me about these cvars, set the max amount and time up waaay high, when i tried setting time to 0 i didnt get blood splatters at all.

                                but thanx again, its like a wish come true. check it out, had some fun with it already en e1m3

                                btw hope you can implent the suggestions i had for the next SMC
                                are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                                > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                                everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread