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  • Thanks Seven, I forgot about the progs.dat in the reflection pack. All is working fine now!


    • Feature Update: Weapon pushback

      I liked the idea of Splitterface and found a way to implement it:


      It changes the gameplay, so I set the default cvar value to "0" (= disabled)
      Enable this feature by setting the cvar to "1":
      set pushback 1

      You can adjust EVERY weapons pushback force with these cvars:
      set pushbackshot1 60
      set pushbackshot2 75
      set pushbacknail1 20
      set pushbacknail2 30
      set pushbackgrenade 70
      set pushbackrocket 90
      set pushbacklight 15

      I already gave some "realistic" forces values as default (see above).
      Change them if you like.
      Setting a cvar to "0" will disable it of course.

      It will behave like this:
      You get pushed backwards EXACTLY opposite to your aiming direction.
      If you aim straight upwards you will NOT move, because you cannot sink into ground.
      If you aim 45° upwards, the force will be approx. half.
      If you aim straight forward the pushback force is normal.
      If you jump and shoot, the pushback force is bigger, because you are in air and your feet will not hold you back.

      Quite realistic, isnt it ? LOL :-)

      Drop the "progs.dat" into your ID1 folder (Use the "autoexec.cfg" sample if you like)
      "Small mod compilation V3.5" must be present in your ID1 folder (not included in this .zip) .

      Have fun !

      Best wishes,
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      • awesomes seven, you're a genius.

        thanx for adding this after my request, its totally neat to have recoil now too in quake

        loving it, its perfect, exactly what i wanted

        thanx lots for making this seven

        and so quick even
        you're like the quake-code mastermind seven
        are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
        > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
        everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


        • Great Seven. I love it!
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          • Woo Hoo!
            Thanks Seven!


            • Are you shitting me?
              I aint been away but a few days and Seven has pumped out MORE kewl stuff!
              WOW what a ride this is, Way to go!
              May be too intense for some viewers.
              Stress Relief Device
              ....BANG HEAD HERE....


              • weapon recoil...i showed that on my sniper rifle video three days ago.


                • Weapon recoil showed up in other mods three years ago.

                  So what is your point Sean ?


                  • the point was that someone may have seen my screen tilting back when i blasted my srifle.

                    two minutes later its in your mod...i cant say anything about it.

                    thats cool, i like this mod.




                    • Maybe this has already been asked and answered before but is it possible to disable certain features in this mod through cvars?
                      If not, is it possible to add it as it would be great and make the mod even more configurable?
                      – Moon[Drunk]'s Quake Graphics
                      – Quake Revitalization/Retexturing Project


                      • Hello Moon[Drunk],

                        Thank you for your post.
                        Please download it and read the included readme.txt´s.
                        I wrote 1 readme.txt for each feature.
                        And 1 *important* readme.txt for the complete pack.

                        This main readme.txt will tell you exactly what you have to do to enable/disable each and every feature.

                        You can play the "small mod compilation" as if it were not there (if you disable everything), or if you enable everything via the explained cvars, you will get the full pack.

                        My highest target was to NOT change the gameplay/phsysics of Quake.

                        That is why I chose the default settings as they are now.
                        But give you the possibility to change if you want to...
                        There is a *sample* autoexec.cfg for you to use.
                        It has ALL cvars included and nothing else.
                        These cvars represent the *default* ones.

                        You have an overview of all features in the 1st post (at the beginning).
                        I think 90% of them are adjustable.
                        Thank you to Spike again for explaining me in easy words how the "autocvars" work.
                        Without the autocvar function of DarkPlaces, this would not have been possible.

                        I would be happy if you try it once.
                        As mentioned, I tried to explain everything and credit everybody who helped me in the single readme´s.
                        Respecting and crediting other peoples work is very important for me.

                        I hope you like it.

                        Best regards,


                        • Thanks Seven!
                          I played with the default settings up until now and did not think of looking into the zip file for the readmes for some reason
                          – Moon[Drunk]'s Quake Graphics
                          – Quake Revitalization/Retexturing Project


                          • This pack (pk3) doesn't work at all here in Linux.


                            • Hello Moon[Drunk],

                              Ahh, I see.
                              But you are not the only one Many questions in this thread are based on that.
                              But on the other side, I also must excuse myself for writing such long readme´s.
                              I spent almost the same amount of time in writing them compared to qc edit (joking)

                              But it is the last chance for an author to give you last tips / hints, isnt it ?

                              Hello lohphat,

                              I am sorry to hear that.
                              Maybe you could try and extract the .pk3 file (it is a simple renamed .zip file)
                              directly into your ID1 subfolder (keeping the folderstructure of the pk3).
                              Maybe the OS has some kind of problems with reading .zip files.

                              If this doesnt help, it is of course engine related.
                              Then all other .pk3 files will not work as well, I *guess*.

                              As you know, there are different DP builds available.
                              Maybe try another build (beta or autobuild).

                              Kind regards,


                              • The acid look when splashing is fantastic, as are the death animations.
                                Together with the reflecting overload pack this is fantastic.
                                In particular the hell fog on e1m8 was fantastic. Bring on customised .ent's for missions 3 & 4 please!

                                One issue with the death animations-
                                if a zombie dies and has the (skeleton spirit flies up to heaven) animation, sometimes the spirit just gets stuck in the floor and doesn't rotate. This happens fairly often (I have them set to this as default)

                                Secondly, sometimes the screaming skull animation gets stuck somehow, and the same 'scream' repeats for more than 10 times. Can be very confusing.

                                Fun stuff with the weapon kickback. In e1m8 with the modified gravity it makes things ultra fun.
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