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  • I was watching an old remake Quake vid and noticed an enemy fall into lava from a rocket blast and burst into flames. Wouldn't that be cool with the gyro that is already in place. Gibs bursting into flames if they land in lava would be awesome too!


    • The debris pieces look nice but they are to many in my opinion. Maybe 2/3 of the actual amount or 1/2 of it would be more "realistic". But very nice effect.


      • Hello Ghostbreed,

        God knows, I am not a good coder.
        The good coders stay at
        I am just a person who like to read code and try to understand what I read.
        Using bits/parts from code, mix some together, making something new out of it.
        Many times it is a trial and error process.
        But slowly I gain experience and things work out better and quicker.
        It is very time consuming, but it is fun for me (especially when it works in the end)

        @ splitterface

        The debris velocity is mainly given by the explosion of the boxes itself.
        I add almost nothing to the debris velocity.
        If I want to make them even slower, I must reduce velocity.
        Regarding gib models: The modeling job must be done by someone else.

        @ gdiddy62

        Burning corpses and gibs in lava idea.
        This sounds realy cool.
        The fire particle effect is already availabe.
        I will follow your idea, but only for gibs (not corpses, cause they sink to floor).
        I *think* it is a quite easy qc edit:
        Check for lava content + let them burn until they fade away.
        Thank you for this idea !

        @ grave_digga

        You are correct.
        I already reduced the quantity.
        But I will not go down to only 3 pcs, because it is a big exploding box.
        That shall leave a little bit more debris than 3.

        My new idea is to make the debris smoke a little, when lying on the floor.
        Just a *little*, cause they are HOT, arent they ?
        And with *little*, I mean really not much, so that FPS is not affected.

        Thank you all for your feedback !

        This will be a long sunday...

        Best wishes


        • I don't know how much debris pieces this are in the video but it looked to much to me. Smoking pieces should be nice.


          • @Seven Forgive me for not reading so many messages! Well if you want to change the size of a gib can do very easily. you only can add a local specific to the function ThrowGib, so the new local specific (a float) will be the scale. In player.qc we have
            void(string gibname, float dm) ThrowGib =
            So, we will add a new float
            void(string gibname, float dm, float scalegib) ThrowGib =
            The name will be "scalegib" because "scale" already is defined like a global float.
            Well, before continuing you need change the new definition in defs.qc

            void(string gibname, float dm) ThrowGib;
            will be
            void(string gibname, float dm, float scalegib) ThrowGib;
            Return to "throwgib" in player.qc
            new.origin = self.origin;
            you will add
            new.scale = scalegib;
            you can implement this in your compilation, but be careful, in your mod you have
            else // if 'gibsduration' is set via autoexec.cfg to any other value than '0'
            { // --> gibs fade out
            new.alpha = 1;
            new.scale = 1;
            so you must change
            else // if 'gibsduration' is set via autoexec.cfg to any other value than '0'
            { // --> gibs fade out
            new.alpha = 1;
            new.scale = scalegib;
            Open dog.qc, you must change
            ThrowGib ("progs/gib1.mdl",;
            ThrowGib ("progs/gib2.mdl",;
            ThrowGib ("progs/gib3.mdl",;
            to this
            ThrowGib ("progs/gib1.mdl",, 0.4);
            ThrowGib ("progs/gib2.mdl",, 0.4);
            ThrowGib ("progs/gib3.mdl",, 0.4);
            0.4 will be the scale multiplier. In shambler you can use 1.5 in soldier 0.7 maybe, enjoy adjusting the values.

            , this is very basic, afeter you need to add this "scale value" to the semisolid gibable corpses
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            the invasion has begun! hide your children, grab the guns, and pack sandwiches.



            • Hello Nahuel,

              Thank you for your post !
              Yes, your idea is good and easy.

              But the issue that we discussed about was to add different gibs for different monsters.
              This leads to new gibs (designed to match the individual monsters...)


              I the meantime I made some progress on the debris:

              1.) Added the correct amount for small + big explo_boxes
              (There was a mistake in my older code yesterday, that used the same amount for both)
              2.) Added slightly burning fire to debris (Please see the youtube clip below)
              3.) Corrected an original ID1 "mistake" in the function barrel_explode ()
              Please see the screenshots comparism below

              to 2.) Is the burning debris effect OK ?
              [ame=]exploding boxes debris V2 - YouTube[/ame]

              to 3.) The original code spawns the explosion on the ground:
              particle (self.origin, '0 0 0', 75, 255);

              I could move it to the center of the exploding boxes:
              local vector center;
              center = (self.absmin + self.absmax) * 0.5;
              particle (center, '0 0 0', 75, 255);

              Now the explosion is where it should be.



              • Originally posted by Seven View Post
                Hello Nahuel,

                Thank you for your post !
                Yes, your idea is good and easy.

                But the issue that we discussed about was to add different gibs for different monsters.
                This leads to new gibs (designed to match the individual monsters...)
                Maybe you can use different skins, you know red gibs for everything but with some parts of skin of the monsters, itīs possible addsome bones (like AOP)
                the invasion has begun! hide your children, grab the guns, and pack sandwiches.



                • @Seven
                  I like the smoking debris, very subtle but nice! I still believe the debris needs some sound though.

                  I think the general consensus was for limbs of monsters as well as gibs occaisonally. Is that possible how you describe?


                  • I like the debris now much more, looks more realistic. When it's possible to add a sound to the debris then you should add something like a crackling fire but on a low volume. This should end after a few seconds. Like something hot gets colder, i hope this explains it right.


                    • Hello,

                      The burning gibs has been shown much harder than expected.

                      You have to create a routine, that always checks if the gib has fallen into lava.
                      And such a routine is already there in original code, but for another reason:
                      Gib fade away time countdown.

                      So I had to find a way for a double-check....

                      Because you dont know when the gib falls into lava:
                      - at once (as soon as it is spawnes, because corpse is alreay in there)
                      - or later (somewhen in the fade-away-countdown)

                      The "small mod compilation" has a "endless-gib-stay" feature, as you know.
                      This made it even worse...

                      But in the end it worked
                      ... and I learned something new again.

                      I will release V3.6 tomorrow.

                      Best regards,

                      [ame=]gibs on fire - YouTube[/ame]


                      • There is only one god, and his name is Seven (only joking haha).

                        This goes BETTER every time I enter this forum. Impressive work guys, all of you.
                        Sorry if my english isn't clear, is not my native languaje.


                        • BBQ time!


                          • Wow, I can't believe how fast you move with these ideas Seven!
                            This looks great so far. Is there a way to have a small burst of flame and smoke (similar to torches) when the gib first touches the lava (or after a few seconds) as if it was igniting, this would make it SUPREME!!
                            You could always make the gibs fade away due to the heat I guess??
                            If there is a way to add the flame you can do it!


                            • loving the burning gibs seven, they look kick-ass!
                              and the debris from exploding barrels looks neat now too now they burn

                              would be awesome if you could also make the gibs slowly turn black in like 15 seconds or so, so it looks like they get charred from being on fire

                              just like in rl when you for example set a piece of wood on fire and it turns black after a bit

                              still, its kick-ass already as it is!

                              but that would make it even cooler, if the burning gibs would turn black
                              are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                              > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                              everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                              • Originally posted by Seven View Post
                                Thank you gb for your translation help

                                @ xolve
                                THIS "progs.dat" should solve your zombie issue.
                                Please try it and tell me if you still have "stucks".
                                If not, I will implement this condition into the final release: Download

                                Thanks for this
                                Finally had time to test it out - works.
                                In the scenarios where it would've gotten stuck, there is no longer any ascension at all- which is preferable, I think.
                                Has anybody had time to have a look at my replacement music pack? Interested to hear what folks think.
                                Incidentally, I found a visual glitch in the teleports - and am not sure if that belongs in the 'new teleports' thread as the teleports shown there aren't the same as the teleport I'm seeing the glitch in -
                                basically the outer polygons are separating from the main one as they move- as shown here:

                                Could be nothing to do with your work, I just thought I'd mention it.
                                There is no Dana, only Zuul