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  • UPDATE 20111203

    New version V3.6 Release.

    New features:
    - Added 'Player bleeding' (player starts to bleed when health reaches several limits)
    - Added various Flesh splat effects when shooting monsters
    - Added gib behaviour in lava + slime (particle effects and skin changes)
    - Added exploding boxes spawn burning debris chunks (quantity related to box size)
    - Added weapon recoil feature (pushes the player slightly backwards when shooting)

    Updated features:
    - watersplash feature now works in slime too
    - death animation "ancient ghost of the fallen"´s spawn position (no more seldom stuck in floor)
    - removed "Rygel"´s pentagram powerup model (other beautiful models are available now)
    - updated "effectinfo.txt" (3rd december 2011)

    Please find updated Download link in 1st post.

    Kind regards,


    • Thanks Seven and contibutors to this


      • Do we need to remove the v3.5 files totally before installing?
        Souvenirs d'un autre monde


        • V3.6 is all you'll need other than Webangel's relect pack.


          • Hello Ghostbreed,

            The secret is the naming of the files.

            If you use Webangels "zReflecting_Overload.pk3", you will NOT be able to use "small mod compilation V3.6" features if you dont change the naming of the files.

            Both packs include a "progs.dat" and a "effectinfo.txt" !

            The last pack in alphabetical order wins.
            So the "z" in Webangels file name makes it the winner !
            That´s why the above mentioned files will be used from the winner pack.

            So what you have to do is clear. Your 2 options:
            1.) Bring the "small mod compilation" to last position.
            2.) Delete "progs.dat" and "effectinfo.txt" inside webangels pack.


            Regarding your question about V3.5:
            If you look at the naming of the "small mod compilations", you will
            see that they are always exactly the same (except the Version no.).
            And higher version numbers will lead to a later alphabetical order position.
            So you can leave the older "small mod compilations" in your ID1,
            but you do not need to !
            I suggest to delete them at once.
            That keeps your ID1 folder "clean".

            Have fun with V3.6

            ... and be careful, the monsters can smell your blood on the floor...

            Warm regards,

            PS: Mission pack versions V3.6 are in development now.


            • I seem to have a problem, or maybe even two
              The recoil doesn't work at all for me even though I enabled its cvar in the autoeexec.
              The gibs doesn't change when in slime or lava.

              Everything else works superb though
              And yes, I removed previous SMC files just to be sure.
              Souvenirs d'un autre monde


              • @ Seven

                Thanks a lot for the advice! I didn't know it worked like that.

                I removed the and progs.dat from Webangels pack.


                • hey seven,

                  just like ghostbreed i also dont get the changing color of gibs in slime and lava and they also dont burn when falling in lava nor sizzle when in slime

                  and im sure i dont use any other progs.dat,
                  that im using the latest effectinfo.txt that came with the smc3.6,
                  that ive added the new cvars to my autoexec.cfg,
                  and that ive set the smc to be loaded last in order.

                  and still these two effects dont show for gibs falling in slime and lava

                  could it be that you maybe forgot to mention the cvar to turn on those effects?
                  or that you accidentially made an error somewhere which makes them not work?
                  are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                  > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                  everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                  • Hey guys,
                    I'm not having the issue. (see pic)
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                    • 2Seven
                      All new features works fine for me.Recoil for all weapons,boiling and frying gibs that "occasionally" falls into the slime or lava.And they are green and red

                      P.S.It would be fine if you add some sfx like sizzle of frying or burning flesh.
                      Last edited by V_2540; 12-04-2011, 08:28 AM.


                      • unsure

                        I'm not sure how long it takes or how dark the lava gibs are supposed to be, but they burn for me but I don't seethat the skin has changed. Maybe I didn't wait long enough?
                        Can someone else post some pics of their slime and lava gibs after?
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                        • Hello V_2540,

                          I like your gib in lava screenshot.
                          That one looks amazing.

                          @ all

                          Please read this post carefuly first.
                          Maybe for some of you it will bring the solution already.

                          You need the following things for the DP_ENT_TRAILEFFECTNUM effects:
                          - the correct "progs.dat"
                          - the correct "effectinfo.txt"
                          - a DP build newer than 26.06.2011

                          I just double-checked the features and they all work fine.
                          Like they work for V_2540 as well.
                          So the root cause must be lying in your individual ID1 subfolder.

                          There are many different .pk3´s that contain one or both of these 2 files.
                          Like the V3.5 Update pack, that I released here: click
                          Or Smith´s or webangel´s addon packs.
                          There are also many many .pk3´s from other people, that contain "effectinfo.txt".

                          Best thing, to be sure, that the V3.6 files are used is, when you directly put the 2 files in your ID1 folder directly (not inside a .pk3 file).

                          Regarding autoexec.cfg:
                          Also be sure, that no other autoexec´s are in any of the other files inside your ID1.

                          Set this setting in it for weapon recoil:
                          set pushback 1 (default is "0")

                          For the gibs particle effects, there are no cvars for that.
                          It is always enabled (you only need the "effectinfo.txt").

                          If you still cannot see the debris chunks burning effect or gibs in lava burning effect, then you should temporary remove ALL .pk3´s out of your ID1 (except SMC V3.6).

                          @ gdiddy

                          Your gibs are greenish, so the skin change works.
                          And your lava gibs look dark red too, so everything seems to be OK.
                          If it would be steak, I would love to eat it. For me it is barbequed.

                          If you dont show screenshots how your gibs looked BEFORE entering lava, then we cannot judge the picture.

                          Here are my comparism screenshots (always showing BEFORE condition): click
                          As I said:
                          They will NOT turn black. And the change of color depend how the initial texture looks of course, because it is done via DP_ENT_COLORMOD and NOT with a second texture.

                          Hope these informations can help some of you.

                          Best wishes,


                          • My bad about providing before shots. I get the burning just fine and thought I might be "assuming" they should be darker. After looking at your shots I see now I'm just fine!
                            This is a great compilation and I am extremely grateful for all who had input!!

                            Best wishes Seven!


                            • ah, found the prob... well, sorta.

                              replaced my autoexec.cfg with the one that came with the smc3.6 and now the lava&acid effects work

                              compared the new autoexec with the one i had but i couldnt find wtf caused the effects to not work, cuz i had all cvars set the exact same like they are in your autoexec

                              anyway, they work now though
                              and the effects kick ass

                              EDIT: bingo! i just found what caused the burning and sizzling gibs in lava&acid to not work

                              apparently changing the cvar 'set kickgibs' to 0 makes the gibs not burn and sizzle anymore
                              just tried checking all cvars one by one to see what couldve caused the problem and apparently the fact i had kickable gibs turned off causes them to not burn and sizzle....

                              could you fix this seven? so the effects apply too when kickable gibs is turned off? cuz i personally dont like the kickable gibs and i dont wanna be forced to turn it on anyway to get the burning&sizzling effects when gibs land in lava&acid
                              Last edited by talisa; 12-04-2011, 10:11 AM.
                              are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                              > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                              everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                              • Is there a modifier to make them less sticky?
                                May be too intense for some viewers.
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