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  • talisa
    agree with gdiddy, though simple the bloodsplatters are neat.

    i kinda expected i wouldnt like them because they dont make much sense,
    but they do add some extra coolness to gibbing enemies from up-close


    extra fun fact is that i actually recognise the blood-splatters you used....
    i use the same pack with blood-splatter textures for a lot of stuff in SL

    if you want, i got another gorgeous blood-splatter texture which i use a lot that you could add:

    it was made by someone over at deviantart:
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  • gdiddy62
    Liking the new features Seven! The blood splatters are cool.

    Thank you!

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  • talisa
    EDIT: nvm, i accidentially had a copy of SMC v5.40 instead of SMC v5.41 in my ID1 folder
    replacing the old SMC v5.40 pk3 with SMC v5.41 pk3 fixed it

    no idea how that magically solved the issue since it shouldnt affect the quoth enforcer
    cuz it didnt exist yet in SMC 5.40..... but somehow it magically fixed the animation-issue


    for once, i was being a derp and messed up
    Last edited by talisa; 06-08-2016, 05:25 AM.

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  • talisa

    thank you really much seven, for adding quoth's enforcers to the SMC <3

    i know they were already tougher with the shield and being able to run,
    but its nice to have some variation with enforcer-encounters

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  • Seven

    One week has past and I made a small bugfix for the v5.50 Beta, as well as some new features I would like to share.

    1. The new v5.50 Beta_2 fixes an issue with the soldiers run&shoot / dodge ability.
      Before he was still firing at the player even though he became out of sight. Adding a visible() check fixed this. The soldier will now return to regular run animation, hunting the player and trying to come into sight again.

    2. Looking at the SMC´s monster replacement table, showing the Enforcer being the monster typed with the least alternatives. So talisa´s request makes sense, giving the enforcer monster type more love and variation. I looked into Quoth and watched its enforcer types.
      There are 3 different enforcers with new skins, carrying / using new weapons:
      1. Defender: Depending on combat situation he uses a shotgun and a grenade launcher
      2. Eliminator: He has a plasma launcher
      3. Pyro: He carries a really nice flame thrower
      I used Quoth code as base, giving all of them new visual SMC-like effects and also the ability to run&shoot if you want.
      You can adjust their weapon damage and health values as well as their appearance chance (replacing regular enforcers) in any map via cvars.
      I made them use different models, so you can use dedicated skins if you want. Making them completely independent to regular enforcers.

    3. Last but not least I added a new quite impressive gore effect inspired by new Doom´s Glory Kill feature:
      When gibbing living monsters or corpses while standing close to them, spawns SMCs extended blood effects which will now also leave blood splatters on the players HUD. Making it now even more fun to gib monsters / corpses.
      You can adjust the maximum distance [Quake units] to monster/corpse to spawn the effect via cvar. Default is 100 (=melee distance) which I found a somehow "realistic" distance for blood splats.

    Some screens that show the blood_splatters.
    Please try the feature in-game to better see it in action.
    It is hard to capture screenshots. SMC v5.50 uses 10 different textures for variation.


    This update replaces the older v5.50 Beta from 29th may (Follow the link to see more screens and a youtube clip about it).
    Please read the readme.txt for all informations.

    I wanted to get this update out of the door as weather is getting real hot and I want to replace my keyboard & mouse with Snorkeling & diving mask

    Have a nice time with v5.50 !

    See you around,
    Last edited by Seven; 06-26-2016, 08:17 AM. Reason: Update to new version

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  • Seven
    Hello Sin_7,

    That is not a very polite way, but I want to help you.

    If your target is to use "Quake 1.5" weapons & gib models together with the SMC mod, then you need this:

    It will lead to this visual & gameplay:

    The SMC is one of the most flexible & universal mods. All weapon effects can be adjusted via smc_config.cfg as well as all the additional gameplay features.

    The Download above includes Bloodshot´s unedited models + an adjusted smc_config.cfg file for them.
    So be sure to override your existing smc_config.cfg with the included one or projectile, muzzleflash, casings, etc. position will not match. Simply add the above files into your SMC mod folder.

    Everybody can do this adjustment to every weapon pack. Simply read the smc_config.cfg and its comments.

    Have fun and maybe next time consider saying a word of gratitude and respect to mod authors before rush in and request stuff...

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  • Sin_7
    DOWNLOAD - Quake1.5 meets SMC.rar:

    File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server

    Reupload, please...

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  • Seven
    Hello talisa,

    On the previous page of this thread I just released a new SMC version (v5.50) which improves the enforcer & soldier AI.
    They are now able to run+shoot / dodge at the same time. So I do not fully understand your comment/post.
    Maybe you didnt notice it…

    However, to answer your post:
    There are many many custom monster mods available for Quake. That is correct.
    Bringing them all into the SMC is rather impossible.
    Especially the enforcer, as one of the least used monster.

    The SMC already brings a wide variation for original monster abilities as well as 13 new monster types into Quake.
    Even being able to use them in every map without the necessity to edit them.

    Furthermore, one of the main ideas behind the SMC is to be able to adjust Quake to your personal liking + skills.
    So, if you think that the original Enforcers are a push-over, then you have a great amount of SMC cvars to adjust them to your personal playing skill.

    Here are some suggestions for you:
    enforcer_run_and_shoot 1

    enforcer_laser 30
    enforcer_health 200

    enforcer_size 30
    enforcer_size_influenced_health 1
    enforcer_size_influenced_attack 1

    enforcer_shield_chance 70
    enforcer_shield_lifetime 3

    monster_skip_pain_animation_chance 70

    afrit_supports_enforcer 100
    reiver_supports_enforcer 100

    vengeancedamage 1
    enforcer 3
    enforcerrandomness 100

    You have similar cvars for all Quake monsters. Please find them all in the smc_config.cfg.
    And if all of those are still not enough to raise your blood pressure, you always have the most powerful of all time:
    clonemonsters 1
    I guess, now the Enforcers are no longer a push-over, unless you have "god"-like skills like me in the youtube clip.


    Hello JDStoner,

    I hope your situation will be better soon and you have time to play your favorite game again: Quake
    PS: How is the status about the special ring we spoke about some time ago ?

    Best wishes.

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  • talisa
    seeing you use the different-colored enforcer skins from quoth in your video
    gave me an idea for a possible upgrade for the enforcer.

    why not add the different enforcers from quoth to randomly replace the enforcer?

    even with the shield you added the enforcer is still quite a push-over,
    having the enforcer have different weapons like in quoth would make him more of a challenge and
    at the same time add some variety to the enemy and make encounters with the enforcer less predictable

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    I have not gotten time to play games lately but i know this will be a good addition to the smc. i found when i played Nehahra it took a lot different approach to get the kill. you got to be a lot more careful. keep up the good work

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  • Seven

    Isnt it unfair that the player has the ability to run, shoot and dodge all at the same time while the monsters dont ?!

    That is cobviously one weak point from Quake´s AI. Well, there are others as well

    I was working with Nehahras gamecode since some days and based on that I implemented the run+shoot+dodge feature into the SMC for the Enforcers and Soldiers (grunts) as well. Making them a far better opponent now.

    You can enable/disable it via cvars (please read the readme.txt).

    Have fun,


    UPDATE 20160529

    Version v5.50 Release

    New feature:
    • Enforcer + Soldier can now dodge as well as shooting + running (at the same time)


    Kind regards,
    Last edited by Seven; 06-07-2016, 10:56 AM. Reason: Update !!

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  • talisa
    you're welcome

    absolutely loving the new SMC update myself,
    especialy the hud models cuz they're something ive been wanting in quake for ages,
    and the biosuit thing really adds to the event of using the biosuit

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  • gdiddy62

    Looking forward to trying this!!!
    Thanks Seven and you too Talisa!

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  • talisa
    when just play-testing a bit i found another (kinda funny) 'bug'

    its something that wont occur in normal gameplay and only when using cheats...
    but i thought it was worth mentioning anyway.


    whenever cheats are used to give the player any power-up
    and the same cheat is used again before the power-up has lost effect,
    another copy of the power-up model will appear on the screen

    same applies to the keys. if player uses impulse9 to give themselves all weapons&keys and then uses impulse9 again,
    another copy of the key-models will appear on the hud for every time impulse9 is used


    as said, its something that wont occur during normal gameplay as players normally wont find the same power-up twice in a row in such a short period of time,
    and if the player already has a key the same key cannot be picked up again even if placed twice in a map.

    but i thought it was worth mentioning this (kinda funny) bug that i noticed when i was play-testing to check out the new features anyway.

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  • Blood Vengeance
    Originally posted by Seven View Post
    Woow, you put a lot of effort into your list.
    First of all, Thank you for your time. You are a really passionate person.

    But I think there are approx. 900 possible maps more....
    The filter system at quaddicted has some nice features.
    There are around 1300 Quake maps available in total.

    When you remove all the Quoth and Drake maps, you still have around 1200.
    Then you still have the ones with "smaller" mods included. Hard to say how many.
    But I am sure that there are around 1000 left with no custom progs.dat.
    It is not important if its +/- 100, but the overal amount of Quake maps is huge.

    Thank god we have all the great mappers for Quake !!
    Without them, this game would have slowly died already.

    Believe it or not, I still have around 150 maps to play in my "Amazing_maps" folder.
    I fear that I will never have the chance.... to many crazy mod ideas in the monkey head

    If you watch closely, you will see a dependency to _y.
    Thats the issue.
    A monkey is not perfect.
    You will need this

    I've put only the the "best", the one who get 4 or 5 hearts on Quaddicted, and those I've played (not all them but a good 90%), of course I've missed something, I feel it, anyway I'm updating the list

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