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  • Originally posted by Seven View Post
    While searching for the model in my harddisc, I thought I should also upload some of the maybe not so common/known replacement models.
    These are very beautiful High Poly versions for:
    - backpack
    - lavaball
    - zombie gib

    Just in case you didnt have them...
    They are really beautiful: click

    Kind regards,
    There is any way to have the backpack smaller? Looks great, but is too big :/
    Sorry if my english isn't clear, is not my native languaje.


    • Hello Arioch,

      It is just a .mdl model. So there is a way to resize it
      Easiest way is to use QME for the job.
      You can download QME from for example.

      I resized it for you, so that it better matches the ID1 model.

      Authors original size:

      30% smaller (to match ID1 model-size better):


      Kind regards,


      • THANKS Seven. You're the man
        Sorry if my english isn't clear, is not my native languaje.


        • @Seven, what monster skin do you use for the Grunt in those backpack screenshots?
          Souvenirs d'un autre monde


          • Hello Ghostbreed,

            The skin that you see on those screens is obviously based on Primevilīs player skin.
            Unfortunately I dont know who made this alternative version, so I cannot credit him/her.

            Several years back, when I found it, I tested the skin on the ID1 grunt model.
            Since that day I use it for the grunt.
            I dont like the other zombie-ish grunt style skins, so I am happy with that one.
            As always, it is a matter of personal liking.

            Feel free to try it:

            PS: My family is back, so I will be more seldom online...


            • Holy shit seven, you have got to be one of the most helpful people I've ever seen on a forum.

              Is there any way to shift the viewmodel in DP without editing the models themselves? I want to put them in a position that's more like Software Quake, but editing each model would be hardly worth it.
              Last edited by Bloodshot; 12-16-2011, 04:00 PM.


              • Hello Bloodshot,

                There is no way to move the weaponview models in DarkPlaces as far as I know.

                But just as you said:
                It is not too much work/trouble to move the single models via QME for example (if it is a mdl).
                The only thing you must remember is to move every frame of a weapon the same amount. So that the animation will stay like it was, but is moved to your new position.

                If you want to move the weapons a little upwards lets say:
                You only need to type the z-coordinate into QME and that is all.

                The effeort is not so much and you will always have the "better" view if you like.
                So it depends on how much it disturbs you of course.

                Best wishes,


                • V3.61c_addon
                  Updated features:
                  - Tuned ogreaim code, changed zombieaim - zmbies don't have increased throwing range anymore.
                  - New customization option for gibbable corpses mod ( hp amount can depend on monster type ).
                  - TE_TAREXPLOSION, TE_EXPLOSIONQUAD fixed in effectinfo.txt
                  ***- Option for corpses to be not interactive ( like in original Quake ).**** Edit: it was already in 3.61
                  ***- Window lightbeams models and textures in DDS format included in pk3, lightbeams .ent files added to zip
                  so lightbeams can be used without Webangel's pack ( if someone do not want to mix it with Rygel's textures for example ).*** Edit: Removed.

                  New cvars:

                  0 = not interactive corpses - original Quake behaviour
                  1 = corpses are interactive and hp amount depend on monster type
                  ( corpse hp == hard coded value: 0...50 less than monsters hp, for example corpse of an ogre monster has 150 hp )
                  2 = corpses are interactive and all have 50hp like in smc 3.61 == default

                  corpse_hp ( 1 == default )
                  0 = corpses are invulnerable
                  >0 = multiplier of hp amount determined by 'gibbable_corpses'

                  @Seven: I've also added/updated all relevant readmes, to save you the trouble of including this as much as possible ( if you'll be so kind to do it, you do not have to ! ):
                  ***00 Readme Compilation Ver.3.61c IMPORTANT !!!!.txt***Edit: removed
                  Readme gibbable corpses.txt
                  Readme zombie+ogre enhanced aiming.txt
                  ***autoexec ID1 SAMPLE V3.61 !!!! .cfg*** edit: removed
                  ***effectinfo from 9th december 2011 for V3.6.txt*** edit: removed
                  ***Readme lightbeams ent support.txt*** Edit: Removed
                  Last edited by _Smith_; 12-22-2011, 01:01 AM. Reason: Removed lightbeams.
                  Quake HD: Embrace the decline and have some guilty pleasure with it, or join a club for monocled gentlemen at quaddicted and play Quake the way it's meant to be played.


                  • Hello Smith,

                    Why you keep on posting the same things ?
                    You already posted this here

                    The points that you "changed" are the same except the "tuning of aiming".
                    And then, several days later you delete the download link again, posting a "new" version (most probably with almost the same content).

                    Yes, I included the source, so that others can use it.
                    But using my complete documentation and change them and then post links to someting "unofficial" with my name in it is obviously not what I want.

                    Let me summarize your "changes":
                    - Option for corpses to be not interactive. I already have this in my mod !
                    - New customization option for gibbable corpses mod ( hp amount can depend on monster type )
                    You already had this months ago.
                    - Window lightbeams models and textures in DDS format included in pk3.
                    Do you want to make Webangel angry too ?
                    Is everybody these days take others work and put it in their own pack ?
                    Webangel has a pack for that and that is enough !
                    - TE_TAREXPLOSION, TE_EXPLOSIONQUAD fixed in effectinfo.txt
                    If you have any bugs in your own effectinfo.txt, then correct them. But leave mine alone.

                    I am always a friendly person who never looks for trouble with anyone; helping where I can.
                    But it slowly gets too much for me.
                    If this continues, I will definitely stop everything.


                    • Please don't get angry enough to stop Seven. Your efforts would be missed too much.


                      • If Seven leaves, my membership here has no purpose. I joined these forums solely for SMC. What I'm posting on other threads is just bonuses
                        Souvenirs d'un autre monde


                        • Cool down seven, _Smith_ is just a thief that uses your efforts to make himself look good. But it didn't work out because 99,9% of "his pack" is your or Webangels work and this is clearly visible for anybody. So don't get angry, he didn't deserves your attention at all.


                          • Same topic:

                            Please donīt include my work in your unofficial SMC-Mod.
                            I have no problem atm with your Quake HD Mod. But not this way!
                            Last edited by webangel; 12-19-2011, 02:06 PM.


                            • @grave digga
                              Show me where I've given myself credits for anything. Did you read lightbeams readme I've added to smc ?
                              I've listed everything I've edited to avoid misunderstandings, not to give myself credit for anything, or to “look good”, that would be ridiculous.

                              @ Webangel
                              I've explained why it would be intuitive and convenient to have beams included in smc, and have included proper readme in it, but of course I'll remove them if you wish so.

                              -I've released this one only because of changes in aiming, everything else is the same as in previous one, but I thought I should include changelog over yours 3.61 not mine previous. Sorry I was not precise enough about this.
                              -You have requested to include all documentation with any release of SMC. And only changes to documentation I've made was to write in readmes info about changed cvars. You have changed cvars in ozaim and did not updated readme so info in it do not match the progs.dat. Is that better that way ?
                              -What name if not yours should I use for the whole pack? I've attached my name in changelog only to edits I've made however small they are, to make it clear that they are not yours in case someone do not like them. I did the same way with update to Nahuel's hud I've made and I thought it was handled well.

                              I am sorry that you've taken it that way. I do not wanted to upset you. You guys completely misunderstood my intentions... I am really saddened by this reaction

                              -Option for corpses to be not interactive, ok you are right it works indeed, I had to use old save with 3.61 when grenades bounced back of the corpse... sorry, my mistake, I've messed this one.
                              -You've copied explosions with reduced particles amount from effectinfo.txt I've released with ozaim back then, quadexplosion is messed up a bit, and tarexplosion is original by Jorix with hundreds of particles. I thought my error carried over. If I remember it wrong and it is the way as intended I apologise.
                              Edit: Long story short.
                              I do not wanted to be credited for SMC, but wanted to make it clear that update is not approved or supported by Seven. Plus I wanted readmes to match what is in the code...

                              I've only reintroduced corpse hp depending on monster type and made two really minor cleanups in the code carried over from me, and that is it. Detailed description was to make it clear what exactly it is and what it is not, not to make it look like something important.

                              I hope Seven will see it in a different light next day... You are our hero, please don't be upset because of me I'll stay away from SMC in the future.
                              Last edited by _Smith_; 12-20-2011, 01:36 AM.
                              Quake HD: Embrace the decline and have some guilty pleasure with it, or join a club for monocled gentlemen at quaddicted and play Quake the way it's meant to be played.


                              • I like cheese
                                EDIT: _smith_, where can i find the new lightbeams with dds textures in your custom pack?
                                EDIT2: Seven
                                do not be angry! I think we all work together to quake looks a little better and that's amazing, is in the users to download or not _smith_ pack. he already released the community work in ModDB, I do not think there is reason for anger! Besides, my friend! Christmas is coming, we should not fight
                                Last edited by nahuel; 12-20-2011, 06:18 AM.
                                the invasion has begun! hide your children, grab the guns, and pack sandwiches.