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  • Seven
    Thank you Henry for the heads up.
    The "custom HUD" folder was completely missing in the SMC v5.30 .rar download.
    I do not know how that happened... Must have slipped through my fingers during packing.

    Uploaded it again now. Double checked that all extras are included this time.
    You will recognize the correct .rar file by its file name. It has '20150822' at the end.

    Best Regards,

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  • talisa
    great to see you did finish and release this new version we've all been eagerly waiting for

    i've especially been eager to meet the reiver myself

    and the hud changes is something i know im going to love.

    other monsters like the theneb and yakman ive also been looking forward to as well.
    especially the yakman, which will make a fantastic optional random replacement for shambler

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  • gdiddy62
    Thanks for remembering us Seven!!

    Best wishes!!

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  • Seven
    Dear all,

    Many people asked for it and I promised to make this (huge) final update, so I stand to my word and deliver.

    This is most probably the final version of the "small mod compilation" and adds a lot of nice features and bugfixes to make it complete.
    On top of it I unleashed some additional monsters who are ready to kill careless players in Quake.
    We now have approx. doubled the monster types compared to original Quake. ( Yay ! )

    I would like to point out the Reiver, he is a highly anticipated monster and I am sure that he will satisfy your expectations. He is not meant for the faint hearted player and will give you sleepless nights and thrills... You have been warned His wide range of attack and defend abilities as well as his special powers are without a doubt unique in Quake. You will find some new and interesting code technique features. It was fun and a honor to work on the Reiver.

    Quake version V5.30 release:

    New Features:
    • optional new monster: Reiver (the most frightening + merciless Quake monster ever)
    • optional new monster: Carnivean
    • optional new monster: Yakman
    • optional new monster: Teneb
    • optional blood puddles beneath monster corpses
    • optional "personal teleporter feature" (for new gameplay twists and more strategic combat): impulse 40
    • optional instant melee attack feature (Push key/button to perform a single axe swing at anytime): impulse 20
    • option to use a different armor model in non-base maps
    • option to use different HUD armor icons and key icons for each worldtype (Needs included csqc HUD)
    • added custom csqc HUD with different layouts and support for separate armor + keys feature
    • created new HUD ammo icons that matches SMC content (can also be used without SMC)

    Updated features:
    • added more gore and flesh/meat cuts when shooting and gibbing corpses
    • added option for spiders: "Not spawning inside water" (orig. Water is not transparent/vised and they are too small to be seen in shallow water)
    • added option to disable armor particle effects completely
    • earthquakes can now also be started by Yakman
    • added idle sound to demon
    • lightning gun impact particle effect now also spawns on ceilings correctly
    • cleaned up code to make it compatible with new fteqcc builds and added more comments in sources
    • Bugfix: shalrath homing missiles now gets stuck less often and explodes immediately when that happens
    • Bugfix: exploding boxes debris models no longer turn towards player (like head gibs)
    • Bugfix: monster corpses burning animation uses correct frame now
    • Bugfix: Wizards "Vengeance of the deceased" after-death effect no longer get stuck
    • readjusted some cvars for better playing experience
    • some minor bugfixes


    Quake version V5.20 (since final 5.20 version has not been released yet)

    New Features:
    • Optional: Spider monster can now hang on ceilings (on threads), jumping or shooting towards player
    • Optional: Head gibs always turn towards player for a creepy effect
    • Optional: Ogre monster has additional particle effects for his chainsaw (for original and Tea Monster's model)
    • Optional: Random angled ammo and health boxes in all maps
    • Optional: Customizable pain skins for all monsters
    • Optional: 2 different flashlights to choose from (classic + cubemap): impulse 30
    • Optional: Shalrath can run frantically towards the player now
    • Optional: Shalrath can jump and hang on ceilings (also when starting a map to suprise the player from above)
    • Optional: Enforcer can use an adjustable powershield to protect himself from all projectiles
    • Optional: When the Demon monster jumps, his body has an adjustable "motion blur" / "tail" effect.

    Updated features:
    • Spider skin can now also be set to "random skin" instead of replaced monster-type dependency
    • Repositioned several original and custom head gibs to look in the same direction
    • Extended the 'Starter Kit' to include more variations
    • Bugfix: "Evil face" monster improvement: dont get stuck anymore and has smarter AI now
    • Added new "Evil face" monster model.
    • Bugfix: "Water splash loop sound" fixed. Added splash particles to all entities.
    • Bugfix: When killing Shub Niggurath in the "end" map, the zoom-view feature got stuck
    • Bugfix: Warlord no longer bleeds when using his shield against lightning gun
    • BUGFIX: Warlord's homing missile no longer gets stuck and has a smarter AI now
    • Re-adjusted several cvar default values
    • Tarbabies original Quake bug: Get stuck on ledges and steps is now fixed
    • Fixed console overflow due to missing effect syntax (introduced in SMC v4.71)

    Please find updated links in 1st post.


    If you find bugs, report them and I will fix them.

    Have a long and prosper gaming life !

    PS: Oh, and this short clip shows the "personal teleporter feature" for those who are interested.
    Last edited by Seven; 08-20-2015, 02:23 PM.

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  • Pringles Man
    OH MAN! This is news to me...and I haven't been here in a while.

    Well, I knew this was coming, I just thought it would hit earlier. Not really sure what to say what hasn't been said, except that I hope the mods forum doesn't die since you were the only one doing anything consistently around here : P. No offense to anyone else though.

    Well, no worries. I feel like this is the right time to say: don't be sad it's over. Be glad it happened.

    Anywho, may you live long and prosper! Maybe we will meet one day as old men in a pub in Berlin and talk about how everything used to be better back in the day. I don't know why I'm saying this. Have a nice life!

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