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  • talisa
    therr is nothing odd about your pics?
    thats the white version of the spider

    the spider comes in different colors depending on which monster it supports/replaces

    what you might think you are seeing as 'odd' is that you are not using RTlights,
    which obviously makes a big difference in the lighting in how the creatures in quake look,
    and which makes that you are seeing the skin gets displayed with the same brightness all over


    here's the spider with RTlights

    and the same spider without RTlights
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  • Legend
    I think I posted something about this before a while ago but can't remember.

    anyways, any idea why the spiders come out colored oddly?
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  • Roy Batty
    Back after some years, and good to see Seven is still working on my favorite Quake mod.

    Downloaded latest versions and will give them a shot soon.

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  • LordValsary
    Originally posted by Seven View Post
    Hello LordValsary,

    Thank you for bug reporting.
    Unfortunately I cannot replicate it. Also during my development time/plays I didnt stumble across it, so it is more than interesting for me to see where your issue comes from.

    Unfortunately you didnt give any hint in which situation it happens.
    I have only your screenshot, which is not enough.
    The screenshot tells me this:
    - You played map: end
    - You used your rocket launcher to kill an enemy
    - .takedamage is causing the crash

    Now my question:
    Does it happen when killing a specific enemy ?!
    Or is it monster independent ?
    I can only guess...

    I attached a test version of the smc for you to test. It has some changes.
    Please drop the included file into the folder where you have your smc.
    And test again.
    I can only stab around in the dark here without more information.

    Thank you.

    Best wishes,
    Error occurred while playing in the "Nightmare" enabled "god mode".
    The error appeared not often. However caused "crash" game.
    He has performed as: killing any opponent.
    Thank you for the patch set out.
    They play for a few hours did not notice the error.
    SMC is a really great pay tribute to its creator;-)

    P.S Forgive my poor English.

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  • Seven
    Hello kreaper,

    I was understanding your initial question that you wanted to move slow whatever button you press. But if you still want to move fast, then you must reset sv_maxspeed to its default value of course. As this server side cvar limits all your movements.

    I just tested to play with always run disabled and setting cl_sidespeed 200.
    For me it feels just right:
    - when holding the shift/run key down I move in all directions with same _maxspeed.
    - when releasing the shift/run key it feels like move in all directions with speed 200 (also when holding down forward and strafe key)

    If you are not satisfied, there is nothing more you can do via regular cvars, as there are only these 4:
    - cl_forwardspeed
    - cl_backspeed
    - cl_sidespeed
    - sv_maxspeed

    BUT, you can of course use tricky alias command combinations to do whatever you want
    Look here for example.
    And be sure to read this description to learn more about the "always run" topic in general.

    But this is not related to the smc mod, so you should maybe ask in another thread if you want to go into details here or further discuss this topic.

    Best of luck,

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