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  • RetroBlazer or Remake Quake, I hope!
    Authentic Models Pack
    OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
    LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


    • Can't somebody please send me a modified progs.dat with that lavanail feature that was done by Marsha? I have nothing to compile qc listings.
      My email is [email protected]
      Thank you very much, guys!


      • Hi

        the compiler is in the source folder from Sevens mod...its called fteqccgui.exe

        run it and hit compile it makes a progs.dat in the folder with the source or the one above it.

        its actually easy to edit the source and compile a progs.dat.

        ive lowered the amount of effects on this though because it was to resource hungry.

        if you cant do it let me know and ill upload my progs.dat...ive removed the keys in my cheat command, because

        i just want the weapons and can noclip through any door.




        • Hello,

          I must say that I am sorry to write about something, that is still in development and should not be 'blab´ed out' (if that is the correct translation).

          As I wrote, I have just a small supporting role in it; but I am an impatient person who wants it to be released better today than tomorrow. Because I absolutely love it.
          Please be more patient than I am.
          And no, it is not about RetroBlazer or Remake Quake.


          Regarding the compiling issue (mentioned above):
          It seems to be the case, that Spike´s wonderful compiler works only on 32bit OS.
          My old XP is working fine with it, but DaniOcampo1992 already reported in Nahuels thread here that it seems to have issues on Win7 64bit.
          So I uploaded a compiled progs.dat for all having issues in compiling.


          gdiddy, I am sorry that Marshas change cannot be used for your request.
          It was just a very simple exchange of "TE_SPIKE" to "TE_LAVASPIKE".
          "TE_LAVASPIKE" is using the "TE_KNIGHTSPIKE" effectinfo values (unchanged !),
          that is why the amount of smoke and stuff is of course too much. Feel free to adjust them to your personal liking.
          Please read the mail about it for more details.

          Kind regards,


          • No problem Seven, thank you for taking the time to check on it!!

            I'm using XP Pro right now. but have just purchased windows 7 64 bit. Is there a compiler that someone knows of that is as good as Spike's that works with 64 bit?

            If not I'm keeping my XP os on a hard drive to dual-boot.
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            • I am using W7 64bit and fteqcc works just fine here.
              Quake HD: Embrace the decline and have some guilty pleasure with it, or join a club for monocled gentlemen at quaddicted and play Quake the way it's meant to be played.


              • Thank you for your comments.
                So it was DaniOcampo1992´s personal issue


                • Glad to hear that Smith..Thanks


                  • Originally posted by _Smith_ View Post
                    I am using W7 64bit and fteqcc works just fine here.
                    second that - i use compiler from your smc /the one with graphic interface/ and everything works fine. i have win7 64bit.

                    my projects so far:

                    Travail retextured ___/___ Knave HD textures
                    Tronyn in high definiton ___/___Abyss of Pandemonium HD textures
                    Nehahra rtlights and other experiments


                    • Hello,

                      Ok, I think this question is solved now
                      Any other answer would have suprised me, because knowing Spike and his great tools/things is already self-explaining...

                      Now on to the next chapter:
                      Which monster in Quake is the one that is used the most in maps on average ?
                      Yes, it is the little fellow: grunt

                      So I thought about how to make him look a little *better*.

                      And as clear as water, it was a new effect that popped into my mind.
                      I thought it would be just as easy as the "first-person-view" effect, but it was more difficult.
                      In the end, all went good (and that is what counts).
                      [ame= index=1&feature=plcp]grunt-muzzleflash.avi - YouTube[/ame]

                      Best wishes,


                      • Great Work Seven.
                        I love the Grunt Muzzleflash!


                        • Looks great. Hope it is a option to enable/disable as it could cause issues if one uses a different model than yours. Could you make a video using my Grunt to see where it muzzleflash comes from? If doesn't come out right - you maybe could try and make cvar variables which allows proper placement on some of the models.
                          0 - off
                          1 - default id1 model
                          2 - one you're using (if it isn't a reskin)
                          3 - mine/moo's


                          • Hello OoPpEe,

                            if you look into "small mod compilation"´s readme you will know me
                            Yes sure, it will be adjustable.
                            Default is "1" because it does not change gameplay which is the important factor.
                            Can be set to "0" to disable it.
                            There are only 2 models available for the grunt.
                            "1" will be for the ID1 model = default
                            "2" will be Moo´s model (animated and modified by you)

                            And OoPpEe, if it would not be adjustable via cvar (on/off), you would always be able to disable it via effectinfo.txt.
                            As you know, just delete the related effect entries.
                            That is unfortunately something that many people fear to do.
                            Instead of experimenting a little with it (which I can only encourage people to do)...

                            With the help of DPwiki and its detailed instructions of every feature, many more people can play with such things. Unfortunately only a few use it and release theirs.

                            The feedback and interest is also very low as you can see, so on the other hand it is no suprise why people dont release theirs.


                            • I like these flashes too. It is true that this mod contains so many so different things that for many reasons everything that is not obvious bugfix should be switchable off.
                              That reminded me of something: please add this to SMC for me.
                              I am probably autistic if that bothered me

                              0 = not shootable - original Quake behavior
                              1 = shootable, gibbable only in the way other zombies are
                              2 = gibbable with any weapon like in SMC3.61 == default
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                              Quake HD: Embrace the decline and have some guilty pleasure with it, or join a club for monocled gentlemen at quaddicted and play Quake the way it's meant to be played.


                              • Hello,

                                A new idea overcame me last night (during a Quake nightmare):

                                Why are we bound to use only 1 replacement content at the same time ?

                                I mean, now that we have so many replacement content, it is sometimes hard to decide which one to take.
                                But there is a way out...


                                It doesnt change the gameplay, but enlarges/boosts the variety.
                                And makes it somehow more interesting to play through Quake in my opinion.

                                Each monster or item or powerup will keep the original properties/behaviour,
                                only the visual differs.

                                A horde of zombies or a horde of grunts will be varied.
                                If you are crazy you could even use different ammo boxes for the same type.

                                Of course it is an unspectacular and easy QC-change, but it has a nice affect

                                @ Smith

                                hmm, do you really want to have one more auto_cvar because of this small change ? Arent we have enough already ?
                                I think that is a feature, that noone will switch to "0", simply because its fun.
                                We wil see...

                                Kind regards,