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  • Originally posted by bluntz View Post
    Nice to see Jakub is still active as I like his tastes.
    He is a real artist with effects !
    Having wonderful new ideas and realizing them from scratch.

    Originally posted by bluntz View Post
    I am looking forward to this as I update my new box to run all the effects.
    In fact, you do not need to update your computer for the new effects.
    We both pay attention that they will not impact the performance much more than today´s available effectinfo´s.
    You will not see a noticable drop of performance compared to today´s effectinfo´s.

    Originally posted by bluntz View Post
    I Have to install Vista to get DX 11 to run BF3,my concern is will that mess up running quake?
    Just like MH said: It is a good thing to update to Win7.
    Win7 is a good step forward in Microsoft OS´s history.
    You should avoid Vista though, in my opinion.

    Originally posted by bluntz View Post
    I hope to contribute by adding a few small things like stigmata wounds leaking from the crucifixion and some steam from some of the many grates.
    These effects that you describe cannot be implemented via regular effectinfo.txt.
    These are effects that needs:
    - .ent file (for specific map location)
    - map_specific effectinfo.txt
    - Custom particle effects support QC code (implemented since smc V3.5)

    I am looking forward to see your custom effects.
    Feel free to post them here as soon as you are satisfied with them.
    Thank you.


    • We will be here forever if you wait for me to be satisfied.
      I am always improving my game, so here is my first attempt at the stigmata effect.

      I want to improve it by making the blood vaporize as it hits the lava and boil up around the doorway.
      What do I have to do for that? I did not see anything in your ent tut about the smoke ,rolling fog or beams.
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      May be too intense for some viewers.
      Stress Relief Device
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      • Hello bluntz,

        That is a short and low res clip you posted...
        After watching it 5 times I seem to understand what you mean.

        There are 2 ways to implement particle effects in maps in specific locations:
        1.) Use the already existing "Custom particle effects support QC code" in smc.
        Description and small tutorial is included in "small mod compilation".
        The pros:
        - you can quickly implement simple particle effects
        - no need to edit QC
        The cons:
        - particle effects cannot interact with anything in the map (except bouncing of meshes)
        2.) Create your own effects via QC edit
        The pros:
        - You can do almost everything
        (including interaction with entities/player/monster if you use a dummy model as the particle effects spawner (made invisible with self.alpha = -1))
        The cons:
        - You need to edit QC

        You mentioned an "ent tut". Do you mean this one ?
        If yes, this is not the one that will help you with particle effects.
        Please use the small tut inside "small mod compilation"´s .zip file.
        There are also some sample effects and necessary files isnide.
        And read through this thread for more effect sample ideas.

        Regarding your ideas (in DM2):
        - making the blood vaporize as it hits the lava
        - boil up around the doorway

        If you want to do it with above mentioned option 1.), you can do it.
        You need to spawn 3 different effects:
        a) The one that you already have (in your clip)
        b) spawn a vaporize effect on top of the lava (on both sides left and right)
        c) spawn a boiling effect around the doorway

        These 3 effects does not really interact with each other, but they *seem* to.
        Because they are "touching" each other and that makes the effect *alive*.
        So you need 3 effect names and at least 5 coordinates.
        Showing us, that you already have a) done, it will be not a big deal for you to bring b) and c) into play as well.
        If you need some effect samples for b) and c), please look through the existing effects in available effectinfo.txt´s to find a similar one and use that as a placeholder first. Then you can fine tune it.

        Have fun with making DM2 more interesting looking.

        Best wishes,


        • Dear all,

          I know that interest has gotten low on "small mod compilation", but I wanted to give a short summary where we are at the moment with "small mod compilation" V3.7 to those who want to know:

          These are the new features in detail:
          1.) Monsters (dead or living) can now interact with lava/slime (this was a request)
          cvar settings: "0"= no interaction; "1"= particle effects enabled; "2"= effects + damage from lava/slime enabled
          2.) Multiskin / Multimodel support (see here)
          You can now use different skins and/or different models for monsters at once.
          cvar settings: "0"= use 1 skin/model (original Quake); "1"= use 2 skins for ID1 model; "2"= use 1 skin for ID1 model and 1 external model; "3"= use 2 skins for ID1 model and 1 external model;
          3.) Grunt monster have weapon muzzleflash (see here)
          cvar settings: "0"= disabled; "1"= if you use ID1 grunt model; "2"= if you use external model (Moo/OoPpEe); "3"= If you use both (QC will detect what to use via multimodel support, see point 2.) above)
          4.) Hellknight uses 3 different magic attack animations (see here), and uses an additional charging effect.

          5.) New custom particle effects:
          - ALL new particle effects by Jakub (!) (incl. standard Quake effects PLUS every custom "smc" effects)
          - Lightning gun has an impact particle effect on walls/meshes now
          - New time-depending particle-effect-system (used on armor)
          - Shambler´s magic attack has several new effects now (!)
          - Enforcers laser
          - Trap laser
          - All key types have different effects now
          - Fireball has its own trail-effect now
          - Grenade explosions have their own effect now
          - Shalrath´s homing missile have their own explosion effect now
          - Nails/spikes have a customizable trail effect now
          - several others

          QC changes are done 90%
          Jakub is done 95%

          Best wishes,


          • Thanks for bringing up the status of this Seven. I don't think interest is low I think we are all just patiently waiting!! The effects you have listed sound great and I am VERY HAPPY to see that the progress is already so far advanced!!

            Regards to you and jakub!


            • Dear all,

              I just remembered, that I recorded a small clip some time ago to show the "new" (previously hidden) Hellknight magic attack animations and his *body-glowing" effect when charging this attack.
              But I never posted this clip.

              You will also see some other particle effects in it.

              Pay attention on his 3 animations and body glow (it is recorded in slowmo 0.5).

              [ame= dH0yb16ZcGObtPKASdY]Hellknights-magic-attack-animation-modification.avi - YouTube[/ame]

              Some new random screenshots of the multiskin/multimodel support in smc V3.7,
              to make the monsters a bit more varied...

              For more details read post #559 from yesterday.

              Kind regards,


              • Suddenly I felt like it's completely new game. Maybe this is due slowmo, but still these new effects look awesome.


                • It would be cool Seven if you could include multiple monster skins in a pack for use with SMC3.7 for the multiskin/multimodel support when you release it. I have downloaded many monster skin packs to try out and the only one I can get working is the Quake reforged ones. I always have trouble getting other skin packs to always reverts to the vanilla skins no matter what I try.


                  • Hello Papa,

                    Knowing that many people will have issues with this new feature, cause you have to rename 1 or 2 things, I already have a "sample" pack that will ship with the "small mod compilation" V3.7.

                    People can use it or not. It is just a sample pack.
                    But it will help people to know how to make use of the multiskin/multimodel support.
                    Of course, a detailed description/readme will be available as always.

                    A small clip to show some more of the features and effects:
                    [ame= A8SlHEqdMQSJYVDt5j-UM]shambler-magic-attack-animation.avi - YouTube[/ame]

                    But this will be the last clip before the release. Just to keep you entertained...

                    Best wishes,


                    • cools, im loving shams new charging particle-effect, and the effect when you hit the wall with lightning-gun

                      awesome work like usual seven

                      cant wait to be able to use them
                      are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                      > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                      everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                      • GR8! Thanx Seven!


                        • Seven nice work man! Can you put the instructions in the OP? I love all this but i dont know how to use most of it. I particularly want snow, and reflective water. Right now my reflective water has the sky texture in it... its all messed up.

                          Also my particle effect trails are almost non-existant. What the duece? Is there a cvar that fixes this? This happens when i add the SMC.

                          look at this smoke/particle rocket trail. all my effects trails look like this:

                          (in this pic, water is working correctly, but effects trails are f'd up. now both are broken. i have too many files in my quake folder... hehe!)
                          Originally posted by Magnus
                          Apology accepted.


                          • @turtlevan
                            What DP build are you using ?
                            Try the one Seven is recommending *click*
                            Quake HD: Embrace the decline and have some guilty pleasure with it, or join a club for monocled gentlemen at quaddicted and play Quake the way it's meant to be played.


                            • Hello tv,

                              Thank you for your post.
                              It is good to ask these questions in public, because there are most probably others with similar issues.

                              First of all, please tell me what "OP" means. I really dont know.

                              If you follow the link in Smith´s post above, you will find this quote:
                              ...particle effect system has been changed (example: rocket trails leave less particles)
                              And I think this is exactly what you are facing now...
                              I stumbled over the exact issue. That is why I mentioned it there.

                              It is important to know that the "small mod compilation" (until V3.61) does not change the original Quake effects.
                              These effects (starting with "TE_" or "TR_") are absolutely untouched QC-wise !
                              This will change in upcoming "small mod compilation V3.7" (but lets not talk about this now).

                              Please try the DP builds that you will find when you follow the link.
                              And please read about the other things in that post as well.

                              I stopped to test newer DP builds (from december 2011 onwards), so I am absolutely not aware if these things have changed recently.
                              Please test it.


                              Regarding your water issue:
                              Maybe it has something to do with the above.
                              If not, there are already many different water shaders available (if you want to use a water shader).
                              We could make a special water shader for you (cause I know you love to record clips).
                              I made one for Disco a while ago.
                              It is a matter of personal liking. One like it reflective, others dont.
                              One like it with distortion, others dont.
                              It is all customizable via the water shader itself.


                              Regarding the snow:
                              There is a TUT available how to do that.
                              I remember that you contacted me a while ago and talked about issues with recording a demo.
                              Yes, that is still the case:
                              Even when you save a demo with a map that has the particle snow, the playback will NOT show the snow.
                              It is identical to other particle effects (like fire). If you pay attention in your original Quake demo, when you start the game (e1m3), you will still see the polygon flame, even though you use a sprite flame or a particle flame.
                              I dont know how to bypass this. LordHavoc, Spike or Baker will surely know the root cause for it.

                              So, to summarize it. Creating snow is not that hard (please follow the TUT), but recording it via a saved demo is not possible (at least in my understanding, and I am wrong many times).

                              I hope to help you a little bit.

                              Best wishes,


                              • Hi seven,
                                looking forward your next update.SMC is in my opinion is
                                SMALL STEP FOR GAMING, BUT HUGE LEAP FOR QUAKE