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    Can't wait.


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      i'm always ready for testing :-)
      my projects so far:

      Travail retextured ___/___ Knave HD textures
      Tronyn in high definiton ___/___Abyss of Pandemonium HD textures
      Nehahra rtlights and other experiments


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        Dear all,

        If you are interested, here is the pre-final for V2.7.

        Extraction from the change history:
        changes since V2.5 (V2.5 available at

        new features:
        - monster corpses are now gibbable ! (without any negative side effects compared to other available "gibbable corpses mods") Thank you Wazat.
        - Crucified zombies are now shootable and gibbable ! Thanks to MaNiAc.
        - gibs are now always fully visible as they should (they are no longer sink/stick into floor/walls). (gib models with special positioning are included)
        - in mission pack 2: High Res explosions for Multi-Grenade-Weapon and Plasma gun (they follow "effectinfo.txt" now)

        updated features:
        - "Nails stick in walls" also works for normal Nailgun nails now without interfering with wizard, hellknight and chton spikes (thanks to OoPpEe)
        - "Nails stick in walls" now only remain visible for 20 seconds (instead of 30 seconds). Now they match exactly the decal fading time.
        - reworked velocity for kickable gibs (now much more realistic. You cannot kick them as far as before)
        - in mission pack 2: Plasma gun shooting animation. Thanks to OoPpEe
        - in mission pack 2: Plasma gun projectile position correction.

        The hardest thing was to implement the gibbable corpses while keeping the kickable gibs.

        I always searched for a good gibbable corpse mod, but every other existing mod have at least one of these issues:
        - corpses often fall through the floor (under special conditions)
        - corpses block your way (especially on incline floors, cause they are "not solid")
        - you cannot walk through them (cause they are "not solid")
        Now I found this perfect mod, that has none of these issues and of course included it at once.
        Wazat did an excellent job ! Thank you so much.
        The more damage you do to the corpse, the higher the gibs fly (just like regular gibbing in Quake).

        I also included my favorite gibs into the pack now.
        I am not sure who made them. At least one is from Ruohis.
        All I did was edit them a little that they are positioned correctly in the world and flagged them of course.
        You can of course use your own if you dont like them.
        I had no time to create normals or gloss for them. Feel free to do it.

        Some screens:

        I recommend not using the cvar (if you have it, try to temporary disable it)
        The gibs will look very dark (almost black) if you use it:

        ToDos´for the final version:
        Help me finding the perfect health values for all monster corpses (before they gib).
        At the moment all corpses have 30 health and need 2-4 single barrel shots to gib.

        Thank you for your testing and feedback and help me to release the final version.

        Kind regards,
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          Based on Nightmare Health

          Weak (0-99 health):
          Zombie - 60
          Enforcer - 80
          Knight - 75
          Statue Knight - 75
          Grunt - 30
          RotFish - 25 (added as you can make him gibbable easily - you should too )
          Eel - 60
          Dog - 25
          Scrag - 80
          Spawn - 80 (yes I know he explodes)

          Medium (100-299 health):
          Gremlin - 100
          Phantom Swordsman - 150
          Ogre - 200
          Death Knight - 250
          Statue Death Knight - 250

          Strong (300-599 health):
          Centoid - 300
          Vore - 400
          Fiend - 300
          Mummy - 500 (not using spawnflag of MUMMY_STRONG)
          Wrath - 400

          Very Strong (600+ health):
          Shambler - 600
          Mummy (using Spawnflag of MUMMY_STRONG) - 1000
          LavaMan - 2000
          Armagon - 3500
          Guardians - 2000
          Dragon - 6000 (yes he gibs at death)
          Shub - 40000 (also gibs at death)
          OverLord - 1000

          I know the Shambler - and the MUMMY_STRONG - but honestly I'd ignore that and give him the normal gib health as the standard mummy - and yes I know you have to gib them to kill them. I just said this in case you want to give the option of the player being able to shoot a zombie/mummy and when they are down - they still shoot it with non-explosives to gib it - are the only non-boss enemies in the Very strong - but he should be as he is easily the much largest non-boss enemy.

          Damage to gib as just a idea:
          Weak - 30
          Medium - 60
          Strong - 150
          Very Strong - 300

          Basically 50% of the health of the "cut-off" in my ranking of health. The weak and medium were adjusted obviously. Weak should die with low damage. Only the Dog and Rotfish corpses health have more health than the live versions. However you could just edit the gibbing health to 25 and then make the medium 50.

          ALthough making separate healths for each would be ideal and be easy as all you'd have to do is change the 30 in this:
          CopyMonsterToBodyQue(30, "progs/h_guard.mdl");
          Maybe just use my values as a guideline. Having a corpse too weak is bad, but having it too strong is too. This would make the Strong enemies take a 2 explosions or a single explosion + some other weapon damage. Then the bosses and Shambler would take 3.


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            good job Seven

            gibbable corpses

            this mod keeps getting better


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              Love the features seven, but I do want to relay a bug I've encountered. For some reason, and at random my sound gets screwy. For example, I started E1M5 and when I encountered the knights I had ogre sounds. I also sometimes get sounds of lifts which will not stop even after I've moved away from them. The lift sound I find I can sometimes get around by restarting the level but.. I'm trying to see if it is related to the new pk3..

              Update..Yes, when I replace the new pk3 with gibbable corpes with the previous version I do not have sound anomalies.
              Anyone else have this happen to them?


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                First of all: Thank you very much for your feedback.

                I tried e1m5 but didnt hear ogre sounds when knights attacked me.
                I also tried some maps with elevators, but everything seems to be allright.

                Jakub didnt encounter strange things either...

                Hmmm, lets wait for other people giving feedback.
                Until then I think everything is allright, because I didnt touch anything sound related in the .qc files.
                Which DP build do you use ?
                Any other replacements that could create this ?


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                  i can confirm seven's statement. i have also tested the last pre-release version and i haven't encountered any bugs related to the monster sounds nor to the lift/door sounds. after reading this last comments i run through e1m5 again just to be sure, but nothing. only problem i have with this mod is the one described in pm to seven - gibs get stuck on the top of player's head, especially when standing in the corner. once i move aside they fall back to the floor. not a bug.. it's just funny :-)
                  Last edited by jakub1; 04-12-2011, 12:07 PM. Reason: typos...
                  my projects so far:

                  Travail retextured ___/___ Knave HD textures
                  Tronyn in high definiton ___/___Abyss of Pandemonium HD textures
                  Nehahra rtlights and other experiments


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                    I also had the gibs sticking on the top of my head! LOL I'll have to track down what else the issue might be. I don't believe I've added anything else so perhaps there is a subtle enough difference in the code of the latest that it is finally interacting with something else I already have. It interests me that I can use your prior version and it doesn't create the anomaly. Or, it might be a bug in something else I've added in the past. I have some tracking and elimination to do now.
                    Thanks guys!


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                      Oh, I'm using this autobuild you suggested seven:


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                        Update. I think I've found my problem. When I use a previously saved game with the new mod, I get the sound anomaly. If I start fresh on the start map or If I load from the console all seems to be fine. The bug was me. DOH! Sorry seven.


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                          I found something as a result of the mod that I feel is amusing. Try gibbing corpes in Ziggurat Vertigo and watch the show with less gravity! I had fun going back through the level and gibbing all bodies of monsters.

                          edit: You're right seven, I'm making too many posts. See, I'm using this one to really confuse folks..LOL My bad, and I'll fix it from now on.
                          Thanks again for the mod compilation..I enjoy it!!
                          Last edited by gdiddy62; 04-14-2011, 03:35 PM.


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                            Glad you found the issue gdiddy62.

                            Just like Lardarse said here: klick
                            It is the old Quake bug, that fools us again and again

                            ...and one more small thing gdiddy62:
                            There is this little "Edit" button on the lower left side of your posts.

                            There is a small update to my "small mod compilation", that brings rain effect to DarkPlaces.
                            For more details klick here

                            Next Updates will be posted here in this thread again.

                            Kind regards,


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                              after receiving a detailed feedback for the pre-final from jakub1 via PM (Thank you very much !), I started to work on his mentioned issues.

                              Fortunately I was able to find the solution for the described issue from jakub1 and gdiddy62 (read post #52 / #53 for details):
                              "gibs get stuck on the top of player's head and bounce up and down infinitely"

                              This issue is totally solved now.

                              Furthermore I could reduce the velocity of the kickable gibs even more and implemented a code for a totally different gib behaviour:
                              Gibs can alternatively be MOVED/PUSHED instead of kicked.
                              So they stay on the floor and only move away from the player while walking trough them.

                              Another feature update:
                              gibs do turn/spin now, during every movement (gives a much more realistic look)

                              Rain and Snow are implemented too of course.

                              So the final version will be available soon.

                              Kind regards,


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                                Looking forward to it Seven!