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  • Just tried that. Got a similar error msg as before


    • Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post
      @splitter can I have the link to that torrent? I want to compare it to my dp folder structure.
      Me tooo
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      • SMC Grimrock

        Hello all,
        I was wanting the Grimrock effect for all monsters in Quake after seeing the experiment Seven posted not too long ago. I asked Seven to assist me and he sent me his source code and some instructions. Under his guidance I've compiled the QC to give the effect to all monsters other than the tarbaby and the fish. I think this effect wouldn't fit the fish and the tarbaby has a nice effect already. I thought it would be nice to share it with the rest of you. The zip includes the code (progs.dat in QC folder) and some nice Zombie skins for their effect. Just copy the progs.dat and Zombie-Trinity-skins.pk3 into your Id1 folder. SMC by Seven is needed for this to work and it's for DP only.

        All I did was follow the instructions that Seven provided and gave some time. Seven fixed the mistakes I made in trying to learn some minor coding. All credit goes to Seven for these effects. Be sure to shoot a wizard in the air and watch the particles rain down.

        Grimrock for SMC.rar


        • Is that like this?
          [ame=]Quake_with_Legend_of_Grimrock_death_animations_bet a.avi - YouTube[/ame]

          Grimrock for SMC.rar[/quote]


          • That is it. Only now the effect is improved from the video.


            • The Animated-REFLECTING-OVERLOAD MOD do NOT use its own progs.dat.
              All you need for it is:
              - Small Mod Compilation
              - QRP Map Textures

              seven_think is a SMC feature. So I guess SMC isnīt installed correctly....
              A other progs.dat is overwriting the SMC progs.dat - like Splitterface said..

              Try to extract the progs.dat from Quake_V3.80_small-mod-compilation_Seven.pk3 (is a zip file) to your \ID1 and everything shoud work fine

              Originally posted by splitterface View Post
              ah... yes that explains

              just now saw your post about using reflecting overload

              using it collides with the smc, cuz it includes its own progs.dat whichll override the one from smc cuz the overload mod will be loaded last cuz it has a Z at start of pk3 name

              beside, theres no need to use the overload mod at all, the only files you need for the fog are the ent files and the effectinfo files inside the maps folder of the pk3

              you can easily open the pk3 with zip or winrar or such. open the pk3, and extract the 'maps' folder into your ID1 folder, thats the only thing you need for the portal fogs and such, that one folder from overload mod

              but if you like the animated&reflecting textures from that mod, ive made an extra pk3 some time ago containing only the files needed for those effects: z96_Reflecting&animated only.pk3


              • I have the Starter Kit - multiskin+multimodel ID1 monsters Seven V3.80.pk3 and there is no progs.dat in there


                • You need the file from the first post called:

                  In this .rar you will find:

                  In the root!!!! (filesize about 16MB)

                  This pk3 contains the progs.dat. Copy this to your \Quake\ID1 folder.

                  (You already have the autoexec.bat and the effectinfo.txt?)

                  Then copy the files from:
                  - 00 custom particle+sound effects support Updated 06-04-2012
                  - 00 weather .ent files

                  to \ID1\Maps!

                  The "Starter Kit - multiskin+multimodel ID1 monsters Seven V3.80.pk3" from the subfolder "00 Multiskin + Multimodel ID1 files !!!!!!" doesnīt include a progs.dat.
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                  • Oooooh pretty! Thank you!


                    • New issue... missing textures :\
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                      • Originally posted by metalseed View Post
                        New issue... missing textures :\
                        If you are using Animated Reflecting ...

                        You have to enable your DDS feature with:
                        "r_texture_dds_load" "1"

                        Type this into the console or into your config.cfg AND RESTART your Darkplaces!!!

                        After I look at your Screenshot - Please enable DDS Support!


                        • Thanks! That did it! I owe you a beer!


                          • No Problem - I hope you have fun with this


                            • Originally posted by webangel View Post
                              The Animated-REFLECTING-OVERLOAD MOD do NOT use its own progs.dat.
                              ah my bad, i didnt know you changed that, cuz i remembered that several updates ago it still did make use of its own progs.dat.
                              but i personally didnt bother to check if later versions still came with their own progs.dat too cuz i only used the animated and reflecting textures from reflecting-overload anyway.

                              then yes indeed, another addon metalseed has installed has its own progs.dat
                              which must collide with the progs.dat from smc

                              ive shared a copy of my darkplaces setup with him, so he shouldnt have that prob anymore
                              are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                              > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                              everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                              • Playing DoE today and on e1m5 (I think) I ran into some enforcers that were showing as little rainbow colored diamonds. What might I be missing?