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  • Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post
    - I love foreign English. It's like an entirely different language that I totally understand.
    my english is just like my qc, ugly, undocumented and messy but it works (some laggy )
    the invasion has begun! hide your children, grab the guns, and pack sandwiches.



    • Originally posted by jakub1 View Post
      i've been neglecting quake recently.
      You shouldnt do that to your Quake. It is a sensible game.

      Originally posted by jakub1 View Post
      but no, i'm not complaining keep them coming. feature list looks impresive. plan for this weekend is clear.
      Be sure to not invite anybody and lock all doors
      I hope you like the new ones. I am of course not as good as you, but I tried to do my best. Please make a small note how you like them if you want. I am interested in your opinion.


      Originally posted by nahuel View Post
      Mother of Shub Niggurath!! aniway he/she will be a great quake modder
      Like this great song
      The clip is not available in germany again... Like last time.
      I guess I will have to write a complaint letter to the judge


      Originally posted by GiSWiG View Post
      Testing this with no other mods loaded other than rtlights and using the example autoexec.cfg with the default...
      set flamestyle 2
      4.10, I see no flame effects, just a glow. Just start a new game and look around the 'Introduction'.
      In 3.8, I see flames, beautiful flames I must say...
      Am I missing something or is this a bug?
      Hmmm, everybody else seem to have no issue with it, so I assume it is no bug.
      I remember that kingennio had this exact issue a while back with ROGUE V3.81.
      I then lost contact with him, but I think he managed to find the reason for it.
      Please contact him via PM if you cannot find the root cause for it (he visits this forum regularly).

      I tested your config.cfg lines in my setup and also all DP builds that has been mentioned but could not see the issue myself.

      Originally posted by GiSWiG View Post
      Just noticed to that you do not see the flame effect in the intro video in either 3.80 or 4.01. By design?
      The reason why you do not see any "small mod compilation" changes in the demos is because of the modified 'progs.dat'. The demos have been recorded some days ago (around 16 years to be specific).
      The demo files do not use the modified game mechanics (progs.dat). That is why you will not see it.
      The particle effects, that uses the original effect names will be displayed by DarkPlaces though.


      Originally posted by splitterface View Post
      hmm... i thought to remember that build wasnt perfectly stable
      The only issue with the "stable" release 20120628 is that offsetmapping is disabled.
      Other than that it is as stable as all other DP builds are.


      Originally posted by GiSWiG View Post
      Remember this? You mentioned that some things are preventing you from using later builds. Is this 20110702 you latest preferred?
      If you would have read the 'main readme.txt' inside the "small mod compilation" you would have known my recommended DP build
      You will find this link in the readme (and some other interesting info).
      So now you know which DP build I suggest.
      But attention:
      This is only a suggestion related to the "small mod compilation" !
      If you are a modder or engine dev, you will most probably be interested in all additional things that has been implemented into DP since then !
      If you are not and only want to play your Quake, use the suggested build. Reasons:
      - Better performance
      - Particle effect code has been changed so that many models (like grenade/rocket) do have only 1/100 as many particles as before.

      Originally posted by GiSWiG View Post
      Interesting how it is not in LHs files on his site and the filename does not say beta.
      You will find all "stable" and beta releases on LH´s download page.
      The autobuilds are not stored. They are automagically created every 6 hours.
      The mentioned DP builds are autobuilds and therefore not available anymore on his page. That is why I stored them seperately, so they will not get lost (see link above).

      Best wishes,


      • Clueless...

        I just cannot get that 4.01 flames to work. And I tried two different PCs with two different sets of Quake.
        Core 2 Duo with integrated Intel graphics
        Athlon Phenom II X4 3.4GHz, Radeon 6670
        Both Win7 x64

        One set of quake was the original 1.06, hot from a fresh install. The other had minimum mods, no textures, just rtlights and dp_waterv55.

        Tried all the different builds talked about above.

        Tried the example autoexec.cfg files, also modified to do nothing about gibbing, death animations, etc.

        Tried download from all three spots.

        Tried all three flame styles

        4.01 Just won't show flames, v3.8 does.
        I'm OK with 3.8 cause I don't like the death animations (they are cool and well done, just distracting) the gibbing features are not that important to me and the biggest thing: the flames work. I also like the monster textures. I just cannot seem to find one that covered the dogs. (QRP doesn't)


        • Seven I can confirm I have the sam problem as giswig

          Today I changed from SMC 4.0 to 4.01 and all my tourches are gone....

          Didn't change nothing in my setup and reverting back to SMC 4.0 solves the problem.

          I'm on Windows 7 64 bit and your suggested build of darkplaces engine



          • Originally posted by Helloween View Post
            Seven I can confirm I have the sam problem as giswig

            Today I changed from SMC 4.0 to 4.01 and all my tourches are gone....

            Didn't change nothing in my setup and reverting back to SMC 4.0 solves the problem.

            I'm on Windows 7 64 bit and your suggested build of darkplaces engine

            I Mean, sorry Seven, but at least I'm not the only one.

            As I said, I tested with a completely clean Quake 2 and the darkplaces build you suggested including the 64-bit build. Minus the BINDs, here's the config.cfg:
            "cl_particles_quality" "2"
            "cl_stainmaps" "1"
            "r_bloom" "1"
            "r_framedatasize" "1"
            "r_lerpsprites" "1"
            "r_shadow_realtime_world" "1"
            "snd_wav_partitionsize" "1024"
            "vid_fullscreen" "0"
            "vid_height" "768"
            "vid_width" "1024"
            I used your example autoexec.cfg, no edits


            • Hello,

              First of all, let me say something about the "autoexec sample.cfg" which you find inside the "small mod compilation" zip file:

              You do not need it to play the mod.

              The mod gives you many possibilities to adjust its features to your personal likings.
              All these cvars have a 'default' value.
              If you do not use the "autoexec sample.cfg" these defaults will be automagically used.
              The "autoexec sample.cfg" contains all cvars with the default values.
              It is a quick help to have an overview of all cvars and gives you the possibility to change them quickly.

              If you do not change them, you do not need the "autoexec sample.cfg".


              Now back to the issue, described by GiSWiG (= missing flames):

              I was thinking what the root cause could be.

              I couldnt find it and started to think harder.

              I still couldnt find it and now even 'Helloween' has this issue.

              Then I used my magical glasses and looked a bit deeper into it.

              Still no luck, so I grabbed a peacemaker and wanted to open my mind.

              Then suddenly I saw Jesus walked up to me and pointed me into the right direction; saying: How could you´ve done this mistake ?

              Even the pope received his message and began to dispair.

              Then a flash hit me and all became so clear...

              And I couldnt believe this mistake and took a pause for a moment.

              In the meantime everybody got a note about the mistake.

              You said, that the flames do not work in V4.01.
              So I looked at the flames code all the time. But found no issue.
              But in reality ALL particle SMC effects do not work !
              All custom effects have no particles (explosions, powerups, items, etc..)

              The reason is, that the file "effectinfo.txt" has still the renaming in the .pk3:
              "effectinfo for ID1 V4.01.txt"
              That is why all custom effects do not work in V4.01.
              I use an external "effectinfo.txt" in my setup and did not notice it.

              I repacked the "small mod compilation" V4.01 now.

              Uploading it while typing this...
              (In the meantime, try extracting the "effectinfo.txt" directly into ID1 folder and all should work.)

              Version V4 has really not a good start
              Two mini-bugs handicaped its start...

              EDITED: Download Link in 1st post is updated (hopefully for the last time)
              Last edited by Seven; 08-16-2012, 09:55 AM.


              • Please Seven don't get down

                I'm shoure that anyone in here is extremly happy with your work.

                I didn't get the chanse to say that the ammo came out beautifully, maybe you could think about to randomly show the old pack and the new ammo tipe. Till now loved it!!!

                Also, I can say just compliments for the idea of the heart for the life supply, personaly I would even crank up the volume of the heartbeating!!!

                Cheer up Seven!
                Last edited by Helloween; 08-16-2012, 10:47 AM.


                • Picard might be ashamed but Kirk is pissed...

                  No worries. Just bring him some Romulan Ale and he'll forget the whole thing.

                  I extracted the effectinfo.txt and that did the trick. I'll download the fixed version later.

                  Many thanks!
                  Last edited by GiSWiG; 08-16-2012, 11:41 AM.


                  • It works right out of the box! No config or anything. Thanks man.


                    • abra-cadabra... magic-mediafire-mirror spell:
                      00 Quake-Small-Mod-Compilation-V4.01--Seven-20120816-fixed.rar
                      are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                      > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                      everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                      • Thanks splitterface, rapidshare is rapidslow

                        Thank you Seven for a great update!
                        Regular One Man Slaughterhouse


                        • Hello,

                          I have just a quick question for the ones who are interested.
                          Having just finished the Hipnotic and almost the Rogue versions V4.0,
                          do you want to see the animated heart for the gremlin and/or scourge ?
                          There will not be a seperate cvar to pick specific monsters.
                          That is why I am asking if these 2 should in general be able to have these.

                          And before splitterface is asking:
                          I do not plan to implement a stone-heart for the statues
                          Even though this would be a nice idea...
                          Then again, why not ?

                          Thank you for a reply.

                          PS: Any other ideas/wishes for the mission packs are welcome.


                          • @seven
                            as for the rogue statues... why not create something else for those enemies?
                            like some kinda magical gem or such that wouldve been used to bring it to life?

                            like for example golems are also brought to life using a magical gem

                            so mebbe the statues could have drop kinda magical gem or some other magical looking thingamajig when they die?

                            EDIT: oh oh, i just had a cool idea... how about when the statues die they drop some broken heart-shaped crystal?

                            and as for heart for hypnotic enemies...
                            gremlin and armagon yes, other enemies id say no.
                            the scorpion i always felt was some kinda robot, so imo it would be weird to have a robot drop a heart.
                            and for that floating ball thing id also say it wouldnt be fitting
                            Last edited by talisa; 08-21-2012, 02:34 PM.
                            are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                            > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                            everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                            • I think the gem idea is a good one. I agree about "no" for the floating ball but am not sure on the scorpion. Maybe others will weigh in on this??

                              Oh, and yes for heart on Gremlins and Scourge!

                              Looking forward to this Seven!


                              • What if the scorpion dropped poison..