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  • I really like this effect. kudos. its beautiful and believable
    Gnounc's Project Graveyard Gnounc's git repo


    • Awesome job, Seven. You never fail to Impress us.
      Sorry if my english isn't clear, is not my native languaje.


      • Great work Seven,
        I love the falling shambler and wizard.

        The dust is a little bit to bright for my taste


        • Thank you all very much for your feedback.

          So I will delete the enforcers fall-back dust and leave it only to those 2 monsters.

          But the fall-back sound for the enforcer I would like to keep, I also added individual ones for the ogre, hellknight and soldier. Those 3 have very similar fall-back death animations like the one from the enforcer.
          Quake has only little sound, so maybe this might be an enrichment ?
          I know that good sound files are very hard to find and even harder to create oneself. So I try to handle this sound-topic very carefully. But the sounds I found are really fitting very good to the enemies.

          Regarding changeweapon sounds:
          Last 2 days I had my "sound-search-days" and I was able to find free sounds that also matches to the 8 different weapons.
          First I wanted to only use 1 sound for all weapon changes, but those 8 that I found make me really excited how you like them.
          I really love them and they bring more "life" into Quake.
          They are of course subtle in volume, so that they do not disturb and can be completely switched off via cvar if you dont like them.

          Thank you again for your support and replies.

          PS: Splitterface, there will be no more clips before the final release. They cost much time... Release is quite near now


          • I agree with splitterface, and you too seven.

            I think each monster should have it own sound, the enforcer sound is perfect imo. The shambler should have something more heavy sounding as it is a big monster. I think the wizard should have kind of a "splat" sound like wet meat. The knights should have a bit of a metallic sound and well as the hell knights but more heavy. ogre sound should be a heavier sound too. You get my gist I think.

            Great idea as usual, I like it very much.
            Regular One Man Slaughterhouse


            • Hello Roy Batty,

              Thank you for your feedback.
              I mentioned in the post above, that I had "sound-search-days" the last couple of of days. The result of it was that I extended my search to have corpses-falling sounds for all monsters.
              Even the monsters with 2 different death animations have different sounds now.
              That is what I was doing the last days.

              Each monster has its own weight, style and properties. I wanted to respect these for the sounds and with the help of Audacity, it was possible to achieve it.

              So the next "small mod compilation" version will have also a big focus on make the Quake world more 'alive' and 'varied'

              It now has sounds for (adjustable via cvar):
              - change weapons
              - monster death animations (corpse fall on ground)
              - monster footsteps

              Another attempt to bring more variety and "realism" into Quake was:
              - 'new' animations for soldier, knight, ogre and dogs
              - new zombie type (as already shown in existing thread)
              - new dog model

              The new animations for soldier, knight, ogre and dogs will NOT change the gameplay, as this is what SMC does not want. I implemented the unused framegroups of these monsters into the game. Even with their own new sounds.
              I paid special attention to have fluent animation intersections from "old" animations to "new" ones. I am more than happy with the results and hope you will like them. You can switch these off anytime via cvar if you dont want. But again, these do not change the gameplay, so I suggest to keep them enabled.

              Last note to Roy Batty´s suggestion:
              The wizards, demons and dogs use the same sound file for landing on ground:
              They share this sound file via engine-side (.c) !
              So it is not comparable with other sound files.
              If I replace this file with another for the wizard, it will also be used for demon and dog.
              But I will try what I can do SSQC-wise to find a workaround.
              I think if I can use the same sound-channel as the engine, I can override it with a different sound file for the wizard. But this is only a guess. I must try it.

              Kind regards


              • Hello,

                It was possible to modify the wizards smash/drop sound on the floor.
                So I could implemented Roy Batty´s idea to make it sound a little bit like heavy "wet" meat.

                I also followed Jakub´s idea and made the default shambler "earthshake" force less strong.

                As long as there are no other suggestions, I am done with it.
                I updated the "Starter Kit - multiskin+multimodel" with new High res skins for:
                - dog
                - modified dog head
                - knight

                Thank you webangel and d1554573r for their great skins.

                I dont know if the alternative knight skin from d1554573r has been released before:

                Here is a snippet from the knights 'kneel' animation, which I added randomly to its walking and standing animation.

                I did not want to show screenshots from dogs, soldier and ogre additional animations. This should still be a little suprise, when you test it yourself. All supporting sounds are also done, as well as QC.

                Now whats left to do is updating documentation/readme´s and packaging all files. Unfortunately the weekend was not long enough... I planned to release it today.

                Have a nice start into next week.
                Good night.


                • I look forward to the release Seven.

                  Thanks to you, Webangel, d1554573r, and all who are a part of the SMC!!


                  • oh great find seven. i didnt know d1554573r had made an alternate version of his knight skin
                    i love it, its great. and its nice to have even more variation in skins in quake

                    and yay on that there were new hi-res skins made for dog and updated head.
                    totally cant wait till you packed it
                    are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                    > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                    everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                    • \o/ can't wait
                      Regular One Man Slaughterhouse


                      • Seven, did you ever played Serious Sam? After reading about your idea of transparent monsters I tried implementing the Mental mode where monster become visible and invisible regularly, like phasing in and out from the view. It is a nice effect I think it might stay well in SMC.
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                        • Dear all,

                          You know, monkeys are exactly like humans.

                          Some are young Some are old

                          Some are friends Some are mean

                          Some are active Some are lazy

                          Some are funny Some are angry

                          Some get raped Some rob others

                          Some like sports Some like nothing

                          Some are good at computers Some are not

                          So what am I ?

                          Something between him and him

                          Anyway, here is a New Release from the "small mod compilation"

                          UPDATED 20121010

                          Quake version V4.12 Release

                          New Features:
                          - adjustable change-weapon sounds
                          - adjustable view-weapons transparency adjustment
                          - adjustable monster transparency adjustment
                          - optional monster footstep sounds
                          - monsters have individual impact sounds, when their corpses fall onto the floor
                          - shambler and wizard create dust clouds when their corpses fall onto the floor
                          - adjustable ‘earth shattering’ when shambler dies and falls
                          - optional burnable, gibbable or non-solid corpses
                          - adjustable hell-demon visual (demon burns and leaves burning footprints)
                          - optional new zombie monster with various adjustable abilities, animations/sounds
                          - optional new dog monster with various new animations/sounds
                          - some monsters have additional new sounds to make Quake more “alive/living”
                          - dog, soldier, knight and ogre use additional adjustable animation sequences to increase variation
                          - fully adjustable shell casings
                          - new fire particle effect for different locations (Thank you Nahuel)
                          - ‘Starter Kit’ updated/extended

                          Updated Features:
                          - fixed bug with wrong gib skins in lava and slime
                          - secret walls/buttons/doors optionally have their own particle effect now (requested by negke)
                          - all custom particle effects for weapons and monsters will now also be used in fan-made maps which bring their own progs.dat
                          - updated particlefont

                          Please find updated links in 1st post.

                          Have fun

                          Best wishes,


                          • Thank you Seven,
                            here you can find a Mirror!


                            • downloading now, cant wait to try it
                              when im done downloading ill add mediafire mirror right away

                              totally cant wait till its done downloading, the new features will be awesome
                              some of them ive wanted in quake for ages
                              are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                              > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                              everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


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