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    Originally posted by Seven View Post
    Please read the information provided in the 1st post.
    You will find the word "shortly".

    Now compare it with Duke Nukem Forever and you will get an idea...
    awwww nice!
    I actually preordered DNForever, it is coming next month as it seems
    took forever but hey! it's DN! I only hope it's not a lame run-in-a-line-fps_watc-cutscene_run-in-a-line-again
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      Yea, I know what you mean now.

      Saw in the code where you commented on the line that sticks the nails. Pretty clever.

      I forgot where I coded my richochet code, I thought I remember messing with the touch, and used if (other = world) then we are touching the bsp part of the map, but I cant find it. Probably a controversial way to say we are touching a wall, because I remember sometimes the nails clung to the bsp, and sort of slid up it depending on the angle. I pretty much took the angle of direction it was traveling and if it hit solid bsp, calculate a richochet angle....and with the superspikes, I gave them an avelocity to make the spin as the superspike I think travels faster, not sure, been so long since I was doing that code.

      Anyway, I made a new post where I put sevens rain fx, and some new stuff of my own up live on my server.

      I was gonna make a demo with Turtlevans help, but I just dont have the patience to u-l many gb's to youtube

      Originally posted by OoPpEe View Post
      That combined with Nails sticking into walls would be godly.
      Have it basically a timed event. So if a nail has only been in flight for 1 second or less - it sticks into a wall - any longer it bounces off and hits the ground (modified ricocheting code basically)


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        Dear all,

        all my files, that I uploaded yesterday to rapidshare have Download problems.
        Rapidshare changed their website during my upload.

        Now I corrected/reuploaded those files.

        Sorry for the inconvenience

        Best regards,


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          It's finally downloading..
          Thank you very much Seven!
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            Dear all,

            I thought it would be time to finish the mission pack V2.71 versions.

            There is one thing you could help me with though:
            The new Mission pack 2 compilation will have additional "effectinfo.txt" effects for:
            - multi grenade launcher explosion
            - plasma gun explosion

            We talked about it in the other thread in detail: klick me

            Please test the 2 alternative TEST versions for Mission pack 2:
            Download Test Version

            - Rogue_V2.71_TEST_Version__PlasmaExplosion_01 --> uses the Rocket launcher explosion
            - Rogue_V2.71_TEST_Version__PlasmaExplosion_02 --> uses the TarBaby explosion

            The multi-grenade explosion uses the rocket explosion in both versions.

            Fortunately the "effectinfo.txt" in the rogue folder overrides the one in the ID1 folder.
            So it is possible to create your own Plasma explosion effects for rogue (independent from ID1) if you use Ver. _02.
            But be aware, that the Tarbaby explosion will always follow the plasma explosion ;-)

            Be sure to delete all older versions of the "small mod compilation" in your rogue folder.
            Be sure to have no other "progs.dat" in your rogue folder.
            Drop the included .pk3 file (ONLY ONE AT A TIME) in your rogue folder.

            This is just a TEST version. The final V2.71 features are not yet implemented completely.

            Waiting for your feedback / ideas to complete the mods.

            Kind regards,
            Last edited by Seven; 05-18-2011, 03:03 PM.


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              Downloaded and will test and give feedback later this evening Seven.


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                I prefer the Tarbaby explosion personally. Worked fine for me. I miss the gibbing of dead bodies in the test.


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                  UPDATE 20110520

                  Released all new "small mod compilations" V2.73 for:
                  - Quake
                  - Mission Pack 1
                  - Mission pack 2

                  Please read the included documentations for details.

                  Download Links have been updated in 1st post.

                  Kind regards,


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                    thanks for the updates Seven!

                    I have missed your test version post...
                    In time, Fire will fade ... and only Dark will remain


                    • Hello Seven..
                      I have your latest update of your mod compilation, thanks!
                      But I was thinking, at the first time I thought the kickable gibs were a great idea, but now, after playing a lot with the new enhancements, the gibs flying and flying everywhere are starting to annoy me..
                      How can I deactivate it?
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                      • Only way to is to uninstall it. Sadly making Custom CVars isn't possible as it's engine related. He could try with DP as DPMod added some but I am unsure if you can add them in it either.


                        • Dani,

                          First of all, Feedback is important.
                          Dont be afraid to post negative Feedback !
                          It helps to keep projects like this one alive.
                          Worst thing that could happen is, if nobody writes anything after a new release.
                          This leaves totally uncertainty to the author, and will most probably lead to the end of its development.

                          Now on with your specific question:
                          I also think that kickable gibs are fun, but will be boring quick.
                          I just had a discussion about this topic with OoPpEe too.

                          Yes, it can be done. You can enable/disable this feature.

                          Basically we have many different options (for enabling/disabling):
                          1.) Use 2 "impulse" commands to handle it (BEST way in my opinion)
                          2.) Use .ent files to handle it
                          3.) Use temp1 to handle it

                          All of the above alternatives needs a small qc change to the mod.

                          Other ideas could be to help you temporary:
                          4.) copy the qc files, edit out the 2 kick_touch calls in player.qc, compile it. Use it.
                          5.) Avoid gibbing the enemies corpses
                          6.) Use the normal version rather than the double gib version.

                          Point 4.) is unbelievable easy and done in 1 minute.
                          So I could include both versions (with and without kickable gibs) in the zip files, that you donwload in 1st post.
                          So you can choose the one you like (switching this feature on/off is not possible then).

                          I will include the 2 "impulse" commands (point 1.) into the next version, so that you can enable/disable it.
                          The only small negative point about impulse commands:
                          You have to push your binded key after every map start.
                          It does not work like a cvar, which is a global (engine driven) thing.

                          So points 1.) + 4.) will be in my next releases.

                          Kind regards,


                          • great to know Seven! I too am looking forward for a modified QC version (point 4) without kickable gibs. I've implemented a version myself time ago on your mods, but I haven't kept pace with your great releases, such as rain effects.


                            • i'm having an issue with your nails torch and footsteps pack, i can't get nails to work. i've tried it alone and with various other packs and the only way i can get nails to work is with the full pack of all the mods (2.73) but all i want is the torches footsteps and nails sticking in walls. any advice? if i could somehow disable the other effects that i don't want from your big pack i would use that :-) btw is their a darkplaces .out file, that shows everything that darkplaces has tried to load after you quit so i can post it so you'll know what i have going on with my installation so you can tell me if i have a conflict?


                              • Hello thechadisgr8,

                                I merged your 2 issues into this thread if you dont mind:

                                1.) Increase your HUD to reach left and right side + bigger scaled.
                                You posted a pic of how it should be:

                                Yes, you can achieve it with these 2 cvars (I use them myself):
                                - "vid_conheight"
                                - "vid_conwidth"

                                Darkplaces adjusts these values automatically according to your screen resolution by default.

                                Screen comparism (for a resolution of 1680*1050):
                                left: original HUD / right: bigger HUD (used values height: 280, width: 380)

                                A different arrangement of the HUD is not possible in DP.
                                (there is a TUT at inside3D about doing it, but this should only be done by elder people)
                                ezQuake is master of all classes in customization !
                                You can adjust almost everything in ezQuake with a "simple" config file...

                                2.) Your issues with the "nail position torch and footsteps ONLY pack":
                                This is most probably only a misunderstanding.
                                You most probably think, that "nail position" means "nails stick in walls".
                                This is not the case.
                                It only corrects the position of the spawned nails out of the nailgun (see included screenshots in the .zip).
                                If you want the "nails in walls" mod you have to use V2.73.

                                Anyway, be sure to use this DP build to avoid any issues.

                                As mentioned above, if you are a little familiar with QC editing you can easily remove the kickable gibs in V2.73.
                                I described it 3 posts above. All other features should really not bugging you/someone.
                                As those are only small enhancements, which are barely visable.

                                Kind regards,
                                Last edited by Seven; 05-24-2011, 03:12 PM.