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  • Originally posted by splitterface View Post
    check inside any pk3s you have in your ID1 folder
    just wait till seven updates it again and releases the next version which has cloning fixed
    well, ok. that explains it


    • Hello Jeff,

      Regarding player/monster making “water ripple” particle effects:
      You have several possible ways to do this.
      1) Do it quick and dirty
      2) Do it exact and thoroughly
      I want to explain version 1) in detail here. Version 2) is too complex for this post.

      These are needed values/things:
      - .waterlevel
      1= approx. kneedeep (shooting with lightning gun does not hurt player)
      2= approx. chestdeep
      3= fully underwater
      - .velocity
      0= entity stand still
      - pointparticles

      The reason why this version is “quick and dirty” is, because we don’t care about the real water depth here.
      (We only check for .waterlevel and make thereby a certain “mistake”)
      We do not make a traceline to detect the real depth.
      Our pointparticles will be big enough to cover the small misalignment.

      The player is checked every frame (!) if he is in water, or just leaves water or just entered water.
      The monster does not have a similar function.
      So either create one, or only call that new function during animations where it really moves (like run, or walk, or …).
      Like I did the burning particles for the hell-demon.
      So if you decide to do it this way, make a call for that new function in the above mentioned animation frames.

      The new function will then first of all detect:
      If we are out of water, jump out of this function.
      If we do not move (.velocity == 0) also jump out of it.
      If we are in water (>= 1 and <3) and are moving, check the .waterlevel.
      We will then spawn the pointparticle depending on the .waterlevel:
      We know the size of the entities bbox (from the entities spawn function) or we can measure its bbox if you do not know it (or want to be universal) and will get our coordinate depending on the waterlevel.
      A good assumption is to use:
      - 1/3 of bbox for water level 1
      - 2/3 of bbox for water level 2

      That should work.
      Be aware, that we do not know the exact water depth and our particle will most probably be spawned a little above or below water surface.
      But the “splash” effect has a certain z-height and therefore covers this mistake.
      We will do this with “originoffset” keyword in the script and “originjitter”, as well as z-“velocityoffset”.

      The “exact and thoroughly” version would always measure the real position of the water (via traceline by starting from entities .origin upwards or downwards).
      We then know the exact coordinate to spawn out particle.
      You can look into the small mod compilations bullet-watersplash code to see how.

      In the end it might look a little bit like this:


      Hello positronicpimp,

      You cannot use the monster-cloning feature because it is not implemented in V4.12.
      It is implemented in Version 4.15.
      A gremlin stole the beta-progs.dat for V4.15, that I released for the interested people several days ago. He stole it, because it had a bug, which is fixed in final V4.15.

      People who saw him, told me he looked like this:

      Have fun,


      • Thanks for the response Seven, I'll have to find some time to look at code.


        • UPDATE 20121105

          Final Release V4.15 for Quake and both Mission Packs

          Dear all,

          I would like to release a new version of the "small mod compilation" today.
          This time all 3 compilations (ID1 + MP1 + MP2) are updated to V4.15.

          New Features (compared to V4.12):
          - optional monster-clone feature (multiply enemies in a map)
          - optional teleport/beam feature for wizards and demons
          - optional shell casings for grunts (soldiers)
          - adjustable lifetime for nails

          Updated features:
          - Updated both mission pack 'small mod compilations' to V4.15
          - Updated 'Starter Kit'īs
          - MP1: forcefield cvar has now 3 optional particle effects
          - MP1: fixed key particle effect
          - MP2: new modelskin for statues: 'stone-heart'
          - MP2: statues and knights/hellknights have seperate cvars now
          - MP2: fixed original mummy flesh-projectile spawning position bug
          - MP2: optional improved aiming for mummies
          - MP2: added multimodel support for sword

          I am sorry that it took me so long.

          But I had some other things to do....

          Took part in a rodeo competition:

          Had some trouble with my hairdresser:

          Fighting an unfriendly tourist:

          Met my new girlfriend (isnt she cute...)

          And finally jumped out of a spaceship with a parachute:

          Please find updated links in 1st post.

          I hope you will have some fun with it...



          • Thank you for your hard work my friend.

            Great Release. I love it!


            • awesome mod!

              i tried that clone monsters thingy with "set clonemonsters 2" and i got to admit, it makes the game pretty damn difficult!!

              good job!


              • Thanks for all of the work Seven!!


                • it looks to be an end of an era. thanks for the big contribution seven!!!

                  My Avatars!
                  Quake Leagues
                  Quake 1.5!!!
                  Definitive HD Quake


                  • awesomes, downloading the new SMC for all 3 right away!
                    and ill of course add mediafire mirrors, as soon as they're done downloading ill upload them and post links

                    cant wait to see the kickass teleporting effect in-game
                    and im also quite interested to see what effects you came up with for the particle-effect for the force-fields in HIPNOTIC.
                    and excited to see the stone heart you added to statues
                    and of course to have all the new features from ID1 in HIPNOTIC and ROGUE too

                    cant wait to try them all later <3
                    are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                    > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                    everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                    • Yuppiii

                      Like your new girlfrend has big... Wish I were that monkey on the shoulder

                      Cheers streight to download!


                      • as promised, mediafire mirrors

                        Mediafire doesnt allow split rars anymore, so no mediafire mirror possible for ID1 SMC due to size.... HOWEVER THERE IS A DROPBOX MIRROR

                        00 Hipnotic-Small-Mod-Compilation-V4.15--Seven-20121105

                        00 Rogue-Small-Mod-Compilation-V4.15--Seven-20121105
                        Last edited by talisa; 06-27-2013, 08:10 AM.
                        are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                        > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                        everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                        • I am really loving the new effects in the mission-packs Seven!

                          Thanks again for all the work!!


                          • Dear all,

                            Thank you all for your replies !
                            It is a pleasure for me that it was worth it and you have fun with it.

                            If "set clonemonsters 2" is too difficult, you should try "set clonemonsters 1". And also be aware that the amount of multiplied enemies depends on the difficulty/skill you chose for your game.
                            If a map has 20 monsters in easy skill, it will have 40 (with cvar clonemonsters "1")
                            If that map has 35 monsters on normal skill it will have 70.
                            ... and so on.
                            So maybe try "normal" instead of "hard" and clone them (once or twice).

                            Thank you very much for your mirrors splitterface + webangel !
                            They are linked in 1st post now.
                            I know that rapidshare can be slow at times.

                            Best wishes,


                            • If you live in the Netherlands (or in another country) DON'T download from Mediafire. (Or just be careful) I got a Ucash virus which blocked my computer.

                              I had to restart in Safe Mode, download Malwarebytes Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware download, update it, let it do a scan and remove the virus to get back control of my computer.

                              I just rebooted my computer after MBAM removed the virus and it seems to be okay. I don't know why my virus scanner (which was updated early this morning) didn't do anything about it.


                              I appreciate the download links, you couldn't have known about this.


                              Thanks for the mirror links, these work well.


                              Thanks a lot Seven for all your hard work, I look forward to play with your newest version later today.
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