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  • create a new text document in the same folder as your config.cfg
    in it just simply put:
    set kickgibs2

    then save, now rename that txt file to autoexec.cfg


    • Thanks for your help OoPpEe..
      200 aņos de mi querido PARAGUAY


      • Now that the new releases gets nearer.
        Are there any other suggestions ?

        Shall I implement the "double gibs quantity" feature via cvar again ?
        I remember, some people asked for it.


        • Cvar for double gibs sounds good Seven.


          • I'll appreciate that cvar Seven..
            200 aņos de mi querido PARAGUAY


            • The more options the better it is
              May be too intense for some viewers.
              Stress Relief Device
              ....BANG HEAD HERE....


              • Dude that is awesome it reminds me of diablo for some reason.


                • I think what you should do now is make it rotate around as it is going up faster and faster like it is being sucked in a vortex hehe. Maybe make it spinning around like in a whirlwind. That is an awesome effect I didn't know Dark Places had all that capability added into QuakeC.


                  • Can you add failing shells from dpmod to complement sticking nails ?
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                    • I don't know if it's possible to add fire and smoke out of the weapon when shooting.. The original weapons had 3D fire when shooting..
                      200 aņos de mi querido PARAGUAY


                      • Leave it to me to think up something for you

                        Can you use the fog effect to simulate black or dk grey smoke that stays around for a while in the area where an explosion takes place?


                        • Thank you for your suggestions.

                          @ _smith_
                          No, the shotgun shells will not find their way into this "small mod compilation".
                          At least not in the upcoming release, wich is already knocking on your door.
                          I asked myself this question several times, but somehow I dont like the shells...

                          @ dani & Cobalt
                          Yes, this is very clear a point on my TODO list for the future releases:
                          Particle muzzle flashes.

                          I already have something to present and experiment with:
                          Add this into your W_FireShotgun:
                          pointparticles(particleeffectnum("shotgun_muzzlefl ash"), self.origin + self.view_ofs + v_up * -8 + v_forward*20, self.velocity*15, 1);
                          and use something like this in your effectinfo.txt:
                          effect shotgun_muzzleflash
                          countabsolute 2
                          type smoke
                          color 0x202020 0x404040
                          tex 0 7
                          size 3 4
                          alpha 150 256 512
                          originjitter 1.5 1.5 1.5
                          velocityjitter 6 6 6
                          velocitymultiplier 0.01
                          lightradius 200
                          lightradiusfade 2000
                          lightcolor 2 1.5 0.2
                          sizeincrease 7
                          velocitymultiplier 0.05
                          This is of course just the first step.
                          It is still buggy due to the players velocity.
                          When the player stands still and shoots, it works perfect.
                          I used "self.velocity*15" in it, to make it follow the players movement.
                          But that is of course not good enough for a final release.
                          The code (so that it also works perfect and follows the guns mouth fine) must have calculation-code that handles this, before you call the "pointparticles" line.

                          Cobalt, if you have time, I would be happy if you can take a look in it...

                          @ dani
                          I will implement your wish to add axe sound into it, when you hit an enemy.
                          I will use a subtle volume sound. Quake doenst have a sound at all. Only when you hit a wall.
                          Implementation is very easy. To find the correct sound file is the hard thing.
                          But I already have a couple to choose from on my hdd.
                          So it will most likely be in the next release.

                          @ all
                          I talked with seanstar about the flames topic in Quake.
                          Several days ago I already spoke about it here
                          It is mot likely that I will add a cvar, that does this:
                          flames 0,1,2 [default = 1]
                          "0" = original ID1 poly flames
                          "1" = reworked LordHavocs sprite flame + some particle effects (no noticable fps impact)
                          "2" = particle flames (with fps impact)

                          So you can, depending on your hardware, choose wich one you like.

                          Kind regards,


                          • Can you add an option to disable kickable gibs? Playing in co op with 2 others, I noticed it gets very annoying with all the gibs flying around. Also, I've noticed that after a while, the gibs become bugged, and seem to stick to players. This results in players "bouncing" away from each other when the touch each other.


                            • Hello AndehX,

                              That is the usual problem:
                              Read the included documentation and you will find out, that this option is already implemented.

                              I created a detailed readme.txt for every feature in this compilation.
                              Please read it.

                              Thank you

                              Kind regards,


                              • ah ok, thanks. Didn't notice that