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Player Model using Moo's model - 3 Skin Choices

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  • Player Model using Moo's model - 3 Skin Choices

    Well here it is
    File size is large. This is due to it having 3 skin options in their own pk3. So once you extract the zip, you will see 3 folders. Ranger, Wrack and Grunt.
    All 3 versions also have a matching head gib to go with them.

    A huge thanks to Moo for the great model. Just needed to fix his axe animation bug.
    Another huge thanks for My-Key for doing the normal maps for Ranger and Wrack and the Gun/Axe normal map too!

    AndehX's HUD only got 2 minor edits by myself. I just added hue to the Pent face. The purple-ish face isn't used ingame. HOWEVER I just talked to LordHavoc and he could be adding it to Darkplaces. It will be the Pent + Quad face. Hence why I switched the mouth to the Quad mouth and then gave him "angrier eyebrows"

    Old Initial Post Below - very outdated.
    Moo's model is found here
    but I included in my zip.

    I started this for a mini-private mod a friend and I are doing. Basically just adding basic features to Quake 1 (gib corpses, kill all enemies with any gun - bosses and zombies just take alot more, killable crucified zombies, footsteps). Other parts is bringing in all content from the official expansions into Q1 inc weapons and we thought why not make a "Expansion Class" basically he only uses weapons from expansions (and keeps Q1 weapons when equal isnt avail) and that's where we decided to add Wrack from Q3.

    Skin was only inspired from him. His Q3 look wouldn't fit Q1 overall as it's too hightech. This is overall done, I would love it if someone can give him a better face however (to look like Wrack more). I tried and tried and I fail lol.

    He supports teamcolors and eventhough his armor has the yellow/orange areas - those DO get team colors applied to just not as much. I wanted to keep that part of the armor highly noticable while still keeping it team colored.
    "BottomColor" ONLY effect the pants. Topcolor effects helmet trim, all of the body armor, the area on sholderpads, and 2 parts of the boot. Basically any part that's light tan in the first screens are "Topcolor".

    Please note the "Model Editor" screens have his pant texture absent. I kept Moo's pant and Gun/Axe textures but I edited them slightly as they seemed too "smooth" for Quake 1
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    Updated Front ingame shot - taken from a corpse hanging off bridge (didnt have 2 PC's got a better front shot)

    Better ingame shot - using zeus bot. Had to merge all 4 textures together as only the un-teamcolored textures would load.

    As I re-merged them quickly keep in mind the "black" areas are not a bold in the final version.

    If people want I will release a beta
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      Well my first ever posting here. The model is basically done now. Fixed the axe issue that was present with Moo's model.
      Inside is the Wrack skin (updated since last years update lol). Then I also included Moo's skin but with a more Quake 3 style Ranger face. Skin itself was slightly edited too.

      This is only a test version right now.
      Would be awesome to have someone like My-Key do the normal maps
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        The face looks now much better.


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          My-Key did a normal texture for the Ranger skin and look at the detail of it now Check the arms and face especially.
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            Looks great!


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              Maybe it'll be possible to make him a little less smile? He looks like he's gone insane which i could also understand.


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                Hey Ooppee, do you want me to do a set of HUD faces to go with the ranger skin? I did a quick mockup here just to get an idea of what it will look like and a comparison to the original Ranger HUD face I did:

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                  ^^^ Looks awesome. Go for it and I will link to it in the release.
                  Did you see my comment on the eyes for pent/pent+quad?


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                    i did yeah, i'll see what I can do


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                      OoPpEe, maybe you also paint a skin for AndehX's hud face? And then there will be 2 excellent variants to choose


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                        The face I did was to match his. It looks different due to the different texture dimensions on the face on Moo's model and the one from Quake 3. It was also lower resolution, so resizing to fit made it blurry. That's why mine looks similar but different. I did the just slapping it on, then modified it slightly so it doesn't appear so blurry. I can do a direct Ranger port (but it'd be blurry), however if you read his post a few before yours - he's making a HUD to match the slightly modified face


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                          Another amazing Normal map by My-Key.
                          I've also made new gloss maps for the models too. So the next release will have many updates with the textures.

                          Also keep in mind, this is the same model as my Grunt (model by Moo). So if you take the skin from it and name it player_skin. I may try and convert that skin to work with this (with team colors).
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                            Got the Grunt skin separated, so now he's a optional skin to use also. The blood on the top does get the hue change with the topcolor - however it mainly stays red. So it still looks like blood for the most part.
                            Had to take the shot myself. So the part at the top is of him being dead and I cropped him onto the screen to show the front. I am using topcolor 13 in that shot.
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                              All done

                              I'll PM you the link Ooppee, and you can put it in with your skin if you like