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Player Model using Moo's model - 3 Skin Choices

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    Thanks Seven.

    The files I'm working with are .mdl, not md3. I read the links you posted though and I got some hints about what I should do. Again thanks.


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      The player model itself is md3 - just Darkplaces won't use it unless renamed to mdl. So if his links refer to a md3 model - rename it as it is a md3 model just renamed.


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        okay, so I should rename the .mdl files in the ranger progs folder to .md3, then make a progs folder in my qrack folder, then put the .md3 stuff in qrack/progs, THEN put all the .tga texture stuff in qrack/textures/models... correct?

        And what's the "merged skin" folder for oopee? Can I just leave that?


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          That'd be if you wanted to take the Quake 3 Ranger -f you wanted that, you'd copy the ranger folder to the:
          ..../quake/qrack/progs/ folder; then rename it to "player" after.

          What I got from the guide:
          have a ..../quake/qrack/progs/player
          put the player model from this thread into it, rename the extension to .md3
          so you have:

          Give that a try with the textures in it. If he comes up all white or black, then move the textures over to:


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            alright, I'm about to give this a shot. The thread seven linked to has Rook saying that the player model won't be holding a gun. If that's the case I won't bother-- that would just bother me to no end.


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              This player model has the gun model and axe attached to him. The Quake 3 player models used a external weapon model. So no worries


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                This process requires some cutting/pasting of files into certain folders. I hate messing up/cluttering my Quake file tree and am wondering if there's a way to see which files have recently been moved on my computer? I'm using windows Vista. Is there some way I can easily identify which files I have recently tinkered with/moved so that in the event I can't get anything working, I can at least remove the stuff I don't need?


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                  The best thing I've found is just sorting by "modified"
                  That will sort things by the order they were last changed. It will sort the folders individually. However in this process you should of only created the "progs/player" folders inside of Qrack


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                    One more question:

                    I'm gonna tinker with a mod called Qetia. It's a co-op mod that seems pretty awesome. Once I've got the mod loaded up, what do I type into the console in order to get a list of all available console commands for Qetia? I'd also like to know what I need to type in order to view all available impulse commands.


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                      sooooooooooooooooooooooo dark
                      Want to get into playing Quake again? Click here for the Multiplayer-Startup kit! laissez bon temps rouler!


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                        It was made for Darkplaces afterall
                        Model is much brighter once you disable rtlights ect ect ect


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                          I have no issues getting this model to work from within DarkPlaces, and the model looks great.

                          However, I have entities in my QC that use this model and animation, but requires another skin. Making the skin isnt a problem, nor is the QC side.

                          I cant workout how to name the texture files I believe, as DP for normal Quake1 .mdl's expects skins like:


                          but this model is using player_skin.tga. o.O

                          But this doesnt seem to work for this model. I believe its a Q3 model renamed for use in DP, but has any one been able to script it via QC to load a different diffuse skin?


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                            It is a md3 model and made for darkplaces
                            the _shirt is the armor or "topcolor"
                            the _pants is the pants or "bottomcolor"

                            To make it use a different diffuse texture use dpmodel.exe - its on the darkplaces file section. It allows you to rename a diffuse texture on a compiled model (md3)


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                              Ahh yes, thanks for that pointer there Ooppee.


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                                really goood work on this OoPpEe...i'm very impressed

                                this is a screenshot of him with my config