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Player Model using Moo's model - 3 Skin Choices

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    im trying to make him look more like q3 ranger





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      maybe increase the size of the face? less forehead ||


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        Hello Sean,

        yes, I think R00k is right.
        The face looks "smaller" compared to your previous screenshot.
        The helmet is a bit too big now.

        The thing I like about the previous screenshot more is the angry face.
        The new screenshot shows a handsome man that had a bad day. OK
        But the previous one shows an angry as hell marine, who sees devil every day.
        At least fo me...

        Kind regards,


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          Agree with the others input, looks too small. From the looks of it you took the Q3 texture and just made it 300% larger on both width and height. The face texture used on this isn't square like Q3's - it's wider. So you will have to make the texture slightly wider for it to look right. On the texture it will look weird - but ingame it would look proper.

          I designed the face to match the Quake 3's version - but to add more detail. The 3 reasons were:
          1) To add more detail
          2) Make him look slightly younger (as this is Q1)
          3) Quake 3's face texture for Ranger is 3x smaller in resolution than mine (so needed to add more detail and all).

          I started the face with Q3's and went from there.
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            indeed awesome job!
            greetings from the QuakeWorld community!
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              Is it possible to make the helmet a little bigger like the Q3 helmet? I think that would make it look better too.


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                It seems as though this model is missing one of the death animations. Not sure which one, but it skips it completely.

                Also the standing animation looks a bit odd when compared to the original player model. Almost as if he stands "crooked". The axe standing anim is fine though. Anyone know about these issues?
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                  as you surely know, the hardest part in creating monster/player models is the animation.

                  If you are used to the professional animation of the original ID1 models, you will see the difference to the replacement models with ease.

                  That is exactly what you see on this and its "brother": the grunt model.
                  Sure, there has been put much love and time into the animation.
                  But it is hard to reach a fluent & good looking animation.

                  That is why I myself dont use these as well.
                  Nothing against the authors of course.
                  It was done as good as possible.

                  A remarkable exception are the monster models from Obi-Wan !!!

                  Their animations are absolutely perfect !
                  And OoPpEe could port them over to Q1 very good.
                  He was bound to the animation frames of the original ID1 models and did a good job in cutting Obi-Wans to this small frame number.
                  I can only recommend to use Obi-Wans "shambler Castle" Doom 3 models for Q1.
                  They are brilliant.
                  Find them here:


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                    ah, I see. Could you not simply "copy" the animation from the original Quake player model to this new one? The axe standing animation looks almost exactly the same as in the original Quake model. Though I've never done anything with animation.

                    Hehe thanks for the link, but I'm afraid I don't like any of the monster models available now. I'm very picky on them being faithful to the original monsters.
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                      Hehe, I know

                      ... and no, there is no skeletal animation system, that you could "copy" over to other models for .mdl.
                      That is why you have to make it all over again with the new model.
                      And that is the hard part...


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                        Haha, ah, it uses skeletal animation. Missed that part ;P. Though I like this model enough that I'll probably use it anyway!
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                          I found that this Ranger model apparently does not work with Dissolution of Eternity. Can anyone confirm this and/or does anyone know how to fix it?
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                            I guess it is because of the different player.mdl model of ID1 and rogue.
                            If you compare them, you will see the difference.
                            Rogue´s player model is almost double the size, has a extra skin and maybe some more animations. Didnt look too deep into it.


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                              Hello NightFright,

                              I just tested it in Rogue and it works fine !
                              Used this version: 'OoPpEe-Moo-Mykey-Player(Ranger).pk3'

                              I used "chase_active 1" to test it (in SP and MP), cause I dont connected to a multiplayer server.
                              And it looked good except one issue:
                              The normal texture from gun and axe has the alpha-channel issue that makes the borders black when enabling offsetmapping.

                              Maybe there is an issue on online multiplayer servers. I dont know.
                              But then there should be an issue with regular ID1 multiplayer servers as well.

                              So you should doublecheck your setup and try "chase_active 1" too.

                              Best wishes,


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                                Hmm, remarkable. For me, it doesn't work. I have the model in my ID1 folder, though. Dunno if that matters, AFAIK ID1 stuff should always be loaded anyway, regardless which addon you want to play. For SoA, it works, too. Gotta investigate.
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                                OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
                                LIT/VIS files for Quake addons