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    Glad I could help.

    But the rippling shine effect must also be there.
    It depends of course which Version you use.
    The "Dirty" Version 0.4 has almost no more shining, thats true.
    Thats part of the "dirty" idea behind it.

    Biggest shining effect is in 0.2, 0.21 and 0.31.
    My personal favorite is V0.32 though.

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      I figured, it would be a bit of a tricky equation to handle

      But I think it would be appropriate to have stronger, varying shines on the water (as dirty water is still fairly shiny- it's just not as strong and just has stronger, murkier colors inside).

      But more importantly it is a little hard to notice where the water actually is, and what are reflections above water vs underwater geometry.

      On another note
      I realized some other things that Pretty Water hasn't done yet with real life water physics (although I doubt even the DP Quake engine is suited to handle);
      but there are also light reflections of the shine cast on nearby surfaces (including players swimming in them) that get the light reflecting off the water, and a different lighting effect (filter) under water noticeable from below and above the surface.
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        With vised maps i still got "R_GLSL is read only". Setup goes like this:

        - Untouched Quake 1.06 (in \Quake)

        - DP 20100831beta2 (in \Quake)

        - \Quake\ID1 -> see picture (Vised maps are PAK2.PAK)

        So where is the setup error? I couldn't see any. I get the same error (or non working pretty water) if i unpack everything (all pk3's, PAK's) including the vised maps.


        Now it works (without changing anything). wtf? Maybe it's a rights issue (using Windows7 64Bit)?

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          Hello grave_digga,

          I am very happy that it works for you now.
          Your ID1 folder is absolutely correct and tidy.
          One important file is missing though: klick

          What the issue caused is a secret deep inside Windows 7

          You do NOT need to type "water.cfg" in the console. This was only necessary with OLD DP builds.


          I see that you dont use any external monster skins yet.
          This is maybe another interesting thing for you if you are into those things.
          I am sure you will find wonderful stuff in this forum.

          I hope you have fun with your "enhanced" DarkPlaces now.


          PS: Just in case you didnt know:
          There is another texture+normals pack available from QRP. In my personal opinion it is better than Rygels.


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            Well it works, but not perfect or just say partial. Water looks good:

            But acid looks not good:

            You could only see from the green glow and on some reflections that this should be liquid but it looks not liquid. The darker (browner) water in E1M2 looks good also:

            It just makes also no difference if i use dpwater0.32 or dpwater0.4-DIRTY-with_new_shader_modified_water_textures-Seven, they both look that way. Yesterday it was once looking good (also the acid) but i don't know what maked the difference and i didn't touched anything since that.

            I have dumped your effectinfo.txt into my id folder.


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              Hello grave_digga,

              once it looks good and the other day it looks different ?

              I guess everything is OK with your Quake.
              The failure should be Windows and its rights-management for your folders.
              Did you try to run Quake as administrator ?
              Maybe your Quake or subfolders are write protected ?
              Maybe your config.cfg cannot be changed due to that ?

              Please find my config.cfg attached.
              Please remove yours and replace it with mine temporary.
              Then test again.
              After first time start with my config, DP will have 640x480 resolution. Thats normal.
              Set your correct TFT resolution in options and see how it looks.

              Man, your issue is a tough problem...
              Its like: My car works fine, except on tuesdays and thursdays. Then it wont start the engine

              Hope it helps.
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                Sorry to barge in, but is your card perchance an Ati, Gravedigga? If so, I do recommend you get the latest drivers along with the hotfixes (if they apply to you, this 10.10 drivers seem to be rather eeevil) I've had such readonly errors (among other things)...and they seem to have gone away with the latest drivers, though that particular error never impaired my ability to enjoy pretty water :S (or anything else, for that matter) (running under Win 7 x64)
                Also, sometimes missing textures can be a sign of a faulty or overheating video card, have you ever cleaned it?
                Also if you don't have UAC disabled try running Darkplaces as administator...but in your particular case I don't think it really would make a difference.
                Oh, also have you tried updating your Darkplaces to the latest or a daily "unstable build"?
                I do that regularly and it works fine, hell, I'm even hoping 5.1 sound will be fixed for Win Vista/7 some day. (FTEQW gets it right using Hexen 2...when it agrees to run...)
                Hope some of this helps.


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                  Ok, finally tried out DP Water 0.32 vs DP Water 0.40, and i must say, DP Water 0.32 is the better one for me, the water looks more like water-ish, while with DP Water 0.40 it looks too much light blue and texture-ish if you get what i am saying. All in all dope effort for keeping this going, thanks!
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                    Well, now it works. It was something in the config.cfg, i should have delete it after applying dp. So i deleted the cfg and done my new settings and everything is fine. cfg was not read only also all other files was not. It was also no rightissue, changes nothing if i run dp as admin or as normal user. Anyways, thanks for your patience seven and keep up the good work.

                    @Bloodbat: No im running an Nvidia Geforce 8800GT with 512MB here.


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                      Well, still, I'm glad you got it working, even if my post wasn't very helpful for you


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                        Yes, me also. If i can't get something to work this bothers me so hard then i'll keep trying untill it works.


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                          By the way, how would I go about changing the degree of shine etc in the water?
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                            Originally posted by Seven View Post
                            To have less FPS drop use the cvar: "r_water_resolutionmultiplier" (default is 0.5)
                            I highly recommend: "0.4" (or even less)
                            First Post.


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                              Doesn't seem to work when I tried it- I think it's a glossmap setting or something..
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                              Quake fanart (obviously included)!



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                                I dont understand what you mean by "changing the degree of shine".
                                I can only tell you, that the actual "waves" are generated by the normal texture.
                                So, if you use a normal (like the one from "DP New Teleport") for your "DP Pretty Water",
                                you will get bigger waves, which will effect the reflection/shine on the water.
                                Maybe this is what you are after...?

                                The cvar "r_water_resolutionmultiplier" effects (like its naming describes) the resolution
                                of entities beneath the water surface (when you are looking into the water).
                                So if the value is low, the things will appear unsharp/unclear.
                                Thats why you have a benefit for your FPS.
                                It also makes the water look more dirty, because you cannot see so clearly things in the water.

                                Hope I could help you a bit.