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  • Originally posted by luigi View Post
    Hi. This is my first post here. I tried this mod and it looks great! I've noticed one annoying bug, though: when I'm wading through water (not swimming), it looks like I'm carrying a semi-transparent weapon different from the normal Quake weapons, while at the same time carrying my normal weapon. Has anyone noticed this before? Any plans on fixing it?

    Hello luigi,

    Thank you for your post/reply.
    DarkPlaces gives you a cvar to disable your player model reflection inside the water.
    You can use it to avoid the behaviour that you described. Use the cvar: "r_water_hideplayer" (default is 0)
    This way you will not see your own reflection inside the water anymore.

    Alternatively you can of course use a mod that gives you different player/weapon models that matches the ones you are currently holding in your hands. See Talisa´s post above (with a gameplay video clip and download link).

    Anyway, have fun with your Quake !

    Best Regard,

    PS: I updated the 1st post of this thread to work with the new forum requisites. And added new links to Webangel´s and Moon[Drunk]´s Pretty water packs.


    • I was not aware of the r_water_hideplayer command. It solved my problem. Thank you!

      The small mod compilation seems great, I'll check it out. It's amazing how many new features it has.
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      • Im setting up q1 once again and found a water package I made with animap shader.
        did i released it?


        • Hello webangel,

          There are dozens of different versions floating around
          We all experiemented like crazy at that time.

          I remember these 3 main differences:
          • pure animap shader (MoonDrunk started this idea)
          • dp_waterscroll shader (you snatched the cool idea from Blood Omnicide)
          • dp_water shader (thats was the main one, but also had the most fps impact)

          There have been many mixes and we tinkered around heavily and sent all our test build to one another.

          This whole thread is pretty old, so most downloads are offline for sure.
          Feel free to upload the gems you find again. I also have some animap tests builds from you and others,
          but it would take a lot of work to dive back into them all again to find their differences.

          Best Regards,


          • Welcome back WebAngel, with you, Talisa, and Seven in the same thread the possibilities are endless
            Kind regards
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