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    See also at the end of this post for alternative versions from other users.


    Inspired by Urre´s + zombie´s "DP pretty water" I had an idea last night,
    to implement these new shaders into the teleporters.
    But it had to be another visual effect.

    I didnt want to simply copy/paste the effect from "DP pretty water", cause then it would
    have looked like water inside the teleporter... which would be wired.
    So I changed the texture a lot and used a different normal as well.
    After testing every shader values, I found that "water2" fits best.

    This is the result (with brownish color):

    This is the result (with hellish-red color):

    This is the result (with different shader V1.01 + V1.20 + V1.23):

    Download hellish-red version V1.22 (for old DarkPlaces builds before october 2011 !)
    Download hellish-red version V1.23 (for new/recent DarkPlaces builds 2013/2014 !)

    I hope you like it.
    Please tell me what you think. Feedback is important to me.
    Thank you very much.

    - It does also drop your FPS a little !
    - Without the great prework and inspiration from "DP pretty water" this would not haven been possible.
    - It can be used in parallel or without "DP pretty water". There is no connection between these packs.
    - Depending on your personal color adjustments and config setting visuals can differ in DarkPlaces.

    Added a new variation on request: Teleporter with Lava look.
    (This one gives you NO fps drop !)

    Download Lava-look version (for old DarkPlaces builds before october 2011 !)

    Kind Regards,


    Below are several very interesting and beautiful variations made by several people from within this thread (in order of appearance):

    1.) Inkub0´s teleporter variation


    2.) Moon[Drunk] animated Teleporter


    3.) Nightfright´s teleporter variation


    4.) Extended version of Seanstar´s & mrgnstrn´s teleporter variation

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    very good idea and (as usual) implementation...

    would it not look any good with this texture at all?


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      My 2 cents:

      The distortion over the teleport is a great idea!
      ( stargate rulez )

      Yes i think the stars texture is better, because is more faithful to original Q1...

      Plus, the Cthulhu cycle says that the Ancients and the other gods came from the stars...

      so, we'll have a distorted starfield, like tou are looking it from a dimensional door.
      Ia! Ia! Shubb Niggurath!

      "Not dead is what forever can wait" (HPL)


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        That is exactly what I tried first.

        But, the result was the same as without shaders (ordinary way with #teleport.tga in "textures" folder).

        To see the shader effects, the texture must be at least slightly transparent.
        In addition with the necessary normal texture, the warping/pulsing effect will be there.

        If I make the stars texture a little transparent, it looks bad, because the stars
        will not warp/pulse. They simply move from bottom richt to upper left corner of teleporter.

        And thats exactly what makes the texture I use in my actual release so nice:
        It looks a bit like the stargate door (you know the movie ?).
        With a beautiful warping effect. Not exactly like water, but like a kind of liquid.

        Of course I might be completely wrong, because I am a noob in shading !
        But I didnt manage it to use the stars texture with a decent result.

        Thank you very much for your feedback.



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          must admit, I did think you would have tried that texture already, but you never know until you ask eh?
          once again, great stuff...



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            Seven that looks great-thank you.

            I did only combine those 2 textures.

            Here is the TGA:
            MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

            Here is the Normal:
            MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

            Screenshot with Normal:
            MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

            I like it:-)
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              Hello webangel,

              thank you very much for your feedback and very constructive help !

              First of all: Your normal link doesnt work for me. [EDITED] now it works [/EDITED]

              I tried your texture with my normal and found, that the warping/distortion effect is
              almost gone due to the additional opaqueness from the stars texture.
              In addition the stars move statically across the teleporter (like I described it above).

              So I took the original stars texture again and added A LOT of transparency,
              so that the stars are only hardly visible.
              That helped to bring the warping/distortion back, and its no longer annoying that much
              that the stars move static across the teleporter.

              So, the trick seems to be:
              If you mix the teleport texture out of 2 different textures,
              the transparency must be higher in the single ones,
              so that the mixture/summary transparency is still high enough to bring the warping/distortion.

              But I cant help it, the stars still move very statically.
              I am happy, that you like it this way
              For me personally, it is not exactly my target.
              I think, without the stars, it is even hard to see, that the "teleporter-liquid" moves across the teleporter. Its "almost" as if it only warps. That was my highest goal in this project !

              Anyway, I will continue to work on a mixture texture.
              But it will have only light visible stars.

              In addition, I found the #teleport.tga texture from rygels pack.
              This has also a interesting sheme, but I guess it will also look static when moving....
              I will test it.

              Thank you again for your feedback.
              Thats exactly what I hoped for
              Last edited by Seven; 10-26-2010, 02:03 PM.


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                thank you again seven

                here are the 2 normals i´ve made at rapidshare.
                i like both of them

                i don´t know why the links above are corrupt!

                ---> I think norm2 is better but to solid.


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                  1.) OK, I made my own "teleport.tga" mixture now.
                  It has my basic texture from my release (slightly modified) PLUS the stars-texture (with HIGH transpareny).

                  This mix is as good as I could get it. It combines:
                  - good visible warping/distortion
                  - slightly visible stars

                  2.) For people, who dont care about warping/distortion, go ahead and download webangels version.

                  3.) For people, who dont need stars, but like the warping/distortion with a nice glowing, go and grab my initial release from post #1 above.
                  screen (same as in post #1):

                  So everybody can get its favorite now.

                  simply exchange it in the .pk3 file.

                  Last edited by Seven; 10-26-2010, 02:57 PM.


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                    scrennie of norm2

                    Imageshack - unbenanntcpd.jpg
                    ok seven i´ve done
                    Last edited by webangel; 10-26-2010, 03:07 PM.


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                      @ webangel
                      please dont pack a picture into a zip and upload it somewhere.
                      There are easier and faster ways to see screenshots in a forum

                      Please use ImageShack® - Online Media Hosting
                      Its easy as it can be and free of course.

                      Please edit your posts after you uploaded the screenies there.
                      Use the "miniature link", which you receive from imageshack.

                      Thank you.

                      ...someone mentioned Stargate in this thread:

                      (taken in E4M5)
                      Last edited by Seven; 10-26-2010, 03:07 PM.


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                        Thanks Seven, i don't know how you did it but you did, it looks freakin' awesome in game, genius! The only remark i have against it is that it looks a bit too much like the muddy water in game, did you try it with different colors yet?
                        FPS Source Ports


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                          These modding subforums are a great thing.
                          Scout's Journey
                          Rune of Earth Magic


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                            Originally posted by golden_boy View Post
                            These modding subforums are a great thing.
                            I humbly concur, my Quake would not be the same (as awesome) without it.
                            nearly all my stuff for darkplaces came from these pages!


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                              I think the colour is still too "yellow"
                              maybe is better to desaturate it, or use a dark red, in line with the horror-like set of the game...
                              Ia! Ia! Shubb Niggurath!

                              "Not dead is what forever can wait" (HPL)