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Laser remodel and skin

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    I agree, please re-up both versions.


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      Links updated


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        Thank you!!!


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          Thanks OoPpEe! Looks good..

          Does this work with the laser gun from MP1?
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            "Out of the box" no. lasrspik.mdl is the model you're looking for. You can simply open the pk3 up with Winrar, extract it, rename it to that and put it into your progs folder and it will replace it too.
            In my Mission Pack 1 Weapon Set - I replaced the laser. So if you use that, it will be replaced also.


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              Ok! Thanks!
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                just made a new laser and Seven told me about this one.

                my post should be here then.

                just used a simple model but the effect is nice.

                link `




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                  Looks good in game Sean!


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                    Hey Sean, after playing with this a little longer can I make a suggestion? I think the lines on the model are a little too perfect. If you could round out the front just a little this would be perfect IMO. Oh, how about a light smoke effect ala OoPpEe? Might at least see what it looks like.
                    Great job!


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                      A little trick I picked up for doing glowing objects:

                      On explosions or glowy bits have 2 shells, one bright shell inside the outer less bright shell. Then invert the surface normals on the outside shell. Together with backface culling this will cause it to appear as if the core of the shot is hotter.

                      Ofcourse the engine needs to support explicit normals and backface culling and whatnot, but I think it's a cool little trick. Kind of the same way you'dd fake model outlines when you can't do shaders.


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                        I hate to bump an older thread but the smoke effect link is dead (first page). Can someone reupload it somewhere, please?
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                          Hello Primeval,

                          Do not worry about bumping older threads.
                          OoPpEes great models are always worth a bump !

                          In case nobody will reupload the laser model, you can do this by yourself:
                          Read what OoPpEe wrote about this "smoking" laser model.
                          The only difference to his "regular" laser model is the flag of the model.
                          He gave the Hellknight┤s projectile flag to this model.
                          This is the flag no.: 64

                          Setting a flag to a model is quite easy.
                          If it is a mdl model, use QME for it
                          If it is a md3 model, use LordHavocs modeltool for it.

                          OoPpEe┤s laser model is a md3 model, so please follow this small tutorial and you can do it yourself: click

                          Have fun,

                          PS: If you use the "small mod compilation", this model flag will not work.
                          The "small mod compilation" uses a custom particle effect for the laser model: "laser_trail".
                          It will override every flag of a model.
                          You can of course change the custom particle effect trail to look like you want it.
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