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Quake MP2:DoE - Lava SuperNailgun Type 1

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    Alot better now did notice one error. If you look at the line on the barrel - it's dark at the end and then brighter at the back - need to reverse that.
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      yes i noticed it.
      ooppee can i release some of my work which contains your work?
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        Definitely can. Any of my works can be used for anything so long as credit is given (like in a credits/readme.txt in the file).


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          awesome gun man, cant wait to try this one.


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            it´s realeased here:


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              somebody upload this file again, please. link is now dead.


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                Sadly it's not on my HDD anymore (I had a rootkit virus and reformatted). I do believe Seven has a copy. I'll send a PM off to him to see if he still does and then I will reupload (or if possible - him and I will update the link)


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                  thanks very much, OoPpEe! i appreciate it.


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                    I would never risk to keep my data collection in only one place.

                    There are cheap external drives, that I frequently make backups on.
                    Then there are all other computers in the house with copies of it as well.


                    There is an alternative weapon pack compilation for MissionPack 2: DoE.
                    It is based on different outstanding works from different talented authors.
                    The problem is, it has never been released as a pack.
                    webangel released some DoE weapons (included in the thread you asked for 3 days ago).
                    But unfortunately also very good other DoE weapons, that have been deleted in the threads.
                    I use an alternative DoE compilation, which supernailgun is the one from this thread.

                    So yes, I will upload the supernailgun for you (once i got home from work this evening).

                    I chose this model from Ruohis, because it is the roughest sng I ever saw.
                    The other model, which you surely know from Rygels pack (also made by Ruohis) looks too slim/kind/tend/fond to be a brutal supernailgun.
                    Thats why I stick to other models than Rygls for ID1 and Mission packs.

                    But I talk too much...sorry.

                    Kind regards,


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                      hi Seven!

                      thanks for the kind reply. you are right about webangel's works being outstanding, in fact i am trying to hunt them down all over the threads. but then there are also stuff from OoPpEe's that i absolutely want to have--this particular super nailgun skin in particular. i'm kind of combining the best weapons from the works of these 2 modders.

                      i'm sorry but i have never had the chance to use Rouhis/Rygels weapons for ID1. i'm using Plague's mostly for ID1, and i don't really have a choice on the matter of MP weapons since most works were based off on Rouhis' models. not that i don't like his models. it's just that i like the geometric feel to Plague's weapons. in fact, i wish that OoPpEe or webangel would also consider skinning them for the mission packs.

                      hey, don't worry about talking too much. i don't really subscribe to the TLDR (too long, didn't read) mentality of people on the internet nowadays.

                      thanks for your help, Seven!


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                        Reupload of my Nailgun - just 4 U monsta

               - where your files have to be uploaded to


                        I have a copy of this SNG somewhere. I have to look for.... :-)

                        Repaced the wrong pic
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                          Hello monsta,

                          I can see from the threads you are posting in, that you took your time and went through most of the ones in the "Quake Mod Releases" subforum.
                          That is a good thing. Many jewels lare lying burried on older pages.
                          Unfortunately most of the time, their links are dead, but I am sure that some people still have it on their hdd.

                          Anyhow, I would like to say something:
                          You already mentioned ooppee and webangel. But there is at least one more name that should be mentioned in the context of new-age (of course there are many many more, who made magical things a few years back !) texturers: kingennio.
                          Because of the fact you say, that you like Plague´s weapons. kingennio made amazing texture rework and added advanced textures specialy for DP: here
                          You will see more work from him in that thread (very nice powerups and things).
                          kingennio also made a great rework of Ruohis weapons for Mission Pack 2 based on skins from ooppee / webangel.
                          Please find them here

                          And there is osjclatchford of course, his heart beats for the older mod weapons. He created a thread about these here, bringing them back to new glory.

                          Then there is also a guy called _KaszpiR_, who made wonderful reworkes of the Plague´s weapons as well. He calls them "Steel" versions. Please find the 5 weapons here

                          The weapons I personally use are a mix from various artists that I reworked to make them match my liking. Some screens are in this thread.

                          Because of the fact, that I believe you might like some of them (cause some are from Plague), I sent you a PM with the link to all of them (ID1 & MP2). Please read it for more details.

                          Now hat we talked about weapons, be sure that you also look around for world textures.
                          There is one name that you cannot miss in that context: QRP Team (still active: Moon[Drunk] & My-Key).

                          If you have questions, feel free to ask. There are wonderful people here in this forum.

                          Kind regards,

                          PS: I almost forgot: This is the Lava-SuperNailgun weapon reuploaded from this thread.
                          OoPpEe, if you accidentialy read this post, please add the link in 1st post.
                          It has slightly edited textures, because I still use this dragon in my Quake.
                          I guess most of the people will not notice it. I love this gun. DOWNLOAD
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                            Thanks Seven, link updated in first post.

                            Also webangel - your Nailgun still has that one bug with the texture I mentione before The indented area on the barrels in the middle. It gets brighter towards the back of the model instead of the front. You don't need to edit anything aside from flipping that part of the texture


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                              Damn. I have corrected this once!
                              Oh - wait - just the wrong picture! sorry!

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                                wow. so many goodies! much appreciated guys! i'm finding myself spending more time beautifying my quake than actually playing it. but hey, playing can wait. i waited 15 years for this to happen so i guess i can wait for some time more.

                                thanks again for your efforts!

                                @ Seven
                                it just so happen that i have some of the stuff you mentioned. i'll look into the ones i've missed. thank you for that. but you know what? i guess it's better that i had only recently discovered this Quake resurrection community, because most of the best works have come out in the last 2 years. i can only imagine what you guys will be able to make in the future--when you get better and better at it.
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