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  • Ruohis models ++

    I'm posting these beautiful models made by Ruohis that are hard to come by since his site is no longer working.

    Ruohis made excellent models faithful to the originals and were the main part of Rygel's pack. In DP the original Ruohis models suffer from the flag-bug many times explained by Seven (who I'm most grateful for his help) and that not even Rygel corrected properly. In this pack I've corrected the flag-bug in many models (items not spinning or with wrong flag-settings). I've then added gloss, normal, and glow maps to the textures and reduced the size of some for performance reason without affecting their look in the game. The glow textures are particularly useful to work around a bug in DarkPlaces that sometimes renders objects completely black even though environement isn't dark at all. This issue only occurs when reltime-lighting is off. The glow maps avoid the issue.

    compared to the models in Rygel's (which Inkub0 also hosts in another thread), I'd like to point out the different models for gibs, which are closer to the original. The one in Rygel's I think are by neogenesis. Also the lavaball: this one in not a sphere but it's more a rugged rock. missile and grenade (which are included in inkub0's pack). The backpack and the biosuit are also worth mentioning. Rygel's doesnt contain the biosuit and the backpack is PrimeviL's skin over the standard model.

    I'd like to point out that I put the armors model by plague (the same in Rygel's pack), which I think it's the best I know of. The reason is that I could't find Ruohis' original armor. So if anybody has the original armor model by Ruohis, please let me know that I'd really like to include it.

    As soon as I have the time I'll post some screenshots but in the meantime I strongly suggest you to download and try it yourself, they aren't big files.

    Ruohis Object Pack

    Ruohis Ammo&Medkits Pack
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    Plague Weapons Pack ++

    This pack contains Plague's weapon models with some fixing and modding from my part. First of all I've added gloss, normal and some glow maps to the textures. Socondly I changed the look of some textures or replaced some models that I considered better looking.
    It must be said that Plague's weapons depart from the original, they have a more "boxy-shape". Rygel's weapons (which are basically a mod over Ruohis' weapons) are closer to the original. However I think Plague's are a nice alternative and deserve a spin, they are indeed nice if you play MP maps.

    The changes I made are to the models are:
    - generally I've reduced the saturation of the diffuse maps in Plague's skins, which tend to be overly blue&gold.
    - replaced the v_rock model (equipped grenade launcher) and v_rock2 (equipped rocket launcher) with the ones made by PrimeviL specifically for the Plague's theme. I think PrimeviL's versions do look better.
    - replaced the v_shot (equipped simple shotgun) with a neogenesis' model and skin.
    - modified the skin of both shotguns (simple and double) to have a silver barrel (the one in Plague's is bluish) and also a rugged surface (the one in neogenesis's is completely smooth).


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      Hello kingennio,

      I must say thank you for sharing your work !
      You must have spend several days to make your compilation and tweak things.

      I will for sure use some of your glow maps for my Quake.

      It is great that people like you release your work here to the masses.

      You maybe read it, that I in parallel am working on Ruohis ammo b_boxes as well.
      The only difference: I edit Ruohiss diffuse map a lot.
      Generally they are much too dark in my personal opinion.
      And the nails for example are barely visible. So I will make them silver looking
      (a little like QRPs skins for the original ID1 models)

      Kind Regards,


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        MP2 (rogue) lava nail ammo boxes

        I've made the ammo boxes for the lava nails in Mission Pack 2 - Rogue. These complement the other ammo posted by webangel.

        download here:


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          ... just when I needed them.

          Did I mention that I like glow textures ?

          Great job kingennio.



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            i like them too =)
            Ia! Ia! Shubb Niggurath!

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              rouhis did some nice gfx on these models i ported years ago and ive always liked his work.

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                (respond to the original post)
                They look like they belong in the Quake universe! They hold the original grungy rough edged feeling that the Quake dimensions hold! I'm digging'em

                Awesome!now lets add them to the pile so people can customize their Quake how they seem fit!
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                Great Quake engine

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                  Yes! Those look great! Thank you!
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                    Originally posted by seanstar View Post
                    rouhis did some nice gfx on these models i ported years ago and ive always liked his work.

                    came across this grenade model in one of these uploads and fell in love...only problem was the texture was to dark and the model seemed to tall so i scaled it shorter and tweaked the texture.

                    good idea?
                    hey seanstar, didnt notice first, you've got a fancy weapon model there! Mind telling what weapon pack is that? thanks


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                      Originally posted by Phenom View Post
                      (respond to the original post)
                      They look like they belong in the Quake universe! They hold the original grungy rough edged feeling that the Quake dimensions hold! I'm digging'em
                      yes! I think Ruohis' work is really great and I was afraid it was unduly lost because it's really hard to come by his packs nowadays on the web. BTW check out also my revamped Plague's weapon pack in 2nd post, I think it's good too and I've recently updated the grenade launcher with PrimeviL's skin.


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                        Hello my friends, got a e-mail from seanstar and checked out some forums after a long long while..

                        Nice to see that my models are still in use
                        if someone can spare me some webspace I could upload my packs again, I still have all my project files, 3d models, textures and nearly everything left, amazingly they have survived many hard drive failures, basicly the only stuff i backup next to the user folder

                        ah, and I noticed there was some talk in the first post about flag-bug. now the reason to this is that I made my models in md3 since firstly mdl ran out of polygon/vertice limits for some models, secondly because i did not have any decent mdl exporter or md3-mdl converter that didn't mess with the model or texture, and i wanted no less than perfection. so back to the point, it has been my understanding that md3 does not use similar flagging that was build in to the mdl model, witch you could easily modify in some mdl editor. and some engines that where around at that time had "built in" flags for sertain models and others did not.

                        and if someone has been wondering where i have been, well basicly i really don't have that much time on my hands between working like hell and trying to renovate my house. and another reason is that even though i was looking for help with texturing all the time only a few helped. that is the reason why most of my models have fairly simple textures. (also why i did not make any luma or gloss maps or such) but i finnished them anyways and started to work on some monsters, but next step was my crude animation skills, i could do new models and some crude textures for the monsters, but someone else can have the job of animating the models. time will tell
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                          HI Ruohis! It's great to finally have the opportunity to chat with you!
                          I'm a great admirer of your work and I took the liberty to tweak here and there your textures for the benefit of DP (normals, gloss, glow, and such). Please check out these tweaks and share you comment if you like.
                          BTW,so far I havent managed to come by your armor models, so I included Plague's armor in my pack because I reckon it's the best of the ones out there.
                          As for sharing your packs, you could use a free file hosting service like we typically do: rapidshare, mediafire, etc.)
                          I look forward to hearing from you.


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                            Nice to see you back Ruohis. We need some modelers here lol - lately it's mainly been myself - did the mission packs weapons using your models (with edits) + my own. I spoke to My-Key about getting a team together to remodel Quake. Perhaps something you'd like to consider?


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                              The next time I do news I'll include this. In the middle of December I was extraordinarily time-deprived and I hadn't seen this thread.

                              I have long had a copy of the original Ruohis models on my hard drive.
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