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Quake MP1 hipnotic: lasergun

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  • Quake MP1 hipnotic: lasergun

    since this is the last missing weapon for hipnotic to be redone, I've made my version that I'd like to share with you. It departs from the original style so if someone has a model closer to the original please share it with us.
    Here's the original:

    here's the new version, with gloss + glow + norm maps

    seanstar lasergun

    ruohis lasergun
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    Hello kingennio,

    that model looks very interesting. But maybe a little too futuristic for Quake.
    Who made this one ?

    Good to see that I am not the only one who plays with different models.
    My actual laser gun is Ruohis extravagant model, but still without normal, gloss or glow textures:


    I will definitely try your gun.
    Thank you very much !

    What I wanted to tell you in addition:
    Since doing my personal version of Ruohis ammo b_boxes, I spend much time in deeply studying your "Ruohis ++ pack".
    I must say, that you really have a good feeling for textures. This is a nice pack.
    Good to have so many talented people here in this forum.

    Kind Regards,


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      your lasergun is much closer to the original than mine. Could you possibly share your model? I can try and make the missing gloss, glow and normal maps. Thanks


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        [QUOTE=kingennio;81468]since this is the last missing weapon for hipnotic to be redone, I've made my version that I'd like to share with you. It departs from the original style so if someone has a model closer to the original please share it with us.

        end quote

        what did you make? a gloss texture?

        i ported that model 5 years ago from dmc and i took me a while to animate.

        did you just say you made it?


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          negative, I meant what I meant, I just made the gloss, glow and normals. I'm sorry I didnt give due credit to the original author simply because I stumbled upon this model in an unknown compilation and no authors/ readmes / or anything was included. I didnt mean to imply I did the model myself, sorry for the misunderstanding. The model was supposed to be a replacement to the original light-gun. I just renamed it to be the hipnotic's lasergun and edited the textures.


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            Hello kingennio,

            you wrote that the model i use for the laser-gun is much closer to the original...

            Well, I dont think so.
            I think our both models look very different to ID1īs original version.

            But of course I can give it to you.
            Please check your PM.

            Kind Regards,


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              Think this could be my next major project - once I do I can release a SoA pack. I used Ruohis' models as a base to start off with many of my releases so they match them (also since most use Rygel's pack and his pack uses them).
              Was never really a fan of this weapon or model (the orig) as it didn't fit Quake. So if I do it I will keep as close as possible to original design but it will be more beatup and rusty.

              Also this model from DMC is great. I should port all the weapons on day while keeping their original animations.


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                eagerly waiting for oopppee version, in the meantime I've uploaded 2 versions (check 1st post):
                1) is the model by Seanstar (now that I know the author) and I've included ooppee's laser effect, plus tweaked the textures a bit;
                2) is the model by Ruohis (courtesy of Seven, thanks pal!), again with tweaked diffuse texture, plus gloss and normals.

                BTW, I agree that the original weapon model is disappointing...


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                  Hello kingennio,

                  I was wondering why I dont see ANY difference between your modified skin-texture for Ruohis "Laser-gun" and Ruohis original texture.

                  LOL, I found the reason:
                  The model is not a .md3, but a .mdl model !
                  So the skin texture is packed into the wrong folder.
                  It must not be in the "textures" folder, but in the "progs" folder, where the model itself is.
                  The texture must be renamed to "v_laserg.mdl_0.tga".

                  Now the difference is clear to see !

                  Look at that beauty now:

                  before: , ,

                  after: , ,

                  Thank you !


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                    great job Seven! I didnt notice that myself because typically Ruohis' models have the separate 'textures' folder. I've re-uploaded the model and tweaked again the textures, adding glow also, though I'm not sure it belongs there. I've made the 2 prongs glow in the dark. Anyway one can always delete those if they don't like the glow effect.


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                      Dear all,

                      because of the fact that I am somehow also bound to this model,
                      I repositioned the v_model so that it looks as it should.



                      kingennio, if you like it, you can add the Download link to your first post.
                      (and maybe one or two screens)
                      Everything else is identical to your latest .pk3.


                      Kind Regards,


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                        im not the author of the lightning gun, the guys at valve software made that model.

                        i like what you did on the rouhis weapon, the texture is better now


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                          what I dont like about this Ruohis model is this blurred rectangle, it seems so out of place...


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                            If someone is still interested.

                            Re-Upload of both final versions: here

                            if you accidently see this post, please exchange your links in 1st post with this one.
                            It contains the same things.
                            Thank you.


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                              Thank you Seven
                              200 aņos de mi querido PARAGUAY