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  • Scourge of Armagon Weapons Pack

    Changed hosting to for this pack.
    Also be sure to check out the Mission Pack 2 Weapons:

    When you install them, go to rename them and add a simple "z" at the start of the file name. Once I added the -V2 at the end of the file name of this last update, the addons stopped working as the main pack was being executed after the addons, not the other way around which is needed to make them work.

    This will be resolved in a possible ver3 update. Give me feedback as to what you'd like to see changed/fixed/ect and it could happen

    May 13, 2011 Update
    Pack has been updated. The Mjolnir has been edited a fair amount. It's placement and size is much more faithful to the original (From tests in Darkplaces) and the arm used is a much higher detailed one that I also used on my Shambler's Castle Axe port.
    The other update is a optional addon that adds a animated glow to the Prox Bomb. Just simply drop the pk3 in to enable it - delete it to disable it.
    All optional addons can easily be installed/uninstalled the same way. I designed them so they will not cause issues with eachother and also so they can be enabled/disabled without worrying of mistakenly deleting a file within the main pack itself.

    If you've downloaded my Prox Launcher or Mjnolnir in the previous releases. Delete them. They have been updated are are included in this pack. The need for the *namehere*.framegroups file has been removed.
    Mjnolnir only had that tweak, so it can now be used in other engines supporting md3's without the animation being cutoff.
    The prox launcher has been revamped to be more closer to the original and has a reskinned mine now.
    Then this release includes my Laser Cannon with new laser too.

    Along with the pack in the zip are optional addons:
    *Laser Cannon Shader - For engines supporting .shaderfiles (think only Darkplaces) - adds a fading in/out glow onto the "windows" of the Lasercannon's pickup model.
    *Another addon is for the ProxMine. Default has no smoke trail - this addon will give it the same smoke trail as the default grenade. I use this personally.
    *Another is a animated glow for the Prox Mine. Just fades in/out slightly.
    *The last addon is for the LaserCannon's laser. I added the HellKnight's projectile attacks effect. So you get a trail with the laser. I only recommend using if using Seven's effectinfo (link in the readme).

    Credits go out to QRP and Ruohis. I used Ruohis' Grenade Launcher's model and skin as a base for the Prox Launcher - they they go so good together
    I used QRP's textures and heavily modified some to use on the weapons. You can see this mainly on the Mjnolnir.

    ***Download Here***

    Download Link Updated

    ***Download Here***

    Download Link Updated[/CENTER]

    Posted this on the Steam forums, hopefully that also brings in more traffic here
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    Sup ooppee, unfortunately i don't have much time lately to be all nostalgic and play Quake like i used to. But thanks a lot anyway, i downloaded it and i am gonna add it to my Darkplaces. Screenshot looks great.
    FPS Source Ports


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      Thanks ooppee, it's really a great pack!


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        Cool pack, I'll probably DLL when i figure out which pak file that I have is making SoA not work in DP.


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          nice, great to see it one pack too!


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            Excellent stuff ooppee! Eventually I realized that the lasers dropping hellknight trails is a nice idea
            Now just before your attention would move away from SoA, it'd be so great if you reskinned the wetsuit model, and remodel/reskin the horn and shield models too
            I don't care about the monsters, I guess the Reforged team will eventually do it, but we already have the ones made by Fragger.


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              Powerups were next on the list as is I was going to work on the ammo boxes however Seven has that covered and I made the Plasma Gun's ammo boxes (based off Ruohis' design so they match).
              Think the horn doesn't need a remodel - maybe just smoothing the mesh a bit and that's it.
              Wetsuit - I will start on that I will edit the model a bit (make feet look like fins and then the back part to have a air tank).
              Shield - maybe can be done with skin.

              Edit: Perhaps something like this for the wetsuit?

              Attached Files
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                hi ooppee i like your wetsuit. itīs based on ruhis - not? i tried myself too but ...
                i hope you can release it soon!!!

                Edit: Why is your hammer SOOOOOO big . the last version was way better but the rest ROOOOCKKS!!! REALLY!!!


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                  The hammer is identical to the last version lol - only difference is I removed frame 0. Removing the need to the .framegroups file and making it more compatible with other engines (others would miss the last frame of animation and get doubles of the first frame).

                  Wetsuit is based off it yes and it's done. I made the feet look like fins too. However I am waiting to release until the other powerups are done.


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                    I am working on a updated Mjolnir, basically just changes the arm model to a far better one (same one I used for the Axe in the Shamblers Castle port).
                    However now that this has been out for a bit - what are some other things you'd like to see in the update?


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                      Originally posted by OoPpEe View Post
                      I am working on a updated Mjolnir
                      This would have been my priority as well.

                      However now that this has been out for a bit - what are some other things you'd like to see in the update?
                      The only thing I noticed is that the new g_weapons are not spinning like the other weapons are. Is there a reason for this?


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                        Odd they do on my end. However it's possible I could of uploaded the untagged models and no one has pointed that issue out before.
                        Next update I will re-tag the models to make sure they do spin.

                        For the Mjolnir, that suggestions do you have. Presently it's just the hand model that I'd be changing.


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                          For the Mjolnir, that suggestions do you have. Presently it's just the hand model that I'd be changing.
                          The only other thing worth mentioning is that the model seems to take up much more of the screen than the original. Maybe the size could be reduced a tad?


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                            Hello Lightning_Hunter,

                            Thank you for mentioning the model size thing.

                            It is for sure something that is different in the engines Qrack/DP.
                            Just like the axe was

                            OoPpEe, you have to find a middle way, so that it looks good in both engines.
                            You remember, as we emailed feedback during your Laser gun development... ?
                            It was a complicated birth.
                            But we never considered another engine for our testing.
                            Now this must be corrected.

                            But may I suggest this:
                            The same way I did it with the "classic" version for the "shader animated b_boxes".
                            I created a totally different pack for Lightning_Hunter (usable in Qrack).
                            If you do the same with the weapon packs, you can have the best visual for both engines
                            and dont have to make compromises in finding a middle-way for both.
                            Also half of the textures can be saved for Qrack-version, cause it doesnt use them.
                            You can, just like Lightning_Hunter always does it, combine the textures (_gloss, _luma) into one for Qrack.

                            Just link both version in your 1st post.

                            Is this a reasonable way for you ?



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                              It is. I did however notice even in DP the hammer appears to be larger than the original, I made the mesh to match the originals size - however it's origin is different which results in a larger weapon. So I will make it match in DP - and in Qrack it *should* be better than what's presently released.
                              For the Qrack version - that I can do